Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the G’huun raid boss in Uldir on Normal and Heroic difficulty. He’s kinda of a big worm, but he is the most magnificent big worm I’ve ever seen. Phase One is an add phase. The boss himself is stuck in a wall and he’s got a Blood Shield that makes it a waste of time to hit him. Cyclopean Terrors are these little eyestalks and those will cast Torment. Kick that as much as you can and get these guys down first. The Dark Young is a bigger dude and he needs to be tanked. He’ll do a Massive Smash which does Massive damage as well as a knockback. Tanks will want to use some mitigation for that. At 100 energy, the Dark Young casts Dark Bargain. Everything within this purple ring when the cast finishes gains a stack of the Dark Bargain buff. Buffed players and adds do 25% more damage for 30 seconds as well as taking increased damage.

Players will want to get a stack of the buff to help kill adds and you can also drag it onto adds to make them more vulnerable. If you get two stacks you’ll be Mind Controlled until death so take one stack at a time. Explosive Corruption is a debuff that will go out onto a few players at a time. After five seconds, you’ll fire out oatmeal orbs and leave blighted ground underneath you.

Anyone that touches the Orb gets an Exposive Corruption themselves so that can get out of hand real quick. If you get the debuff run it as close to the edge as you can get, and stay on your toes dodging orbs. While all that’s going on on the main floor , designated teams of players are running titan basketballs up on these side platforms. A Power Matrix orb spawns here, and needs to be brought here to dunk it in the Reorigination Drive. They spawn on alternating sides, and you need to dunk three of them to push to phase two. Everything about the upper area is designed to make that annoying. So first, once you pick up the orb you can’t pick up another one for 5 minutes. Your raid will need to have a couple different people for running. Second, while you’re holding it you’re getting progressively slower until you’re just rooted. And third, the path is covered in Amorphous Cysts that slow you down even more.

Just for fun, you’re also taking ticking damage from Unclean Contagion while up top. So what do you do. Damaging the cysts reduces their area, which helps with that. You can throw the orb to pass it to a friend up ahead, and catching the orb does not give you the debuff that stops you from grabbing the next one. You can kinda relay race it. Do note that Missing the catch will destroy the orb though, so don’t be that guy. Making use of movement abilities such as lock gate, pally freedoms and warrior leaps make this way easier, and in some cases doable by one person. After you dunk the orb, jump down and the next team should go do the same thing on the other side. After three orbs, you trigger a Reorigination Blast and move to Phase Two. That Blast will help you clean up adds, which you should do right away. The boss wriggles out of the wall and now we fight him directly. His Corrupting Bite makes his melee attacks ramp up against the tank.

You can do a tank swap to reset that once it starts to get scary. The amount of stacks is yet to be seen but try starting with about four. Wave of Corruption will start coming out in this phase. That’s a big ring of decay that’ll spread out from the boss, and when you pass through it you’ll trigger a five yard AOE. Everyone should keep a 5 yard spread going into that wave. The AOE will apply a stacking DoT called Putrid Blood, so if you’re too close together you’ll be exploding on each other and picking up extra stacks.

Blood Feast will root somebody, and after 10 seconds clear the Putrid Blood stacks off of everyone within 8 yards. Then it spawns a Gibbous Horror add that’s 5% scarier for every stack that was cleared. That add will also interrupt casting with Mind-Numbing Chatter and needs to be nuked down very quickly. Assuming that everyone was spread out for the wave, it should be safe to clear most stacks in the Blood Feast. Explosive Corruption will continue in this phase, so keep running that out and dodging the oatmeal orbs.At 20% health G’huun enters his final burn phase. He breaks the machine so there’s no more dunking orbs up top. I did not get footage of this so we’re going to make do with some top quality stick figures.

Debris will fall from the ceiling, most likely in opaque swirls. The farther you can get the less damage you’ll take, so run away from those. The boss will cast Gaze of G’huun. That’s a 2 second cast according to datamining that will fear everyone facing him, so turn around and show him your butt for that. The tank chomp, the Corruption orbs and the Wave will continue. There’s no more Blood Feast to drop your DoT stacks in this phase so it’s time to blow everything, clench your toes and finish the fight. That’s it on Normal. However, There are two new things that you’ll deal with when you step up to Heroic. So on Heroic in Phase one, you’ll also get Blightspreader Tendrils. Those cast Decaying Eruption which is a kickable burst of raid damage that you’ll want to interrupt. Their energy ticks down, and when it reaches 0 they burrow to a new spot.

Kick and kill those. The other Heroic addition are Malignant Growths that will spawn in the final phase. They popup and explode to do massive damage within 8 yards, so get away from those. You’ll be staying spread for waves, running out with Orbs, dodging orbs, turning for Gaze, running from ceiling debris and avoiding Malignant Growths. It sounds like a lot. Have fun. So, that is G’huun in Uldir. Thanks for watching! If this video helped you out please consider leaving me a like. Check out my channel and subscribe for more raid guides and other WoW stuff and have a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye. .

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