Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to Normal and Heroic difficulty Demonic Inquisition in the Tomb of Sargeras. There are two main bosses to deal with here, and like all good friends they share a health pool. The big mechanic here is Torment. Taking damage from various mechanics will build up your Torment Bar. If it gets full, you suffer Unbearable Torment and that’s just really bad news. To clear your torment, you use your Extra Action Button to Confess. That takes you down into jail, where you fight the Tormented Soul. Damage him to release big Orange Orbs, which you pick up to drain your bar. When your Torment reaches 0, use your button again to go back up and rejoin the fight. The Soul down there needs to be tanked, or you’re going to get schmucked in the face. Tanks will take turns going down to occupy the add and clear their own torment. Go down with a tank, and make sure you don’t get left behind when they come back up. If you happen to have a third tank kicking around you can just plant one down there but it’s not needed to beat the fight.

You’ll be going up and down fairly often in this fight, so I recommend keybinding your Extra Action Button or making a macro to go back and forth easily. Up top, Belac can cast Fel Squall. While he’s Squalling, hitting him will give you a ton of extra Torment and being near him will give you even more, so just switch off and get out of there ASAP. Belac also tries to cast Pangs of Guilt, which needs to be interrupted or your healers are going to cry. Set up an interrupt rotation with three or more people to make sure that’s kept under control. Atrigan will cast Bone Saw, which is his version of Fel Squall.

Switch off him and get away or you’ll build up your Torment fast. His tank needs to kite him and he’ll be moving, so watch out to make sure you don’t get clipped. Atrigan also casts Bone Sweep, which is a frontal cleave that deals damage and applies Torment. Tanks should face him away from the raid to keep them safe, while the raid should watch out while he’s being repositioned after Bone Saw. Echoing Anguish will be put on to multiple players, which does damage and builds torment on them. When it ends or gets dispelled, it’ll explode in a purple poof of damage and torment.

Get clear of other players when you get Anguish, and healers should hold their dispels until the target is safely away. On Normal, that’s it. On Heroic, each boss gets one more ability to deal with. Heroic Belac will put out Suffocating Dark onto the ground under players. This slows you, deals damage and builds torment. The ranged should spread out to avoid getting more people in it than needed. They should also stay clear of the door where people come up from underneath, so they don’t get plopped into a big puddle. Heroic Atrigan gets Calcified Quills, which is a big spiky cone attack directed towards a random player. Spread out and watch where he’s facing while he casts it to avoid getting stabbed in the feet. So, that’s the Demonic Inquisition fight! There’s a lot going on, but it’s easy to remember when you group it into Atrigan’s stuff, Belac’s stuff and the Down phase.

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