-GB Hey guys and today let’s talk about the Frost Mage, and its pretty goddamn good but… very VERY rng dependent, there’s fights you love it, your dps is great, you love your spec then other times you arent getting much procs and you hate your character and yourself ,falling into a pit of depression looking at your dps ticking down…but only to rise like a phoenix once you get all those juicy procs back and everything is alright with the world again.

Thats basically how frost is going to play out a lot of times, mostly about how favoured you are with RNG gods…for the most part anyway, theres a lot more to it than that, is what I like to call a the good kind of RNG, a fun RNG, the kind of RNG you would take on a date, as you going to have to adapt to each situation due to the RNG itself making up for some very fun gameplay.

Now, before moving further I wanted to mention the big changes coming in the patch 7.2.5, and currently the known changes are to your Thermal Void with its nerf or not nerf depending on your point of view, a cone of cold damage boost that might make it worthwhile to use in AoE and some other possible changes that might just affect your damage output. But we are not here to talk about that, we are here to talk about how is the frost mage played and everything you need to know about it and hopefully sending you on a path into becoming a great frost mage. That said im still going to talk about the difference between the live thermal void and the PTR thermal void, but understand that this character is meant to represent the average player-base in terms of gear so isnt all that powerful if you looking for high end information, you wont find it here. and of course take it with a grain salt as all of that might change in time. Besides that everything else we say should be perfectly viable even in 7.2.5, as there arent any changes to the core gameplay of the spec okay? Now, as always you have in the background, your traits that you should be taking first, both the old ones and the new, just to get them outta of the way and im further going to discuss the meaningful traits later on in the guide, when its called for.

But first we are going to quickly break down your abilities and just figure out how this spec works, get the feeling of it, essentially the basics, then your talents, rotation and all that good stuff, but feel free to skip over some topics if you so wish, timings down below…okay? So, your abilities are going to sum up to be mainly about, FrostBolt, your main filler that does fairly week damage but triggers 2 of your very important procs, Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze, empowering Ice Lance and Flurry, respectively. Ice Lance is your highest damaging ability and your most important one overall. On its own, it’s extremely week but when used with Fingers of Frost it greatly empowers it by benefiting from your passive ability Shatter. The main crux of Frost is that on frozen targets, such as the root from your Frost Nova, all of your spells get an extra chance to crit, giving a practically 100% chance, depending on your crit stat, more on that in a bit.

But due to obvious game mechanics on freezing targets, Fingers of Frost comes into play, making your Ice Lances damaging as like the enemy is frozen. Making Ice Lance only worthwhile casting during said procs, with one small exception, once again more on that later. Fingers of Frost has a base 12% chance to active with Frostbolts, but can also be proc’ed from your Frozen Orb cooldown and your pet. Your Brain Freeze on the other hand, empowers your Flurry, your big nuke or burst ability, on its own is a long cast, but Frostbolt gives a 15% chance, up to 21% or 23% due to yours traits, to activate the proc, making Flurry instant and increasing its damage by 50%. Flurry should only be casted during this window. On top Flurry add’s an debuff, winter chill, allowing you to benefit from Shatter, in a similar way to fingers of frost but only for 1 second or so. Allowing you to use a Ice Lance during this short time. Then you have Frozen Orb, an aim type of spell, that damages in AoE giving you one charge of Fingers of Frost and then each time it ticks giving an extra charge,12% the same as frost bolt.

And is your go to ability to generate fingers of frost on demand. Ebonchill your artifact ability, is basically just a big nuke, loads of damage, big cast and gives you a proc of Brain-freeze on-demand as well. Your mastery also gives you a passive like ability, Icicles, stacking up for each Frostbolt cast then releasing them with Ice lances. Blizzard is then your main go to ability for AoE, doing medium damage and reducing your Frozen Orb Cooldown by seconds per hit. Is a short cast but with the Freezing Rain trait makes it instant cast while Frozen Orb is active, And finally Icy Veins, is your main cooldown, giving you 30% Haste and increasing your frost damage by 20% from your trait.

