Hey there guys! This is Reckles and today I’m going to show you how to stalk your competition. Now, right off the bat. Guys. These are tools. Use them for good. I’m tryin to show you how to make gold here, not invade someone’s privacy. Ok, so I want you to open up another tab, right now, while you’re watchin this video. Feel free to pause. And go to TheUndermineJournal.com. After you choose your server, You’ll see “top sellers” over on the left. This is a list of who has the highest item value on the auction house and is sorted by region market so you can’t cheat by posting 10 copper ore for a million gold a piece. Pick one of these guys and we’re gonna find out how to beat them. Preferably someone you’ve maybe seen in one of your markets. I’m gonna go with Ribsyo. He’s a really nice guy but is super annoying to compete with. He’s got almost 40 million gold on the AH, he runs quite a few markets, and he undercuts like, every hour or two.

So today we are declaring war on Ribs! How do we win? Well, easy. We undercut him. But I don’t want to be camping the AH so, we need to figure out how he posts? Some only post once a day, these lines will just be solid blue and there’ll be another line over here, but from this we can see that it looks like he does a cancel scan every hour or two. This line up here never hits the bottom so he always has some auctions on the auction house. It looks like he goes to bed around 3AM and wakes up noonish.

So, first step, I need to make sure if I’m ever up really late, I need to make sure I post before I go to bed, and I’ll be cheaper during this 8 hour period where he’s a snoozin. But what about when he’s online and not on his bank alt? If we can add his main as a character friend, then chat will tell us when he logs on to something other than his posting toon and we can undercut. Let’s go find his main. We’ll start off on the main battle.net site. Luckily ribsyo is over level 10 so he’s gonna show up. And I’m on Zul’jin so this one. If you don’t want to be found this way, just make a new level 1 character and talk to Besten or Slotz to stop your xp gain.

Let’s look at his guild. This screams “personal guild to me.” These are probably all his toons and he’s just using this guild as storage for the guild vault. It has less than 500 achievement points so his main is probably elsewhere but it did look like he’s married to the “ribs” name, with Ribsy here and Ribsyo. There’s Emeryx too. But, the other toon, Ribsy, is a demon hunter and even though it’s decently geared, he does have 2 legendaries, so he’s grinded a little bit, I dont’ think this is a main. You can see that he doesn’t have any vengeance talents selected so he’s never tried the spec, it’s probably not used for botting falcosaurs. And also he’s only ever cleared heroic once. Now, we can look at the full raid history, and yah, he hasn’t done any old raids, well except for these three from burning crusade and these are three of the ones that you farm battle pets from.

Now if we go to WoW-Heroes.com we can take a look at, a closer in-depth look at Ribsy. And yah, again hasn’t ever raided. But here we go! We’ve got all these mythic achievements. So the account is in a mythic raiding guild and has fully cleared mythic. So this is not his main, it does have Leatherworking and Engineering. You can’t see that on the main battle.net site anymore which is a shame. Please Blizzard, fix! But this is probably just a CD monkey that he uses to make sky golems and magnificent hide. Back over the battlenet. Let’s look back at Ribsyo and let’s look at achievements and collection. These are account wide unlike the raid progress, so the same toon should have the same achievements. Or, different toons should have the same number of achievements. Feats of strength are a good starting point so let’s – Jesus. Good job ribs. He’s got, like, all of the achievements. Nice. Anyway. – Feats of strength are a good place to start and, ok cool, got a breakthrough. He has both realm first lvl 85 AND realm first 90. So he has been playing for a while.

Let’s look at battle pets. He’s got 873 unique battle pets pets and he’s got 501 MOUNTS?! What the – alright, alright, hold on, I gotta just. He’s, ok. Ok good, he doesn’t have the big love rocket yet. I don’t feel like a total scrub compared to ribs. So let’s search for someone named Ribs on Zul’jin. So let’s search and see if someone shows up. And here we go! We got one! We got one! We got an outlaw rogue. Not super geared. So this is probably not him. Let’s look at his guild. Let’s look under the roster, where was ribs? He is right here. He’s rank 1 in the guild, so that means he’s an officer. So let’s sort the guild by rank, and that means his main will be here. 10,410 Ok, he’s got 10,410 achievement points, so lets find another officer with 10,410 achievement points. Here is Ekundayo. That’s not it either.

