Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to Normal and Heroic difficulty Goroth in the Tomb of Sargeras. He’s being punished for past failures with unending torment, which is apparently why he’s all green and gooey. It’s nice of them to give us a failure to go up against first. This fight is all about positioning. Infernal Spikes are the core mechanic of Goroth. They’ll spawn underneath random ranged DPS. The ranged should be loosely fanned out at midrange, not too close to melee but not out in Africa either. You wanna scootch out of the way when the spike starts to spawn to avoid taking damage and getting knocked back. You’ll need those infernal spikes to survive several mechanics, so the goal of this fight is to keep them up. Goroth passively crushes pillars when his hitbox touches them so he needs to be kept away from the pillars at all times. Crashing Comet will target random non tank players throughout the fight. You need to get that away from pillars and do NOT hit other players with it.

The only one in the circle when it goes off should be you. Shattering Star will target a non-tank player and point a big arrow at them. You need to line that up behind at least one pillar to help you soak damage, preferably two or even three. Putting it through more spikes will reduce the raid damage and help your healers, but you’ll still need pillars around for later so don’t use them all. If you don’t manage to hit any pillars with that it’s going to kill you, do disgusting raidwide damage and potentially wipe your group.

When Goroth reaches max energy, he’ll cast Infernal Burning. Everyone NEEDS to get behind a pillar for this or they’re going to be crispy and quite dead. If he’s at high energy and you’re nowhere close to a pillar, you need to start thinking about scootching. Burning Armor is the tank mechanic of the fight. Now and then Goroth will cast Burning Armor on his current tank, which will put a big ol ring around them.

You need to take that ring away from both pillars and other players before you explode. While you’re running away losing all your chest hair, the other tank needs to taunt the boss so he doesn’t go galloping off after you. After exploding you and anyone dumb enough to get in your radius will have the Molten Armor debuff and take 300% damage. Wait for that to cool off before you even think about taking the boss back.

The explosion has a 10 yard radius on Normal difficulty and 25 yards on Heroic. On Heroic, you’ll deal with one more mechanic called Fel Eruption. Throughout the fight, each quarter of the room will take turns being covered in fire. The fire burns and also melts pillars. Spread the ranged evenly around the four quarters of the room so that there are always pillars available for Shattering Star and Infernal Burning. So, that’s Goroth! He’s a suitably simple encounter to start off the raid while still being leagues more fun than that big scorpion dude. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for more Tomb of Sargeras guides, please consider leaving a like if you liked it and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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