Hi! I’m Hazel, and you are 4-7ish minutes away from being the most prepared person in your raid. This video is all about the Felhounds of Sargeras on Normal and Heroic difficulty. These puppies are not the most cuddly looking dogs in the world but at least they have each other. This footage is from early PTR and some of the graphics have gotten flashier but the essence of the mechanics has stayed the same. Step One is split em up. They do 100% increased damage when within 40 yards of each other so each tank will need to take one and stand on opposite ends of the cave. No tank swapping is required and if you happen to have a Warrior tank, stick them on the fire dog, y’know the orange one. Your raid may have players split into two groups on either side or, more likely, they might choose a stack point.

The two dogs share health, and they each have an individual power bar which indicates when they’ll use their two major abilities, or three on Heroic. Let’s start with a look at F’harg, aka the Orange one. I refuse to try and say F’harg more than I have to so I’m gonna call him Sunny D. His one ability that’s not tied to his energy level is Burning Maw, which is a frontal cone that stacks a debuff. That there’s a tank mechanic. His tank should face him away from players and use minor mitigation. At 33 Energy, Sunny D will target a couple of players with Desolate Gaze. They get a warning, and after a few seconds this flameline missile thing shoots out to and behind them. If targeted, You want to move to aim that away from other players, and watch out behind you for tanks.

At 100 energy, he’ll cast Enflame Corruption. That does raid damage and sends out these pulsing AOE fire debuffs onto several players. Move out with those, and everyone else should stay reasonably close together to help out the healers. On Heroic difficulty and above, he gets one more move that he busts out at 66% energy. Molten Touch will stun a player, stack up pretty considerable damage on them and at the same time send down exploding fire circles under players. Healers should pay special attention to the target, and everyone needs to watch their feet. If the raid is stacked to deal with another mechanic, everyone can move as a group to avoid the fire pools. Our other dog bro is Shatug. He is purple and void-y looking which makes him my favourite. He has Corrupting Maw, which is exactly like Burning maw except this one is purple. Again, the tank faces him away and manages the damage from that DoT. At 33 energy, he’ll use Consuming Sphere. That fires out this slow moving vacuumy void missile thing. That draws players towards itself and hurts a bunch if you touch it, so just fight against the pull.

At 100, he’s got Siphon Corruption. Like Enflame Corruption, it does raid damage and sends out debuffs. These debuffs are purple soak circles that split 4 million damage to everyone in them on Heroic, or mill on Normal. Stack up, AOE heal, problem solved. On Heroic difficulty, Dimetapp over here gets Weight of Darkness to use at 66%. It’s a debuff that goes out on random players and slows their run speed, then does a 20 second AOE fear when it expires. However, if three or more people are in it when it goes off, there’s no fear. Stack it with a clump of people and you’re golden. If you’ve abandoned a tank on the fire dog all alone, make sure that they’ve got some buddies to help them out if they gets it. If it’s a Warrior, they can break the fear on their own with Berserker Rage and your raid has one less thing to worry about. And that’s really all that happens. None of these mechanics are hard on their own but unfortunately they’re not polite enough to happen one at a time. The power gain of the two bosses is Irregular, so you’re going to get various pairings of mechanics happening at the same time.

Stay on your toes, and consider saving a healer cooldown or two for the delightful moment when both Corruption channels happen at once. So, that is Felhounds of Sargeras in Antorus, the Burning Throne! If this video helped you out or made you feel more prepared please consider giving it a thumbs up. Check out my channel and subscribe for more raid guides and other useful WoW video. Thanks for watching, have a great time in the raid and a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye!.

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