You know what? You know what? I think this is, let’s look at achievements. Alright, this is not our guy. He doesn’t have the same number of achievements, he doesn’t have the same number of feats of strength, and I’m willing to bet…alright, he doesn’t have an all dragon battle pet team, he only has 185 battle pets. And 137 mounts. Ok. So this is not our guy. We can stop this wild goose chase here. Let’s go to Warcraftpets.com and see if we can find someone named with a Ribs. So let’s go over to warcraftpets.com and see if we can find someone… Annnd we’re back. Sorry, I just lost all the footage and yah, it’s actually the next day here, so we fast forwarded 24 hours in time. Hopefully everything’s going to be alright. But yah, it’s not like he’s going to lose achievement points or mounts or anything. So, where were we? We were at warcraftpets, and there was actually one thing that I missed that I wanted y’all to know about. You can find out who he raids with by looking at warcraftlogs.

So all of the logs of this character are right down here and any outstanding things, so if he’s running with friends, you can kind of do the same thing with all of his friends, but I actually did get Ribs’ approval to do this video, beforehand, so I don’t feel comfortable outing all his friends and everyone he raids with. That just seems like a little too much of an invasion of privacy, but let’s go into warcraft logs, or warcraftpets! lol, sorry, I’m flustered. I don’t like losing footage. It It It It’s hard. Alright, so. United States. Let’s go down to zul’jin. Let’s search. And we’re going to be looking for someone with I think it was 873 pets, right? Named Ribs. And so, you wanna sort by pets, and then you wanna look at character name and user name.

The user name is actually different. You can create your own user name, so one of these is gonna be ribs, probably, so I’m just gonna scan through this, and hopefully we’ll find him… Ok, so no one named Ribs, and no one with 873 pets, although, I did find three guildies, so good job makin the top 100 Rindar, Trail, and Persephonae. Ok, so let’s move on and look at one final thing. We can see achievement points over at WoWProgress. He had almost everything maxed out so if we go to Zul’jin-US, and then we sort characters by achievement points here, he should be somewhere near the top. And we got him! We got him. Alright, so Ribsyo appears to be an alt of Ribsx from no pandas. And good job gettin #2 on the realm. 28,805 achievement points. So we’re gonna go back battle net. Ribsx. And there’s only one. He’s a balance druid. US-Zul’jin. 976 achievement points. And let’s just look at this character over on wowprogress. 977 ilvl. 2k mythic plus score. He’s done tank. He’s done dps. He’s a mythic raider.

Actuve. This is what a main looks like. We got him. This is it. So let’s go back over to here to just make sure that that guys’ main is we’re looking at. Look at all these delightful achievement points. Same number of feats of strength. Collections. C’mon. C’mon happy little computer. We got three dragons. 873 pets. And 501 mounts. So we got him we tracked him down. In order to do something with it, we go into the game and we find him and we add him as a character friend and that’s it. And soon, whenever he logs in, I will know and Zul’jin will be mine! All mine! MWAHAHAHAHA! Alright, but seriously, if you felt like this was too much trouble or stalking like this made you a little uncomfortable, that’s ok.

🙂 What I always recommend is to simply focus on multiple markets: do tailoring and jewelcrafting and alchemy and transmog. Sell a couple mounts, sell some pets. You’re always gonna someone like ribs, you know, one market with a lot of competition or you know, there’s gonna be another market where some noob tanks the prices by undercutting by more than 1 copper. But if you shotgun across across a whole bunch of different professions and a whole bunch of different gold making styles, it’ll be fine. By diversifying you won’t be emotionally invested in any one market, so you won’t care if ribs comes online. You won’t have to stalk people. You won’t have to get into undercutting wars. If you do care though. Maybe you don’t like people stalking you, you want to keep your bank alt identity a secret, whatever.

Just make sure it’s under level 10, not identifiably named. If you can use a couple difficult to type letters with funny accents, alt the better. Also consider deleting that toon and making a new one every couple of months. Personally, I don’t bother with it. It’s not worth the trouble and you build a rapport with the gold making community that you auction with. But that’s all for me, leave a like and subscribe before you go watch your next video. Thanks for watching. Have a great day and happy gold making..

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