Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a quick guide to getting started in the Legion Brawler’s Guild. First thing you’ll need is an invitation. The best way to farm one is by taking your strongest character up to Shield’s Rest in Stormheim, and farming the elite Vrykul there. It took me about fifteen minutes to pick up mine. Then, head to your faction’s Brawler’s Guild location. The Alliance Brawlpub can be found near the Stormwind side of the Deeprun Tram, while the Horde location is in Orgrimmar’s Valley of Honor.

Talk to the bouncer to queue up and you’ll be put in line for your first fight. You’ll be started over at Rank 1 regardless of your Brawler Rank from previous expansions, so be ready to spend some time. If the lines are really long consider hopping to a low-pop realm or queuing up during off-peak hours. First boss is Oso. He’s a loyal bear with his lovable tamer. The fight starts with Oso eating his master, who fires his shotgun out of the bear’s mouth. You can do free damage to Oso while that’s happening, and then move around him in a circle to avoid the frontal cone Shotgun Roar.

Oso will also occasionally knock you back with Clawstrophobic, and that’s about it. He has just under 9 million health and should be no problem for most people. Second, you’ll fight Grandpa Grumplefloot. This fight can actually kill you if you’re not paying attention, so make sure you’re awake for this one. He summons a variety of luckydo bears that sit around the arena. The blue ones will heal you with Good Luckydo on contact, so run through those if you need some health. Touching the red bears will kill you instantly with Luckydoom, so don’t trip. Interrupt Grandpa’s Cantata of Flooting to prevent him from healing, and damage him without using cooldowns down to about half. At 50% health, he’ll summon yellow bears that not only kill you if they touch you, they also hop towards you in a mildly nightmare-inducing fashion. That’s a great time to pop your Brawler’s potions, cooldowns, and generally burst him down so you don’t have to kite terrorbears for too long.

Third boss is Ooliss, and he’s very easy. He’ll chase you with Horrific Pursuit, which you should kite with any snares, roots or stuns you’ve got. Aside from that just damage through his somewhat wimpy 7 and a half million health and you’re done. For the last boss in this rank, we have the three dwarves of the Warhammer Council. They share health, so if you can multi-dot or cleave you should do so. They each have a single Shaman ability but nothing really scary to watch out for. Molten Slag will go out on the ground, so just scootch around, stay out of the fire and cleave your way to victory. So, that’s Rank 1 of the Brawler’s Guild! Keep an eye on my channel for more Brawler’s Guild guides and other WoW videos. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day.


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