Hey there guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold and welcome to the Week of Timbermaw Hold. That’s right, as ridiculous as it sounds, this entire week is going to be focusing on gold guides related to Timbermaw Hold. And we’re going to start it off with the fastest way to do the Timbermaw Hold rep so you can quickly level your alts up through it. Enchanters have 2 k profit in each of two different recipes along with a cool shuffle. Tailors have 4k profit in 2 recipes. Leatherworkers have 5-10k patterns that only take 5 minutes of farming to make. Blacksmiths have 5-8k profit in two recipes, and alchemists have the essence of earth to essence of water transmute that turns a 1g material into a 300g material. There’s also an adorable toy that turns you into a furblog. So if you have an alchemist, tailor, leatherworker, blacksmith, or enchanter, stop whatever you’re doing and spend a quick 30 minutes leveling this up.

Let’s do this guide. Before I start, one quick warning. While making this guide I realized I’ve been mispronouncing the word as furblog for a decade. But it’s a made up word, and I’m not about to change for this guide, so anyone with OCD is just gonna have to deal. So, first thing we’re gonna do is take either the cata portal to mount hyjal or the moonglade teleport and head over to felwood in northern kalimdor. Just in front of the timbermaw hold entrance there are three quests that will start off your journey to defeat the rival furbolgs.

If you don’t see the exclamation marks over the quest givers, turn on “See hidden quests” on your minimap. These are basic kill some dudes, collect some stuff, and get a guy out of a cage quests. Just make sure you talk to the guy in the cage first otherwise you might kill the chieftan who has the key and you’ll have to wait 5 minutes for him to respawn. As you’re finishing those you’ll get two breadcrumb quests so follow those into Timbermaw Hold itself. This tunnel system connects fel wood, moon glade, and winterspring. I used to always get lost in here until I made myself remember that the moon glade tunnel was the one that’s perpendicular to the bridge, so just never go that way.

Turn in and accept all the quests you can, including the runecloth one, and head to winterspring. Talk to the guy right out front and then head to the southern end of the zone rather than immediately killing furblogs. I like to do this because you have to kill an elite bear and every once in a while there’s competition for him so you just don’t want to bottleneck yourself. These quests are your basic get a bubbling cauldron, and some corrupted slime so you can infuse a bear heart into a voodoo smoothie quests. You know the ones, you’ve done em a thousand times. Only thing worth noting is that the suspicious green sludge only drops off the blobs, not the actual water elementals. Once you get to the quest that says “go to the lake” you’re done here and should be half way between honored and revered.

Head all the way to the East side of the zone. There are two more Timbermaw quests here and these furblog drop runecloth for that quest, whereas the guys on the West and South side of the zone only drop mageweave. There’s a nice little lap to run here so just do that for about 15 or 20 minutes. Generally, you’ll be just at revered by the time you get your 30 runecloth, and you’ll also have about 50 winterfall spirit beads. It takes 21,000 rep to go from revered to exalted. The runecloth quest is 1000 and every 5 spirit beads gives you 2000 rep, so you’ll need 50-60 spirit beads before you head back to the tunnels.

Turn in the winterfall spirit beads to Salfa and you’re runecloth, and congratulations! They love you in that tunnel. You’ve also significantly increased your gold making potential with the new recipes available inside. So, that’s it. I’ve got a couple more guides coming out this week on other unique ways to profit from being exalted other than just knowing a few more patterns, but until then, good luck and happy gold making! I was gonna do a snow joke for this one, but I thought it would be too polarizing..

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