Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is everything you need to know about the new Falcosaur pets, mounts, toys, and Faction added in Patch 7.1. There’s four new pets with a matching mount each, four new toys to go with them and a brand new PvP faction with it’s own mount and title. Let’s take a look. To get started, you need to collect the hatchlings. There are four types of falcosaurs, and they’re each tied to a new world quest area in their own zone. Each pet is only available when it’s corresponding world quest is up, so you might have to wait a bit to get all four. Before you head out to a world quest area, you’ll need to bring some food! Each baby falcosaur has a favourite snack, and it won’t talk to you unless you brought some. All four foods can be found on vendors in Dalaran, so just pick them up and have them on you.

You can get Azsunian Grapes from Applebough, Smoked Elderhorn from the innkeeper at any of the three inns, and Fialla Sweetberry outside the wine shop sells the Pungent Vrykul Gamalost and the Dried Bilberries. With your pockets full of snacks, head out to an active Falcosaur world quest area and find the matriarch. You can’t be their momma until you kill their momma, so go ahead and kill her. Once she’s dead, find the Orphaned Hatchling and talk to it to get your new pet. The hatchlings can be a bit tricky to find, so let’s look at some maps. In Highmountain, you’ll fight Snowfeather Falcosaurs. The Hatchling can be found uphill and a bit southwest of the matriarch. In Azsuna, the Bloodgazer Hatchling spawns almost on top of the matriarch- just a smidge south near some big rocks.

The Sharptalon Falcosaurs of Val’sharah are into Bilberries. Their hatchling spawns a little ways southwest of the Matriarch. Finally, the Direbeak Falcosaurs rampage through Stormheim. Their hatchling can be found quite a ways north up the beach after you kill the direbeak Matriarch. Now that you’ve got your new baby, it’ll give you a quest to level it to 25. Even though these guys are questgivers, they’re still normal battlepets otherwise so you can give them nicknames if you want. Then, use your favourite leveling method and two-pet tamer strats to boost it to 25 as soon as you can. I like swinging by Ashlei in Draenor’s Shadowmoon Valley, and then popping by Vesharr in Spires of Arak. Crysa in the Northern Barrens is another easy fight to two-pet for experience. You can also use battle-training stones if you have extras of those or a pile of pet charms hanging around.

When it dings 25, it’ll start the quest chain. There are at least 13 quests to do with your falcosaur. There’s a daily reset, so under normal conditions this will take you about two weeks. You’ll need to take your buddy to different places, defeat specific wild pets with him, complete world quests with him out, buy him presents, take him to defeat dungeon bosses and even raid bosses.

The Direbeak and Bloodgazer hatchlings will want you to kill bosses from the Nighthold, so you won’t be able finish those questlines until the raid is available. While the questline is account bound, the daily reset appears to be character specific right now. This means that if you have alts at 110, you can do multiple quests in a day and skip ahead. This is most likely not intended and might get fixed at some point. The other thing about the quests is the daily resets are specific to each type of falcosaur, so you CAN work on all four at once. Along the way, each questline will give you a Falcosaur toy to play with your buddy. Collect the Dirty Spoon, Fake Teeth, Tiny Pack and Purple Blossom. At the end of each questline, you’ll get an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone to help catch up your collection. The final quest of each line has you bring your hatchling back to the nest for a reunion to get the corresponding mount.

You still keep your hatchling, you just get a big version of him! With four different colors of falcosaur mounts, there’s bound to be at least one of them that matches your mog. After you get your first Falcosaur Mount, you can unlock a new PvP faction. Go see Aviana in Highmountain with your matching mount and pet. She’ll have a new dialogue option that rewards the Ivory Talon and unlockes the Talon’s Vengeance PvP faction. The talon transforms you into an Avenger of Aviana. Getting PvP kills at falcosaur and PvP world quest areas while transformed gives you marks of Prey to turn in for rep. At honored, you can buy an Ivory Feather to let you farm kills in battlegrounds and Ashran. At Exalted, you can buy the Ivory Hawkstrider mount, a white recolor of the Blood Elf race mounts. It’s very likely but not confirmed that exalted also gets you the new Talon’s Vengeance title. And that’s the deal with Falcosaurs! These guys are just the perfect mix of cute and bloodthirsty.

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