And Time Warp. And that essentially makes up your roster. Now before going over the talents and finally the rotation, I’ll go over the stats since they have a big implication on it and it’s better to explain them right way. So, your 2 primary stats are Crit and Haste, for the most part. When first gearing up your frost mage you want to get your crit to 33% as fast as possible because that’s the percentage that your Shatter ability, that we went through previously, caps.As in you always going to get 100% crit on shatter. But besides that, your crit benefits you in other ways due to yours traits, like Frozen Veins, making your FrostBolt crits reduce your cooldown of Icy Veins by seconds, or more depending on your rank, which is pretty powerful on its own and each crit of Frostbolt is also boosting your Ice Lance damage for 6 seconds, up to three stacks giving 10% extra damage per stack.

So even though at first your priority is getting to the 33%, getting higher than that is only going to benefit you but before reaching that point you want to give away to others stats now, like intellect, so once you reach your 33% is when you can start making some gambling on your gear, trying to get higher ilvls for the intellect while at the same time keeping your 33% crit and focusing on Haste as well. Which is your second primary stat. Now haste is also giving you a variety buffs. As said, your spec is highly focused on RNG and Ice Lance procs, Haste is a increasing the rate and quantity of Frostbolt you can cast in a period of time, so giving you an higher chance on your Fingers of Frost procs and Brain Freeze, it also reduces your global cooldown, making so using Ice Lances in a faster and smoother way, even potentially allowing you to cast 2 Ice Lances during the Flurry, Winter Chill window, more on that in the rotation. On top Haste is also reducing the cooldown of your Blizzard ability and increasing the rate that it damages, meaning it’s also boosting your Frozen Orb, indirectly, for the reduction of the cooldown it gives, more on that in the rotation as well.

So, After Haste you have versatility and Mastery. As for your Mastery, it simply increases your Icicle damage and your pet damage so ,shouldn’t really be focused unless you going for the Glacial Spike playstyle which we going to talk about in the talent side. Speaking of which talents. Now your choices are going to mostly change between this 2 situations. Is the fight based solely on Single Target or Cleave/AoE? The other change will come in your last talent choice between Thermal Void and Glacial Spike, the latter even changing your stats priority. But first Thermal Void the way it works is it increases your Icy Veins duration by 2 seconds each time your Ice Lance does damage, to a frozen target, so through your Fingers of Frost or during the Winter Chill debuff from Flurry. As we previously discussed. And your gameplay is gonna be all about managing your procs and maximizing your Ice Lances uses to keep up the buff for as long as possible, as we previously said Haste is extremely beneficial to you, so the longer you can keep it up the more damage you will do BUT it still has a big RNG component due to how your procs works, your gear and lego’s such as the Gloves which are really powerful with this talent as it gives you a fingers of frost procs every 10 seconds while Icy Veins is active, but even without said lego, Thermal Void is still one of best end talents you can take both in dungeons and in raid encounters, more how it works the rotation part.

The RNG is just big part of the Frost spec and there’s no way around it no matter your talents. Thermal Void build is the choice that I would recommend to any frost mage but the glacial spike is still a close enough choice, so I’ll leave that up to you. As for the change in the patch 7.that every frost mage would lead you to believe is the end of world and is time to reroll arcane as currently frost is the strongest mage spec due to a large part from Thermal Void talent and , that statement slightly exaggerated, yea it might happen but still is not huge deal, especially not for the average player which is most likely you right now watching.

But to make more sense I’ll do a small comparison between the live Thermal Void and what might be the future one, during the actual rotation explanation okay? That said, what other talents you want to have with this build. so in the first tier, you have Ray of Frost which you don’t want to take in any situation unless if lvling and or out about in the world where it might have some usefulness but in dungeoneering or raiding is overshadowed by the other choices, the big reason being, to use Ray of Frost it will mess with your rotation, preventing you from creating Fingers of Frost procs and do basically everything that you are suppose to be doing and in general just nuisance.

