Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today I’m gonna be talking about the two reasons why you actually shouldn’t farm Rugged Leather. The first is easy, it’s cheap. It’s normally just 3 gold on the Auction House so you can just go buy it. But if you’re doing a full TSM restock, and have all the recipes, you’ll need like 936 leather. Your auction house might not have that much at a reasonable price, but you still shouldn’t farm for it. If you want to ignore my advice and are deadset on farming it up, the best place to farm rugged leather is in AQ20. This is in silithus and is the instance on the left. There was only normal mode back in vanilla so don’t worry about raid size or difficulty. Just grab the first pack of wasps, pull it to where these other two packs are intersecting, and then pull all those to where these other 3 other packs are intersecting. AoE. Loot. Skin. Make sure you’re using darkmoon firewater. This significantly reduces your skinning cast time. There’s 4 more packs down by the boss BUT be super careful with AoE and proximity because if you aggro that boss, none of the trash respawns when you reset the instance.

Each run takes 2 minutes if you hustle, and 10 runs will get you about 700 leather. But. Don’t farm this. Here’s the main reason why. There are 5 other key max level skinnable items from vanilla, and the enemies that drop those items also give you rugged leather. So we’re multitasking, while we’re farming one thing, we’ll be accidentally filling up on Rugged Leather. I’ve talked about all these in previous guides but consider this your goto all-in-one guide to share with any skinner friends.

Also, subscribe and click the bell so you know when the next guide’s out. That helps me a lot. So let’s just go down the list. First, check your Leatherworker’s TSM restock queue and see if you need any green dragonscale. If you do, head out to sunken temple. If you don’t, then you don’t have the patterns yet. They drop in sunken temple so head out there anyways. To get there take the new new Dalaran portal to Karazhan and then head east to swamp of sorrows. I avoid the bosses here and just run a circle around the middle room, gather up the 48 dragons in that main chamber, hide behind a pillar and AoE. The drop rate of the patterns is a little broken so have a bunch of empty bag slots or you have to run allll the way out to vendor. This is a screenshot after only 5 runs. WoWHead says you’ll get 5 Green Dragonscale per run but I only ever walk out with 2 green dragonscale per run. 10 Runs will also yield about 400 rugged leather and 300 thick leather. Next check to see if you need any Black Dragonscale, used mainly for the black dragonscale set.

You get this from Blackrock Depths bosses and rep. Cool set for hunters. If there aren’t any up on the AH the raw dragonscales will still sell for 1000-2000 gold each, but prices have dropped considerably over the past year. To farm these just go to Blackwing Lair, run the whole instance. Don’t skip the slow annoying part cause there are lots of skinnable wyrmkin there. One run gives about 30 black dragonscale and a stack of rugged leather. There’s also a well known trick here if you’re a rogue, mage, hunter, or night elf. If you kill everything except one mob in each of these two groups, and then drop combat, the whole pack respawns and you can farm this indefinitely.

Just don’t abuse this, it’s one of those unintended farms that’re in a grey area. While we’re in the mountain, go run molten core. Core Leather is used by all the armor crafting professions and you get it from the adorable little corehounds, and of course, they also drop rugged leather. You only really need to pull the first room for this, but I mean, do what you want. Next check and see if you need any devilsaur leather. There are two patterns that use this sold by Nergal in Un’goro crater, and in the south end of the zone, there’s an quest mob named the devilsaur queen that we’re gonna camp to farm this stuff.

The devilsaur queen respawns every 60 seconds and drops devilsaur leather, rugged leather, and thick leather. Only thing to note is that this is a quest mob so be nice to people who are questing, and while there ARE a few rare spawn devilsaurs around the zone, they’re pretty sought after for hunter pets so don’t kill those guys. Finally, head over the mountain range between ungoro and old silithus and check if you need the item, Heavy Scorpid Scale. The best place to farm Heavy Scorpid Scales is a neat little route around the east side of old silithus and up through the center. If you see the sword in the middle of the zone talk to Zidormi to phase back in time. An NPC at the northeast of the named Zannok Hidepiercer has a few of the recipes in limited supply but the gloves, legs, shoulders, and chest are unobtainable.

And it’s worth noting that Zannok only has the items in old silithus even though he’s in both instances of the zone. Personally, I swing by Zannok every lap to check because the patterns sell for 5-20k. Final advice is to make sure you are using Darkmoon Firewater, Bear Tartare, and have the crafted legendary leather boots or mail gloves. The latter grant instant flying out of combat and these onsey-twosey outdoor farms are perfect for that. But that it. If you farm all this miscellaneous stuff, you’ll never have to swing by the AQ20 farm because you’ll have more than enough rugged leather, AND you won’t have to waste gold on the Auction House.

Yayyyy profit. I really hope this guide helped you. Hit the like button if you enjoyed it and subscribe if you want to see more guides in the future. Thanks for watching, have a great day and happy goldmaking..

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