Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a quick guide showing you the fastest way to level from 100 to 110 as of Legion Patch 7.2.5. With the latest patch it is now faster than ever to catch up leveling across the home stretch to 110. If you’ve left any brave alts behind in their Draenor Garrisons, now’s the time to rescue them and bring them into this new, slightly demon infested age.

Step 1: Upgrade your Heirlooms. With 7.2.5, we can now upgrade our heirlooms to scale all the way to 110. Head to Ironforge for the Alliance or Undercity for the Horde to buy your Weathered Casings and Scabbards. Upgrading each piece of armor will set you back 5k gold, while a weapon will take 7500. While we’re on the topic, don’t bother upgrading your heirloom weapons. They don’t grant an XP bonus and even with scaling they’re not even close to better than your little baby artifact. Because it’s quite spendy to upgrade the heirlooms, focus on the ones that give you an XP boost. That’s helmet, shoulders, cloak, robes, legs and rings for a total of 55% bonus XP- if you have the Fishing tournament ring. You get 50% bonus f you’re one-ringing it, which is still a very respectable number. The necks and trinkets will help your item level but don’t give an experience buff, so feel free to skip those if you’re tight on gold. Boost up all your heirlooms and get your alt dressed up in your newly dusted off swag.

Step 2: Believe you can Fly. If you haven’t unlocked flying in the Broken Isles on your main character yet, I strongly recommend doing that first. Unlock flying once and you’ll have it forever on all alts- including the leveling ones. If you’re not sure what you still need to do to get flying, Wowhead has a tool that’ll tell you exactly what you’re missing. Step 3: Do Invasion Quests. To find out when the next invasion will be up, you can either get an addon like LegionInvasionTimer or check the Wowhead front page.

Fly around the invasion and do all of the quests available. They give a huge amount of flat XP, and a lot of them will have even more XP as a bonus reward. Even with your heirlooms your damage is going to be kind of wimpy, so don’t be afraid to get into a group finder group to get through the quests quickly. If there’s a non-combat objective you can do to help, focus on that while the more geared players mow through the mobs. You won’t be able to do the final scenario of the invasion until 110, so just do a quick lap of the quests and head home to chill out in your Class Order Hall.

Send out a couple of Character XP granting missions with the order resources you picked up in the invasion and call it a day. If you really feel keen to level when there’s no invasion up, start by getting your offspec artifacts and doing your Class Order Hall campaign. You’ll want those done eventually anyway, so you might as well do them while they’re giving you experience. After that, you can do the main storyline quests in each zone leading up to the dungeon, and one run of the dungeon if you’re ambitious. Questing goes quick with flying, but honestly none of that is necessary. With nothing but a quick lap of invasion quests when they’re up, you can have a character at level 110 in roughly a week with barely any /played time. That leaves you with more time for the things you’d rather be doing, like grinding billions of artifact power for fun.

You gotta follow your heart. The really nice thing about having heirlooms when you do invasion leveling is that when you do finish and ding 110, you’ll have a little bit of item level to get you started. A fully upgraded heirloom is item level 800 at level 110. You’ll still be dying to get out of those and clap on some Dauntless gear but it’s a lot better than the 680 Warlords garbage you were stuck with before. So, that’s the quickest and most lazy way possible to level alts to 110 in Legion! Between Artifact Knowledge getting nerfed to a four hour research time and the host of adorable class-specific pets, there’s never been more incentives to catch up an alt. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, please consider leaving a like if you liked it and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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