Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is your guide to the Gnasher pet battle on Argus. I’m going to start with a super quick strategy to just beat him and get your world quest done. Then, I’ll show you strategies for every single pet family for progress on the Family Fighter achievement. Gnasher lives here in Krokuun. If you hang out here long enough an infernal will spawn and start beating on you so make sure that you run back to camp if you’re going AFK. First up, the fastest strategy for just getting your World Quest done. This also doubles as the Beast strat. Pull out your attack breed Zandalari Anklerender or Kneebiter, set up Black Claw and Hunting Party and I think you already know how this is going to go. Lay down that Black Claw. Hit him with the Hunting Party. Watch yourself win. Next is Aquatics. We’re using your choice of Civets and Mongeese?, all set up with Gnaw, Screech and Dive.

Start with Screech to get your speed advantage, then head down with a dive. Gnaw once and then use Screech again to refresh the debuff. You can get one more Gnaw before you die and then it’s time for Civet Number Two. Basically, you want to just avoid Maul with Dive, keep that Screech Debuff rolling and fill in with Gnaw. Using an addon like PetTracker to keep an eye on enemy cooldowns is really good for this. Next we’ll do critters. Grab any three rabbits with speed stats above 328. Set them up with Flurry, Dodge and Burrow. Start with one Flurry, then use Dodge. Flurry three more times, then head down with Burrow. My first rabbit dies after that burrow. I bring out the second one, use Dodge, then Flurry, then a Burrow. There’s some flexibility with the move order. Just try and avoid overlapping your immunities and don’t eat Maul if you can help it. Next is Elemental. I’m using a Stout Alemental with Barrel Toss and Bubble, a Core Hound Pup with Thrash, Howl and Burrow and an Electrified Razortooth with Rip, Blood in the Water and Devour.

You probably only need two of the three. Just make sure your third pet has a beast attack- something like a doom bloom or bog beast would do. Starting with the Alemental, I’m going to use Bubble, then mash Barrel Toss a good four times. We’ll bring out the Core Hound, use Howl then go for a Burrow. After that just keep using Bite until your Core Hound dies. He should be almost done at that point so one more Beast hit does the job. Next we’ve got Humanoid. I’m using a Lil Bad Wolf with Claw, Dodge and Howl and a Bonkers with Bite and Dodge. Third slot is a Flayer Youngling with Triple Snap, Deflection and Rampage but I don’t wind up needing it. If you’re missing one of the first two give that a whirl. Starting with the Lil Wolf I’m using Dodge first, then Howl, then Claw.

Keep chewing on him with Claw and you should get him below half before you die. Bringing out Bonkers I’m just going to mash Bite for a while. I’ve got Dodge ready to deal with Maul, but as it turns out it doesn’t come to that. Next up is Mechanicals. I’ve got a Fluxfire Feline with Pounce, Overtune and Supercharge, a Cogblade Raptor with Bite, Screech and Exposed Wounds and a De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion with Thrash and Extra Plating. Starting with the kitty I’m using Overtune, then Supercharge, then Pounce. Use Overtune then pounce one more time and that’s it for Mr. Kitty. On the Cogblade Raptor we’ll start with Screech, then Bite. I’ll put up Exposed Wounds, then refresh my Screech one more time before I die. On the Bunny just use Thrash a few times and you should wipe him right up. For dragons, I’m using a Proto Drake Whelp with Bite, Ancient Blessing and Proto Strike and then two Chrominiuses with Bite, Howl and Surge of Power. You could probably just do three chrominiuses but what’s life without variety. Start with Proto Strike, then Bite a few times, then set up an Ancient Blessing.

Proto Whelp’s done so pull out Chrominius and use Howl, then Bite, then Surge of Power with that nice Dragonkin buff up. He’s almost toast so one more Bite from the third Chrominius should do the trick. Next is flying. I’m using Ikky with Black Claw and Flock, and two flying pet backups. They really could be anything, but I’ve chosen two with Thrash. Start with Black Claw, then use Flock. That’s really frighteningly effective but it’s not QUITE enough. One Savage Talon would finish it but I guess I like to play with my food so I redo the Black Claw and then get him with a good Thrash. For Magic we’ve got the Jade Owl with Thrash, Adrenaline Rush and Lift-off, a Sapphire Cub with Pounce and Screech and a Sanctum Cub with Pounce, Leap and Dodge. Start with an Adrenaline Rush, head up with a Lift-off, then go in with a Thrash. Put Adrenaline Rush back up, Thrash one more time and you’re don with the Owl.

On the Sapphire Cub use Pounce Twice then get a Screech up before you die. Last out is the Sanctum Cub. I’ll use Dodge to avoid the Maul, and then spam Pounce to finish the fight. Last is Undead. I’ve got my Risen Saber Kitten with Pounce and Screech, and then Cursed Birman with Pounce. I threw Scraps in the Backline just in case but didn’t wind up needing them.

Starting with the Saber Kitten use Screech, then Pounce three times, then Screech again. Bring out Birman and spam Pounce like it’s the only button on your keyboard. So, that’s Family Fighter Gnasher! Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe for the rest of the Family Fighter guides and other super cool WoW videos. Let me know what you think, share your own strategies in the comments if you like and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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