Hey guys, this is Reckles with WTBGold, and I have a task for you to do before continue watching this video. So, go ahead. Pause it. Go to TheUndermineJournal.com. Type in “Filthling” in the search box once you get to your realm and type in the comments of this video how much the last one sold for on your realm. Alright, let’s go, let’s do this. So, I was hanging out with a streamer the other day and he went out to the Isle of Thunder to do some Filthling Farming. He had two druids and I thought it would be fun to race him. So I went out there on my druid and we just AoE’d down these things. We were on two different realms, so he was on one realm with two guys. I was on one realm. And we just had a race.

We farmed for an hour. And at the end of the hour, I got five filthlings, he got 12. So, I decided it would be a good idea to go back there, do a longer test see what kind of results we would get if we spent another couple hours in there. So, where are we goin? We’re going to be going to the Isle of Thunder. To get there, there’s a portal over by the Shado-Pan Garrison.

Take this portal. There are some scenarios that are optional, or you can just teleport right onto the island as well. But once you get to the island, go to the Ihgaluk Crag over on the south, and we’re going to be killing Quivering Filth. So, the Quivering Filth drops Half-Empty Food Containers and those contain the pets. Now, there was a change back in May of 2013 where only the elite versions of these Quivering Filths drop the pet, so if you kill a bunch of the little guys, the non-elite versions, every once in a while, this big huge mega mondo quivering filth will spawn and you can take that down and that’s what drops the pet. So, obviously, AoE heavy classes are great here. These guys only have like, 10 or 25k health, so if you have a really good AoE: Starfall, Warlock, I’d imagine DKs are pretty good, because you can just pull everything to you. The only thing to be aware of is that these are neutral so you do have to actually hit them to aggro them.

But expect a little bit of competition here, especially if everyone decides to tell your friends about this. Then you will have more and more people farming this, just switch over to another realm and you’ll be good. The farm’s easy. Just run back and forth from one pool to another and just AoE everything down. There aren’t too many tricks. I would recommend having a Battle Horn. But that’s about it. Also, be careful not to pull the big dinosaur Korisath, Korisak, or whatever his name is. He doesn’t do any damage anymore but he just doesn’t die. So, he’s just annoying and he’s going to be stomping around. Alright so let’s get into some advanced tips. You know what’s better than 1 starfall? 2 starfalls! If you want to farm this really efficiently, since if works kindof like a force spawn mechanic, where, the more things you kill, the more things spawn, and the more things spawn, the more rares you’re going to get.

Since it works like that, what you can do to maximize the amount of pets you get is to have two druids or two people farming this. Have one in the middle of the big pool and have one off to the side in the middle of the small pool and just constantly be AoEing things down. There is some variability using this technique. Since one pool is smaller and has less mobs, I would highly recommend that you split the pets 50/50. For instance, I only got 3 pets and my buddy that came and helped me out. Thank you, by the way! He got 11. So, I don’t want anyone who tries this technique out to feel like they got screwed. And the last thing. If you’re running low on bag space and you don’t have a vendor mount or you don’t want to waste the time mounting up, since you don’t really get anything from the little mobs.

You just get filth covered teeth, or something like that, just loot the Elites when you kill those, since those are the only thing that drop the pet. So, in our three hours of testing we did really really well here. One of my favorite things about this spot is that the vendor trash actually sells for a decent amount. So, we got 1,000 gold in actual cash per hour farmed. And the amount of battle pets you can expect: my first hour I got 5, my second hour I got 9 pets to drop, and my third hour when I farmed with a friend it was 7 each. You can expect to get 7 pets on average. About 1 every 10 minutes. They sell for an average price of 3,745 gold which means you’ll get 26,000 gold once you sell everything off. And that ranges from 14,000 gold for the cheaper servers up to 70,000 gold for the more expensive servers.

Now, one thing I do want to say, if you sell these, don’t put them all up or you will flood the market and drop the prices, so just put one up at a time or if you want to level one to 25, you can put one level 1 up and one level 25 up and price the level 25 a little bit higher. But that way, you keep prices on your server high, and you get a free month of WoW, because these will sell for enough to buy you a WoWToken. So, that’s all I got for today.

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