As for Lonely Winter and Bone Chilling are both viable and will depend on your character Bone Chilling is simply a flat damage increase that stacks up up to 6%, pretty simple. Lonely Winter on the other hand, removes the ability to have your pet. Your pet being part in your Finger of Frost generation with its abilities. BUT lonely winter increases the damage of your main abilities, Frostbolt, Ice lance, Flurry and Frozen Orb for 28%. So, which one is best? Well, you only want to take Lonely Winter when you feel comfortable with your Character, meaning a high ilvl and good amount of Haste and/or trinkets, such as Erratic Metronome and Whispers in the Dark, allowing you to have a good sustainability in your Finger of Frost generation by trading your pet that can give you 2 procs every 24 seconds with Waterjet, for the extra damage from Lonely Winter, and the 28% really is quite a lot. You essentially playing with the RNGesus in hoping that you can have good amount of procs without your pet, if you do, your damage will surpass the Bone Chilling choice.

That said, even with your pet, your RNG is still a big component, the pet helps but inst a sure thing either way in the long run. Is almost like playing a slot machine, if you will, with the RNG, as you could easily get more procs with or without your pet, but can also get less, in theory your pet will give you more but RNG is RNG, the only thing that is certain is the 28% extra damage lonely winter gives you… so thats what you have on your table. Now, Haste does improve it’s odds, this is why is much safer with higher gear. So I would only advice to take Lonely Winter at 890 to 900 ilvl range and with your Haste nearing the 25% mark and with the trinkets, as said, such as Erratic Metronome which is one of your BIS, to be completely safe and viable. If not, use Bone Chilling. But I’ll leave that choice entirely up to you. That said, a large portion of your Fingers of Frost Procs comes from Frozen Orb, which is on a 1 minute cooldown now, the new fourth tier set bonus from the tier 20 is also going to give you 5 second reduction, each time you get Brain Freeze, making Frozen Orb even more frequent, especially if you combine the current tier 2 set bonus with the new tier fourth set bonus.

That amounts to, alot more frozen orbs, more fingers of frost, meaning your Waterjet ability from your pet won’t be as needed, making so, taking Lonely Winter a far easier and better choice to take with much less repercussions. But again, test your own results, see what works best for you and come up with your own conclusion but take what I said in consideration. Now, for the second tier, Glacial Insulation you really dont care about it. Shimmer and Ice Floes though are good choices and you should change between them for optimal mobility depending on your fights. Shimmer is a great boost to your blink, it gives 2 charges, can be casted while casting a spell and doesn’t break it. So is great for fights where you need to move in intervals, and you just use it without wasting any time or damage, just make sure to position yourself well.

As you can be casting Frostbolt or Ebon Bolt and if something happens and you need to move, just use shimmer and you will continue to cast your spell and no harm done. Ice floes, allows you to cast on the move once you activate, on 3 charges, so is better for fights or situations where you have constant movement. So it will also come down to you, know your fights and know when you going to need one or the other. Third tier, you also have some interesting choices, Incanter’s flow will be your go to for practically any situation with Thermal Void, giving a base 4% damage increase, rising up to 20%, then going up and down every 10 seconds.

So as oppose to the other 2 choices, you are always benefiting from it in one way or another, favouring the sustained playstyle which is what you want. Although there’s some management to do to completely make full use of it. As for Mirror’s Image actually comes close to incanter’s flow, especially if you don’t use the buff correctly or cannot maintain icy veins for too long, then it might be worthwhile taking, so test your own results. As for Rune of Power, can be good but is also troublesome to use, it creates a rune under your feet for 10 seconds and as you stay in it you gain 40% extra spell damage, now it can be good for burst, especially when you cleaving and aoeing and really good to combine with your Ebonbolt and glacial spike if you so have it. But it has 2 main issues, one is the fact that ‘roots’ you in place during that time, a lot of the times preventing you to make full use of it in a lot of encounters and situations, when you need to move.

