Holy Paladins have been around since Vanilla WoW but they’ve really evolved over time. In this guide, I’m going to cover the Holy Paladin’s role, stats, our bread and butter spells and suggested talents, rotations, gear and legendaries. I’ve created timestamps for each section so if you’d like to skip ahead to something specific, feel free to do so in the description below. Otherwise, let’s get started! Now just as a preface, I don’t consider myself an expert Holy Paladin and I’m certainly not the best by far. But, I have fun playing the class and I think that’s all that matters! There were several updates and changes to Holy Pallys in Patch 7.but not so much in Patch so this guide will have taken those patches into consideration. Holy Paladin’s strengths are really in their single target healing. So either a tank, off-tank, or single designated target. We aren’t known much for our awesome mobility compared to a druid for example, but we still are great assets to a raid or Mythic+ dungeon.

We also have lots of survivability spells and talents that help both us and our party mates. Holy Pallys are great utility healers with really nice damage reduction cooldowns such as Blessing of Protection and Sacrifice and some really good “oh shit” buttons like Lay on Hands, our Bubble and even great mobility with Blessing of Freedom! Let’s look into Stats & Mana. The primary stat for a Holy Paladin is of course Intellect, but the most important secondary stat is critical strike.

According to Icy-Vein’s Holy Paladin guide, which I’m going to link in the description below, their suggested secondary stat priority as of Patch is: critical strike, mastery, versatility and haste in that order. Just a note on mastery: it’s effectiveness really depends on where you and everyone in your group is positioned. When everyone in your group is standing in close proximity of one another, such as in a Mythic+ dungeon, mastery will prove to be more important to versatility. But, in most raids where the group is really spread out, your heals will not benefit from mastery since you are not in close proximity of the group and therefore versatility is more important. You could therefore have special armor sets for Mythic+ dungeons with more mastery and another more geared towards raiding with more versatility. As for mana, obviously that is our main source from which we can cast our spells.

For me personally, if I am completely honest with you, I rarely run out of mana. And that’s dating back to the beginning of Legion. If you use your spells and cooldowns efficiently – you will rarely have to stop to regain mana. The only times I’ve run out of mana are when I receive a debuff that eats my mana, or when I spam Flash of Light or Light of the Martyr repeatedly, which I’ll go into more detail on soon. I’ve noticed that by never running out of mana, this helps my party out a lot during Mythic+ dungeons because we never have to pause for mana breaks. Now this isn’t going to include Mythic raiding, which I have no experience in, so I’m just going to leave a little disclaimer there. Bread & Butter Spells According to when you switch your specialization, there are 6 spells highlighted for Holy Paladins that I’m going to discuss.

Those spells & their mouseover descriptions are: Flash of Light: a fast, but expensive heal. Holy Light: a slow, but inexpensive heal. Holy Shock: an instant spell with a short cooldown that heals an ally or damages an enemy. Light of the Martyr: a strong instant heal, with the drawback of costing some of your own health. Beacon of Light: a beneficial spell that marks an ally, duplicating a portion of your healing to that target.

And lastly, Light of Dawn: a group heal on allies in a cone in front of you. Let’s start with that I think is our most powerful spell that you should use on cooldown: Holy Shock. It’s instant and with our high crit rate, the critical heals from Holy Shock are really great. Another powerful, instant heal is Light of Dawn. It’s a group heal that heals up to 5 party or raid members in a cone in front of you. Therefore if someone is directly behind you, they won’t benefit from Light of Dawn so you have to be cognisant of your positioning. Light of the Martyr is another strong, instant heal with no cooldown. Sounds awesome, right? The drawback is that you receive damage for 50% of whatever Light of the Martyr heals for. So if I heal you for 500,000, I will take 250,000 damage myself. It’s healing also does not heal your Beacon target. This spell is pretty risky when there’s a lot of damage going around and if you aren’t paying close attention to your health, it can kill you. Use this spell very carefully and situationally. I use the Legendary neck Prydaz when I know I’m going to be spamming Light of the Martyr.

