Hey there, guys. This is Reckles with WTBGold and welcome to the first farming guide of Argus. Patch is out, it’s only been out for a day. I only have rank 2 skinning, so take that into account with all my results but with only rank 2 skinning, I got 1300 leather at this fiendish leather farming spot. So, 1300 leather an hour without even having rank 3 yet. This spot is nuts. Hopefully we’ll find someplace better as time goes on and people explore, but for now, this spots all you need if you’re farming up primal sargerite. I got 26 primal sargerite or fiendish leather, or fiendish leather where I got 1300. I also got a fossorial bile larva, which is a “cute” pet, but I don’t know how consistent that is. So, what are we doin? We are going to Antoran Wastes. The coordinates are 55,40. It’s right by, just south of the words “The Spirit Crucible” on your map, and we’re going to be killing voracious scavengers.

There are two routes that I’d recommend. The first one, I’m gonna call the Bone Pit Server Hop. Pull this pack over here, run down to the lava. Pull this pack over here turn around, run back through this little bone pit, avoid all the traps that are all over. Those slow your move speed down. Bring everything to a centralized location and then AoE and kill it. Just stay put. It’ll take a little while for them to decide to come and attack you. But these are all the things you can grab and stay mounted without them evading on you. There are some more packs on the perimeter of that lap but just ignore em because they will evade. After you’re done looting and skinning, just server hop and do that all over again.

If you’re also using this spot for Demon Eye farming. Intact Demon Eyes. Which I recommend. You know, any time you’re out in argus just killing things and farming, have your Agent of the All-Seer buff rolling. I got generally 4-10 eyes per pull, but there was one pull I didn’t get any and there was one pull where I got 19. So, it’ll vary, but just count on 7 for your math. So, just do that route, over and over and over. I like this because if people are doing world quests, you’re just killing this one pack, you’re leaving up everything north. So, you know, you’re not interfering and stealing people’s kills.

But, the second farming lap is for people who don’t like server hop, you pull together this bone pile lap, kill those, and then you just run and kill a couple of the packs up north up to the little crucible there. This is really just…there’s only like 6 or 7 scavengers here that you’re killing and skinning. Really what you’re using this for is, once you kill these, the ones back at the bone pile will force spawn, so then you can go back.Not all of them will, but at least 1 or 2 in every pack will. So you know, you can keep this constant flow of leather, but it’s not just an entirely full bone pile lap round up every single time. It’s not 20 30 enemies at a time. So, I gotta go sell this stuff on the Auction House because right now, Fiendish Leather is selling for 100 gold each. I got 2000 fiendish leather and 20 primal obliterum in my bags so I’m gonna go make some gold real quick. But good luck! Happy Skinning! And happy gold making..

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