3. 2. 1. 9 times 2. 18. 9 times 3. 27. 9 times 4. 36. 9 times 5. 45! I’m so good at expulsom! Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re talkin about expulsom and how you can make just a ridiculous amount of gold with this. In the first week of BFA I’ve made about 5 million gold worth of revenue through leatherworking alone. Just crafting honorable gear using expulsom and all that and selling greens through trade chat. Here’s the thing, because I farmed up all my own expulsom, this has been just all profit.

So today I’m going to show you my favorite expulsom farming technique. I talked about it in my shimmerscale farming video but we’ve actually already improved how to do that farm in like, 3 days and it’s actually in a really weird way. The farm I’m talking about, you go out to Hemet Nesingwary’s gameland and there are Feathered Viper Hatchling Eggs. Pop the eggs. 4 to 6 little baby hatchlings come out of each egg and you just round up as many as you can. But here’s the thing. These eggs are part of a world quest so they force spawn, which means you can group farm them. But…it’s a skinning farm, so you can’t really group farm, right? Well, all you do is get a monk statue down or just have everyone spread out. Pop as many eggs as you can for 2 minutes. Just popopopop. You end up with like, 2000 little baby viper hatchlings on the ground. Dead around the ox statue. And then, you all loot so the bodies don’t despawn. If you didn’t know, another timer actually starts whenever you loot the corpse. So, pull as many as you can until everyone starts dying.

You loot them and you skin. Like, one person…the cool thing about this, generally skinning doesn’t like competition because “heyyy you’re gonna take my skin.” But here, there’s so many that no one person can skin them all, even if you have the boon of bwonsamdi, even if you have FasterLoot addon, even if you have the glove enchant. You just can’t skin this many. In one hour of farming. Well ok, in each hour of farming, I was able to get about 3000 to ehhh a little bit more once the group kinda figures out what it’s doing. But 3000 blood-stained bones.

These are the bottleneck in the expulsom pipeline. What you do with all these blood-stained bones is you send them to your leatherworker along with some shimmerscale. And with 6 shimmerscale and 4 blood-stained bones you make the shimmerscale armguards, the wrist pieces. And then you just scrap those wrist pieces and you’ll get 1 expulsom for every 6 greens that you craft. Or you can just sell them on trade chat. Each green is selling on trade chat for between 150 and 300 gold right now.

Which is, that by itself, hold on, let’s say you sell them for 200 gold. Let’s do some math. So, 3000 bones divided by 4 bones each, that’s 750 greens. Times 200 gold. That’s 150,000 gold per hour. I have people telling me every day that skinning doesn’t make any gold. That’s nonsense, get out there. Go farm farm up some expulsom. Sell the greens raw if you want, if you don’t have a lot of time. If you have the time to scrap them, it’s going to be really nice to just have a couple hundred expulsom in your bags all the time.

But that’s it, that’s all I got. Thank you for watching. I just want this to be a super quick guide. I hope you guys have a great day. Subscribe like the video, all that good stuff. And I’ll talk to y’all later. Have a good one, good luck, and happy gold making. .

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