The absorb shield granted to you by this neck is incredible and absorbs at least a few of your Light of the Martyrs. Essentially they are free instant heals! Holy Light is our basic, single target heal however it has a long cast time so I try not to use it unless Infusion of Light procs, which significantly reduces its cast time. Flash of Light heals for the exact same amount as Holy Light, however, it has a way faster cast time, but at the cost of it being very expensive. Be careful using Flash of Light because it’ll drain your mana quickly.

Beacons are another staple of Holy Paladins. For Mythic+ or other 5 man groups, I would generally recommend using Beach of Virtue due to it’s group healing capability. You do, however, have to pay attention to its duration and cooldown. You’ll generally want to cast this on cooldown, but with so much going on, you have to really pay attention and make sure you are utilizing the spell on cooldown. Let’s talk about Beacon of Light. It’s a passive spell that you will more than likely place on your tank. Basically what it does, it takes any heals that you are casting and heals your beacon target for 40% of those heals. So, you have Beacon on your main tank, right? Say you heal a rogue in your group for 1,000,000. Your tank will also get healed for 400,000 (or 40%) through the beacon. You cast Light of Dawn on all 5 party members, including the tank, and everyone gets healed for 200,000 each. That’s 200,000 x 5, which adds up to 1,000,000 and every heal that your party members receive will transfer to your beacon. So 40% of those heals for 200,000 is 80,000 and multiply that by 5 and you’ve got 400,000 worth of additional healing going to your beacon.

For raiding, many paladins use either Beach of Faith or Beacon of the Lightbringer talents. Beacon of Faith grants you the ability to cast Beacon of Light on 2 targets but at 20% reduced effectiveness. So instead of 1 Beacon of Light target receiving 40% of your heals, you’ll have 2 targets each receiving 20%. It’s still the same amount of heals, they will just be distributed differently. So back to the scenario of me healing the rogue for 1,000,000. Instead of my single beacon target receiving 400,000 in healing, both of my beacon targets will receive 200,000 each.

Make sense? I use these beacons for the Main Tank & Off tank when raiding. Deciding between the two are generally up to you. Beacon of the Lightbringer also focuses more on your Mastery: Lightbringer. Master: Lightbringer increases the strength of your heals based on your proximity to the target. So in other words, in order to get the max benefit from this talent and spell, just stand close, within 10 yards, to your allies. Suggested Talents Now that we’ve gone over a Holy Paladin’s role, stats and main spells, let’s take a look at our talents. My opinion with talents is that many of them are now based on play style as well as gear: more specifically, legendaries.

I’m going to go through each Tier and just give my opinion based on my experience and gear. Do not take this as the absolute truth. In the end, it is up to you to decide which talents you’d like to use. Tier 1: Bestow Faith, Light’s Hammer, Crusader’s Might. Crusader’s Might is viable if you a Shockadin spec or actively engage in melee combat during fights. Basically, if you aren’t using Crusader Strike and Holy Shock on cooldown, this talent won’t be very effective for you. I used Bestow Faith for a long time before Light’s Hammer caught my attention. My only gripe with Bestow Faith is that I had a lot of trouble with its timing. It’s a spell that heals after 5 seconds. So you cast it on someone, wait 5 seconds, and then it heals them. You have to be very careful about your timing or else it’ll just overheal someone.

The problem I ran into was I would cast Bestow Faith on a target and then heal them to full. Then Bestow Faith would proc and just count as overhealing. So, if you are going to use Bestow Faith, your timing has to be on point. As for Light’s Hammer, I recently made a video reviewing it. In 7.it’s mana cost was reduced so I tried it out. It’s a great addition to your AoE healing seeing as Paladins lack that. It has a cool spell animation and it even does a significant amount of damage too. I’m currently using Light’s Hammer just because I’m having fun with it and I like it as a spell.

