Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is everything you need to know about the Diablo Anniversary Event happening right now in World of Warcraft. Until January 11th 2017, you can collect unique toys and get a special achievement. To get started, first you need to find and kill a Treasure Goblin. They spawn in the Dalaran Sewers, around the Broken Isles, and at the end of Legion Dungeons. The best way by far to find goblins is by hanging out in the Sewers. If you’d rather not get PvP-ed, make sure you hire a bodyguard from the guard captain. The goblin will waddle around pooping out gold and then try to portal away, just like in Diablo. You need to kill it before it finishes that cast, so if you’re alone it might be best to pick up a buddy or two before you pull. The goblin itself will drop some loot, so pick that up then take the portal. You’ll zone into the secret cow level, which is a phased version of Duskwood with a lot of weirdly evil Tauren.

If you wound up on a PvP server, it might be best to fly up a bit on a flying mount while you wait for the Cow King. The Cow King is a rare elite that spawns pretty often. Make sure you tag him and then pick up your loot. You can only receive loot off him once per day on each character, so after you’ve got it you can click off the Cow level buff to port back. Dying will also take you out of the Cow Level- if you die before you loot the king, you’ll need to kill another goblin to get back. So what do you get for all of this? Your first kill of the Cow King gives you the Twelve-String Guitar toy. Learning that toy will give you the Diablo’s 20th Anniversary Achievement. The guitar has a 66 minute cooldown, and can only be played in an inn. Using it plays the Tristram theme from Diablo while your character channels in a casting animation.

The king also has a chance to drop the Livestock Lochaber Axe, which is a 610 weapon. It’s not a unique model and we kinda already have artifact weapons, so I’m not really sure what that’s all about. The goblins and king can both drop Scrolls of Town Portal and the Blank Diabolic tome. Combine 10 scrolls with the tome to make the Tome of Town Portal, a toy that acts as a Hearthstone. The goblins can be farmed indefinitely while the event is live, so you can farm up the scrolls in one day if you like. The goblins can also drop the Horadric Satchel, a unique, Bind-on-Pickup 28 slot bag. If you’re short on bag space or just a huge Diablo fan, that could be worth looking for. As you loot goblins and the cow king, you’ll pick up Charms that give you minor stat buffs.

You don’t actually use these- just have them in your inventory and you’ll gain those bonuses during the event. And that’s it! A cute little event that can be completed pretty quickly for some nice toys and clever references. Just park yourself in the sewer for a bit and you should have it all done in no time. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day.


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