What’s up guy and girl players of World of Warcraft. This is ryutarou aka tarou. and in this video I’m going to show you a quick way to level Skinning 1-450. For the FREE complete guide and many others check out my website at tarouwowguides.com In this video I’ll be giving the view point of both Horde and Alliance until they merge at skill level 175. First, you’ll need to learn Apprentice Skinning from any Skinning trainer. If you’re not sure where one is just ask a guard in a major city. Next, buy some cheap gloves and enchant them with advanced Skinning or Gatherer. This’ll give you +5 to Skinning or essentially allow you to skin a mob one level higher than normal. To figure out the max level of a mob you can skin.

Simply follow the two mathy type things on the screen. For less than skill level 100, take your skill level, divide it by 10 and add 10. For over skill level 100, just divide your skill level by 5 as shown in the info below the skill. Leveling Skinning is extremely easy to level 1-450 and should take an average player around 5-6 hours. Before starting any profession powerleveling session, make sure to empty all your bags out. If you have the extra gold, it may help to purchase a few Leatherworking bags as well. Alright, now that all the preperation is done, the powerleveling Skinning 1-450 can begin! For Horde simply exit Orgrimmar into Durotar and make a loop around the northwest quarter killing and Skinning all the boars, scorpions, and raptors until reaching 75 in Skinning.

At skill level 75, head back to the trainer and learn Journeyman Skinning. For Alliance head outside of Stormwind into Elwynn Forest towards Westfall killing and Skinning all coyotes and bears. Continue onward into Westfall killing and Skinning all boars and coyotes until skill level 75. At skill level 75 head back to the trainer and learn Journeyman Skinning. After getting Journeyman Skinning Horde will want to exit Orgrimmar out the west side into the Barrens. From there head south killing zebras, raptors, and other beasts until reaching around Skinning skill level 125. At Skinning skill level 125, head to Camp Taurajo and learn Expert Skinning. Then continue south killing any beasts along the way until reaching skill level 175. For Alliance continue killing boars and coyotes into the south of Westfall and loop back around until reaching Skinning skill level 105. At 105 cross the river into the north of Duskwood and follow the river bank east killing all the coyotes until around Skinning skill level 140.

At 140 head to a Skinning trainer and learn Expert Skinning and go back to Duskwood. In Duskwood go to Brightwood Grove and kill and Skin the packs of Worgen until reaching over 175. At 175 both Horde and Alliance should head to Gadgetzan and cross over into Shimmering Flats. From there make a shortened circle around the zone until reaching 225-ish. Once hitting 225 head to a trainer and learn Artisan Skinning. After that, head back to Gadgetzan and head west towards Un’goro killing beasts until Skinning skill level 260 or more. At Skinning skill level 260 or more, head into Un’goro towards the North of the zone. Once reaching the north kill the Gorillas outside and inside the cave until Skinning skill level 300. At 300 head to Shattrath’s Lower City and learn Master Skinning. From there, fly into the south west of Hellfire Peninsula and kill the Razorfangs until you reach Skinning skill level 330-ish. At 330 fly over Shattrath into Nagrand and kill the Clefthoofs and Talbuks until Skinning skill level 350 or more. At Skinning skill level 350, head to Borean Tundra and learn Grand Master Skinning. In Borean Tundra kill the Rhinos just north of Warsong Hold.

The packs are nicely clumped together and great for AoE’ing. Continue killing the Rhinos or Mammoths until Skinning skill level 385 or more. At Skinning skill level 385 head north into Sholozar Basin and then head to the southeast of the zone. Once there, circle around and kill the packs of kill and skin the Gorillas. This area is also great for farming skinning materials. A lot of people know about this area though so expect to see some players farming it. If it’s too crouded you can always head to Storm Peaks instead and kill Rhinos east of the Engine of the Makers. Whichever you choose, kill and skin the beasts until maxing out at Skinning skill level 450.

Grats you’re maxed in Skinning and around 1,000g richer! Skinning is one of the most profitable professions for not allocating farming time. Simply raid or instance as normal and skin whatever to make some gold. Ontop of making a decent gold flow, the extra 40 critical strike rating is a nice bonus as well. well, I hope you enjoyed the video and for other FREE WoW gold and leveling guides visit my website at www.tarouwowguides.com Finally, don’t forget to subscribe as I will be coming out with more videos to help all players have more fun in the World of Warcraft… Thanks for watchin’^^ NOW GO … tell me in the comments section your favorite profession OR something! Mines definately Alchemy!.

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