Is it better than Bestow Faith in raw healing? I don’t know but that’s my current pick! Also, try using it at the same time as consecration for a lot of AoE damage! Tier 2: Cavalier, Unbreakable Spirit, Rule of Law. Cavalier is great for questing and Mythic+ dungeons, but it doesn’t serve much utility in a raid. I like Unbreakable Spirit because it’s a passive ability but it also reduces the cooldowns of your defensive abilities: Divine Shield, Divine Protection and Lay on Hands. But, Rule of Law is a very powerful talent because it increases the range of your heals and reach from Mastery: Lightbringer by 50% for 10 seconds. In raids, this is definitely the best choice just because it increases the range of your heals.

Your group won’t always be stacked up together near you. This also works very synergistically with your Aura Mastery spell. Pop Rule of Law & Aura Mastery with Avenging Wrath and any other plus healing and you’ll be surprised to see how much healing that does! Tier 3: Fist of Justice, Repentance, Blinding Light. None of these talents will make your healing more effective, however, I currently will use Blinding Light in Mythic+ dungeons for the mass interrupt. It used to do damage as well as interrupt, but it was recently nerfed. It’s still pretty viable because of the interrupt. Repentance is alternatively a great option for single target and crowd control interrupts based on the situation. This is definitely the talent I recommend when doing your Mage Tower healer quest. It is vital to use for interrupting the archer’s mana burn spell. As for Fist of Justice, I haven’t really used it much and haven’t had a need to so I don’t have much to say on that.

Tier 4: Devotion Aura, Aura of Sacrifice, Aura of Mercy The damage reduction from Devotion Aura on your raid is excellent only if there is a time where everyone will be taking dangerously high amounts of damage. Aura Mastery and Rule of Law will protect everyone for 6 seconds with a +20% damage reduction, but because the buff uptime is so short, this must be timed very appropriated. Coordinate with your raid leader during specific encounters for when this is best to use. Aura of Sacrifice can cause you do millions of healing per second when used with Avenging Wrath, Aura Mastery, Rule of Law and any other +healing effects such as the Velen’s Future Sight legendary trinket. What’s great is the passive effect from the aura will only affect you if you are 75% health and above, but you must be within 10 yards of allies. When I use this aura, I generally stand closer to my tanks and melee as to benefit from this spell. This Aura also works great with the legendary Obsidian Stone Spaulders. I’ve provided a link to a video that I made below explaining how those shoulders work.

Aura of Mercy is a good standard aura to have if your situation doesn’t call for using Devotion Aura or if you’d just prefer to passively heal your raid group over time. As for Mythic+ dungeons, I would recommend using Devotion Aura because it’s only split between 5 allies and provides a great amount of damage reduction. If you coordinate with your party members, you can position yourselves so that the tank is the only one within 10 yards of you and will therefore benefit by having a constant 10% damage reduction from the aura. I’ve made a pretty detailed video on Aura Mastery that I’ve linked in the description below. Tier 5: Divine Purpose, Holy Avenger, Holy Prism Divine Purpose is a nice passive ability that with some good luck and surprise procs, can be really efficient with providing free, instant cooldowns of both Light of Dawn and Holy Shock. Holy Avenger is a haste and holy shock buff, but has a cooldown. It allows you to cast spells faster, have less cooldown reduction and cast bigger Holy Shocks. But, if you prefer passive spells over active, I would recommend Divine Purpose.

For me personally, if I have the option to choose a passive spell, I do it because I’m not always the best at managing all of my cooldowns. But, if you feel confident in your ability to do so, give Holy Avenger a shot. Holy Prism is like a less powerful Light of Dawn. I used it for a little bit at the beginning of Legion but found Divine Purpose and Holy Avenger to be better options. In raid content and Mythic+ dungeons, Holy Avenger is generally recommended to take so that you can rotate between that and Avenging Wrath during encounters to boost your healing. Tier 6: Fervent Martyr, Sanctified Wrath, Judgement of Light Fervent Martyr is never worth using compared to the strength of Sanctified Wrath & Judgement of Light.

