Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we are farming the Dark Whelpling battle pet. This little guy sells for about 10-30k and this isn’t a new farm but it’s one I haven’t seen very many people talking about even though it’s super simple and easy to do. It’s a great farm. You can do it solo or in a group so stock up on these if you don’t already have a few in your personal guild bank. But, where are we going? We’re going out to badlands and the farming spot for this particular enemy is actually equidistant from stormwind, ironforge, twilight highlands and karazhan so just get here however you want to.

But there’s a little corner of badlands that just has 30-40 whelps in it and you just make a macro or /target Nyxo /cast moonfire. We’re using moonfire here. We’re doing all druids because moonfire has a 45 yard range and that makes it really easy to hit as many of these as possible to get that force spawn rolling. These are quest mobs so you will never run out of dragons to kill and if you spread out, you can cover every enemy here.

As far as placement for the group farm portion of this, we had one of us on this ridge over here, me on the middle ridge, and ford was over in this little valley over here just running back and forth, and they have a 2 minute despawn timer so you can everyone just go loot everything whenever they feel like it or you can, you know, call out “a minute thirty! you have 30 seconds to go loot!” Whatever you wanna do, however strict you wanna do. But this is just a nice easy, relaxing farm. Doesn’t require 5 people or 7 people like some other farms do. So let’s talk about loot. We farmed out here for 30 minutes. I got 2 dark whelplings. Illtree got 1. Ford got 1. So combined 4 in 30 minutes. Let’s say 8 an hour. And we also got a smattering of transmog. Nothing huge and amazing, but 1000 gold here. 5000 gold there. In total, I think we averaged 10-20k each. So, 30k worth of battle pets and 15k worth of mog in 30 minutes. That’s 90k an hour. That’s pretty good! I’m happy with that.

Granted, it’s battle pets and transmog, so it’ll take a long time to sell, but y’all knew that already, and if you’re still watching the video, then you’re fine with that. Also, wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed hanging out with y’all and doing gold farms with this new community that’s sprouted up around the channel, so if you out there don’t have a guild or friends who really enjoy gold making, I’ll put a link to the discord down in the clickety-click. And come there. There’s almost always someone online willing to do a gold farm so just ask in general, and we’ll come join you and hang out. But that’s it for me! Thanks for watching. Subscribe! Like! Leave a comment! Follow me on twitter. All that stuff that youtubers are supposed to tell you to do, but that’s it, guys. Thanks for watching. Have a great day. Good luck and happy gold making..

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