Hello everyone! My name is Gandalin and welcome to another World of Warcraft guide. Today we have another video in my series on hidden artifact appearances. Obtaining any of these appearances will award you with the achievement called Hidden Potential. In this video, we’ll be looking at the hidden appearances for Warlocks. Note that you can obtain any of these appearances regardless of your current spec. First up is Affliction. This appearance is called Fate’s End and is unlocked via the Essence of the Executioner. This changes Ulthalesh to look like it’s a combination of a scythe and an executioner’s axe.

To obtain this appearance, you first need to hit level 110 so you can benefit from Patch 7.3’s global Artifact Knowledge level. This will satisfy the requirement that you have Knowledge level 5 for the necessary items to drop. After that, you need to start killing eredar mobs on the Broken Isles or Argus. They all have a chance to drop the Grimoire of the First Necrolyte. Argus is the better choice as there are tons of eredar everywhere and they reportedly have a higher drop rate than their counterparts on the Broken Isles.

Once you have it, the Grimoire will give you a quest to collect 13 skulls from powerful humanoid champions on the Broken Isles. This part is actually trickier than it seems. To get these skulls, you have to kill specific mobs under specific circumstances. First of all, the skull is awarded as an extra loot item when you complete a world quest. They don’t drop from the actual mobs themselves. The only world quests that count are their rare elite ones for The Wardens that begin with the word “DANGER:” followed by the name of the mob they want you to kill. Furthermore, this mob must be humanoid in nature. It doesn’t necessarily have to be classified by the game as humanoid, but it does have to look like one. For example, demons that have humanoid form, like dreadlords and eredar, could count, but ones that look like beasts, like felhounds, would not count.

You also cannot be in a raid group when you make the kill or you won’t get a skull. And it appears that sometimes a mob you think should drop a skull doesn’t. It’s not clear if the drop chance isn’t 100% or if it’s intended, so you’ll just have to hope for the best when you kill one. So just to reiterate, to get the skulls you need to complete rare elite Wardens world quests whose titles begin with the word “DANGER:” for mobs that are humanoid in nature and you cannot be in a raid group. Collecting these skulls may take you a while as there are only a few “DANGER:” world quests up each day, and there’s no guarantee there will be ones that give you skulls.

Once you have 13 skulls, head to Morgan’s Plot behind Karazhan. Remember that there is a portal to the tower in the Chamber of the Guardian. Head down into the crypt and you’ll find an altar. This is where you will summon Sataiel, the previous owner of Ulthalesh. Slay her and she will drop the Essence of the Executioner. Now let’s look at Demonology. This appearance is called Thal’kiel’s Visage and is unlocked via the Visage of the First Wakener. It changes the Skull of the Man’ari into an actual eredar head. To obtain this appearance you need to be level 110 so you can benefit from Patch 7.3’s global Artifact Knowledge level. This will satisfy the requirement that you have Knowledge level 4 for the necessary items to drop. Then you need to start farming for a bunch of gray quality eredar heads. As you might guess, you loot these from eredar mobs on the Broken Isles or Argus. Again, Argus is your best bet. The heads only drop in a particular order as you are essentially looking for one that is suitable for Thal’kiel to use. He actually comments on the heads whenever you loot one.

The order is as follows: Damaged, Deformed, Malformed, Deficient, and Nearly Satisfactory. Once you see that 5th one, the next one you loot will be the Visage of the First Wakener. Finally, we have the Destruction appearance which is called Legionterror. It is unlocked via the Burning Jewel of Sargeras and gives the Scepter of Sargeras a new metallic and fiery look. The item for this appearance has a chance to drop from the bosses summoned by the Ritual of Doom, which is accessed by selecting the Demonic Offering upgrade for Tier 2 of your Order Hall Advancement Tree.

This will add the Ritual of Doom to the General tab of your spellbook. The Ritual requires at least 3 warlocks to complete, and you can only get loot from it once per day, so there’s no point in doing it more frequently. You get to the summoning platform by taking the void-colored portal on the north side of Dreadscar Rift. Only one person in the group actually needs to have the Demonic Offering upgrade. Other group members can still participate in the Ritual and loot the boss. Make sure you soulstone yourself before starting the Ritual, as it will always kill one of the three warlocks performing it. The drop rate for the Burning Jewel is reported to be pretty low, so it might take you a while to get this appearance.

It also drops on an individual basis, so someone else in your group can get it even if you don’t. And those are the hidden appearances for the Warlock artifacts! Remember that you can get any of the hidden appearances regardless of your current spec. And that’s it for this video! If this guide helped you, leave a comment down below, and give it a big thumbs up! Share this video with your friends, and let me know if there’s something you need help with.

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