You generally want to use Judgement of Light in raid groups. I use it also because I have Ilterendi, Crown Jewel of Silvermoon legendary ring equipped and Judgement of Light works really synergistically with that legendary. If you use Ilterendi, definitely use Judgement of Light. I’ve linked a video in the description where I talk about Ilterendi. As for Sanctified Wrath, it is also very powerful to use and is usually recommended for Mythic+ runs as opposed to raining. I’d recommend trying Sanctified Wrath with Holy Avenger for a really nice burst of a buff in Holy Shock for large, quick heals. Tier 7: Beacon of Faith, Beacon of the Lightbringer, Beacon of Virtue For most raids, I use Beach on Faith so that I can have a beacon on both of my tanks.

It’s a really solid talent and generally recommended. Beacon of the Lightbringer should be used situationally. For example, if you only have a single tank or if you’re in an encounter where you could position yourself close to your group, ideally stacked up, so that Light of Dawn and Mastery: Lightbringer can benefit from your positioning. I highly recommend using Beacon of Virtue in Mythic+ dungeons as it’s a great way to spark up your group healing and keep your party alive. Artifact Progression As for Artifact Progression, I again am going to refer to Icy-Veins’ guide for Holy Paladins. It’s very thorough and it is what I used when I was leveling my Silver Hand weapon so definitely check it out – I’ve linked it below.

I’d rather you guys check them out then have me re-invent the wheel by basically reiterating what they’ve already worked hard for! Rotation: Your rotation will differ depending on whether it’s a single target, 5 man group or a raid group. These are very situational obviously, but I’m going to give a few recommendations. For single target, always make sure your beacon or beacons are up. Holy Shock should be used on cooldown, Bestow Faith if you have it, and alternate Flash of Light and Holy Light based on how quickly a heal is needed.

Only use Light of the Martyr if you are confident and can closely monitor your own health as well as incoming damage. If timed correctly, alternating between Holy Shock and Light of the Martyr are great instant, powerful heals. Legendaries: I’ve made quite a few videos detailing different Paladin legendaries and it’s funny, because over time, the best in slot recommendation for them always changes.

But let’s cover just my thoughts on a few of them: Ilterendi, Crown Jewel of Silvermoon ring has held the top spot as one of the best in slot legendaries for a while and rightly so. It works so well with the talent Judgement of Light and the healing buff that you receive in that 5 second window is really prominent. Obsidian Stone Spaulders used to hold a top spot as one of the best, however it’s fallen down a few spots because if you have the Tier 20 set bonus, the bonus interferes with the transferred healing from the shoulders. If you aren’t using Tier 20 gear, however, these are still a great legendary item. Velen’s Future Sight is arguably one of the top legendaries, if not the top. Not only does it provide a really nice boost to your healing when used, but the fact that it redistributes your overhealing makes it very powerful and clutch in tight healing situations.

If you want a really detailed breakdown of best in slot gear recommendations and legendaries, I’d advise you check out WoWhead’s Holy Paladin gear guide, linked in the description below. But in my experience, these are my pics for Top 3 legendaries based on my usage. Feel free to check out my other legendary review videos which will be linked at the end of this video! What’s next? I hope you guys have enjoyed this video and found it informative. I’d love to hear what you think about it in the comments below. I am open to suggestions for new videos and other ideas too. I’m always brainstorming new ideas for videos and fun ways to create more content. I’ve been livestreaming but my schedule is not consistent yet so keep an eye out of that! Thank You Thanks for tuning in! If you did indeed enjoy this video, let me know by commenting or either giving it a thumbs up.

And more importantly, if you enjoy my videos and my channel, please subscribe to my channel to show your support. And last but not least, it took me many, many hours to put this video together. I enjoyed every minute and these videos never feel like work to me, but if you feel like showing any monetary support, I’ve included a link to my Paypal in the description below as well. Thank you so much and I’ll see you in the next video!.

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