Hello and welcome to PLAY! Gaming. Its me Quinn and today’s video is more of a guide really, to doing the blood infusion quest line of Shadowmourne when you only have three people. The quest line calls to attack Blood Queen Lanathel and for the quest holder to bite three of his teammates. Now the way in which we accomplish this is by using one healer with a combat resurrection, and in this case a druid, and an unarmored person, me, and the quest holder, who in this case happened to be Arties. Its very important for one of you to be the unarmored completely like i am in the video otherwise it will take while for you to die and this can potentially mess up your plans. Whoever the quest holder is needs to be the first person to be bitten otherwise you’ll run out of people to bite and the plan will fall apart. Now the order in which the quest holder bites people is: First he bites the unarmored person, in this case me. I will eventually get killed when Blood Queen Lanathel performs a special move called “Blood Bolt Whirl” which, because I’m not wearing any armor, is basically an instant death for me.

The healer with the combat resurrection will then revive me, but you don’t have to accept the revive immediately you can just wait a bit. Whoever the quest holder is will then bite the healer, so now he has two of the three required bites, and it is OK for the unarmored person to revive at this point. Once the quest holder needs to bite again he will just simply bite the unarmored person and then your at free will to kill Blood Queen Lanathel.

We were all doing this at level 100 so this may be a bit more difficult if your trying this when under level 100. Now Blood Queen Lanathel only has a high likelihood of attacking the tank or the highest dps it does not me she will always attack these people and in the event that the quest holder is not bitten you need to simply wipe your group and start over. Other than that there is very little that can go wrong with this as long as your healer keeps both you and the quest holder alive. Thank you for watching and as always like, comment, subscribe, recommend a game for us to play and stay tuned for more content!.

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