Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is your guide to the Deathscreech pet battle on Argus. I’m going to start with a quick strategy to just beat him and get your world quest done. Then, I’ll show you strategies for each and every pet family for progress on the Family Fighter achievement. Deathscreech lives here in Krokuun. His moveset includes Lift-off but not once have I seen him use it so he’s really a one-claw kind of boss. First up, the fastest strategy for just doing the world quest, which also works as the Magic strategy. I’ve got an Empowered Manafiend with Surge of Power and Arcane Storm, an Untethered Wyrmling with Mana Surge and an Eldritch Manafiend with Surge of Power. Those last two could be swapped for any magic pet with the same moves.

Starting with our Empowered Fiend we’ll use Arcane Storm, then a Surge of Power. Deathscreech is very RNG as to when he uses Apocalypse so you might be able to squeak an Arcane Blast in before the Surge but you might not, and you don’t really need to. Next, bring out your Mana Surge pet and go for a Mana Surge. The magic type comes in really handy here to stop him from two shotting our dudes. If the Mana Surge doesn’t quite do it then slap him with a Surge of Power from your final pet. Up next we’ll do Aquatic. I’ve got a Moonshell Crab with Arcane Slash and Moon Tears, an Emerald Turtle with Emerald Bite and Healing Wave and a Frostshell Pincher with Rip and Blood in the Water.

Starting with our Moonshell crab throw down a Moon Tears, then spam Arcane Slash for as long as you can. Infected Claw will do a variable amount of damage to you, so if he ever just smashes you down with high rolls and you die early you might need to try again. After your crab dies, bring out the turtle and use Emerald Bite about three times. Go for a Healing Wave before Moonlight falls, then go back to Emerald Biting. He’s almost done by the time our turtle dies, so use Rip then Blood in the Water to finish the fight. Next is Critters. I’ve got Three Snails with Ooze Touch and Acidic Goo. Go for Health and Attack heavy breeds since speed will do you no good here. Start with Acidic Goo and then Ooze Touch into it two to three times. Repeat that on every snail you have and you should kill him before he kills you. That brings us to Elementals.

I’ve got a Crimson Geode with Feedback and Elementium Bolt, then Tainted and Fetid Wavelings set up with Corrosion and Ooze Touch. Start with Elementium Bolt and then press Feedback as many times as you are able to. Ideally, that gets him to or below half health. Bring out a Waveling, use Corrosion and then Ooze Touch into it. Keep Ooze Touching and that oughta do it. Next it’s time for Humanoids.

I’ve got an Ashleaf Spriteling with Poison Branch, Wild Magic, and Entangling Roots. Second slot is a Squirky with Stampede and Bubble, and last is Winter’s Little helper or any winter pet with Gift of Winter’s Veil. Starting with my Spriteling I’m going to use my moves 3-2-1, Roots, then Wild Magic, then Poison Branch if possible. Once the spriteling goes down, bring up Squirky, use Bubble and then Stampede. Bubble keeps him safe for a minute but after it falls he’s more or less toast. Once poor squirky returns to the sea bring up your Winter’s whatever and chuck a Gift of Winter’s Veil at his face. That’ll teach him. Up next is Mechanical. I’m using my trusty Pocket Cannon with Arcane Shot and Explode, and a Race Mini Zep with Missile/Decoy and Darkmoon Curse. Other useful pets would be the Sunreaver Micro Sentry, Rascal Bot or Lil Bling with their Magic damage or the other zeppelin with Decoy and Explode.

Starting with the Cannon, press Arcane Shot twice to get a shot off and then go in for your Explode. On the Zeppelin we’ll throw down a Decoy, then Darkmoon Curse and spam him with Missiles. If it comes to a third pet hit him with a little Magic damage. An Ion Cannon pet would also do. Next is Beast Blitz. I’m using my Son of Skum with Stampede, a Thaumaturgical Piglet with Ooze Touch and Arcane Dash, and a Moon Moon with Howl and Moon Fang. Starting with Skum, use Stampede. If you manage to live through that, go ahead and use Stampede again. Once Son of Skum dies, bring out the Piglet and use Arcane Dash into that shattered debuff. Follow that up with an Ooze Touch or two until your Piglet goes down. Finally, Moon Moon can finish things off with a Howl- Moon Fang combo. Up next we’ll do Dragonkin. I’m using a Nexus and Stormborne Whelp with Arcane Storm and Mana Surge, then a Chrominius with Surge of Power.

Starting with the Nexus whelp I’m using Arcane Storm, then Mana Surge. On the Stormborne Whelp we’ll use Mana Surge, and when that whelp succumbs to darkness just bring in Chrominius and finish it with Surge of Power. Next we’ve got Flying. I’m using an Ikky with Black Claw and Flock, then a Sentinel’s Companion with Soulrush and Darktalon. Third, bring anything with Predatory Strike just in case. Start with Ikky and use Black Claw, then Flock. When Ikky dies bring in the Sentinel’s Companion and use Soulrush, then Dark Talon. I get lucky with a Stun here but even without it you can dark talon a few times and finish the fight with a Predatory Strike.

Last is Undead. I’m using my Unborn Val’kyr with Shadow Shock, Curse of Doom and Unholy Ascenscion, an Infected Squirrel with Stampede and a Fragment of Anger with Soulrush and Spiritfire Bolt. The squirrel could be swapped for another Undead Stampede pet and the Fragments are interchangeable. Starting with the Val’kyr use Curse of Doom, then Shadow Shock until you die and use Unholy Ascenscion on your Undead Immunity Round. Bring forth your zombie squirrel and use Stampede. After his demise, use Soulrush on a Fragment to finish the fight. So, that’s Family Fighter Deathscreech! Thank you so much for watching.

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