The other is that it only favours burst, meaning in a raid boss which is more important to have a good sustained dps as oppose to burst, will make it quite worthless in the long run. Plus if you using the Thermal Void talent, is just going to mess with your rotation, as you have to waste time casting it and placing it, and is simply too clunky to use with it, as your damage will come from your constant ice lances for a long period of time, incanter flows which is a constant boost, will be better for you in the long run benefiting the most your damage, the same follows for Mirror’s Image in single-target. Next, Ice nova is the same as Ray of Frost, only to be used during lvling, as for the other 2 choices is going to depend on the fight, is it completly single-target? Then Frozen Touch, vastly increasing the chance of getting Fingers of Frost procs by 40%, a complete must. BUT if there’s cleaving or aoe, examples being dungeons or raid bosses with sustained cleave such as Botanist, you want to have Splitting Ice, increasing your Ice Lance and Icicles damage by 5% plus they will always hit a nearby target for 80% of the damage and is where most of your multi-target damage will come from, and really powerful for cleaving fights.

The fifth tier doesn’t really matter what you pick, but some of these choices could have some minimal use in PvE content, so pick whatever you feel best. Following tier is mostly dedicated in improving your aoe, Arctic Gale, increases the damage and radius of blizzard and is your go to for consistent AoE, such as in a dungeon or encounters where you will see yourself using Blizzard quite a lot, but if you have the legendary waist will probably be your go to for any situation. Unstable Magic will be your go to for Single-Target, as its the only one that actually increases your damage the most in such cases, having a small chance for your frostbolt to explode for some damage, damaging the main target and all nearby. As for Frost Bomb can be good but I personally just find it clunky to use, so basically the way it works is, you place it on a target lasting for 12 seconds and for every ice lance that benefits from Shatter hits the Frost Bomb debuff, it sends a shockwave doing aoe damage all around.

Now in theory is great but in practise is way to troublesome, in my opinion. Except in some very specific encounters., between casting them and always trying to keep it active plus in between applying it as the mobs die, like in a dungeon for example, it’s simply way to stressful and clunky for the amount of damage it does making the other options far more reliable. Now on fights such a Skorpyron, yea cheese fight but is good example, because you can simply place frost bomb on the boss, you know the full duration is going to have its full use and you can simply use your ice lances on the boss while at the same time be cleaving all of the adds.

So in fights with this…targeting sort of aoe burst, Frost Bomb can be extremely good, if not, other choices are better although, I’ll Leave that up to you, as all of them do about the same damage. I personally just use Arctic Gale 90% of the time Now as for the last ones, we already went through Thermal Void, as for the other 2, Comic Storm is mostly useful for lvling, is simply a burst aoe damage which can be useful in dungeons, in theory, but the damage it gives off its simply not worth taking, comparing with the other choices but it can work if you so wish to take it. As for Glacial Spike, it will change how your Icicles work and in a way your rotation, normally you would release Icicles with Ice lances, right? But With Glacial Spike they only stack up to 5, once you have those 5 you can use it on a long cast for this big nuke. Now, it benefits from splitting ice so it’s particularly good as well for cleaving and combines great with rune of power. However it isn’t as good in terms of sustained damage, as in long fights, so working best in Dungeons, although another problem arises being its stat priority.

Mastery increases its damage since mastery increases your icicle damage, SO, you either have 2 sets of gear laying around to switch between them, or you choose either Thermal Void or Glacial Spike, if not is just way to troublesome. The other issue is, you might think might be worthwhile using it for Cleave based fights in a raid, but its actually not because, not only you have the stat problem, if you are able to maintain Icy Veins for longer, you are also able to put more ice lances in there which will be a far more consistent cleaving ability.

But again, it’s entirely up to you and in the rotation i’m going to talk about both of them incase you want to use it, because its still viable. Okay so, Lets start with your single target rotation such as a boss, with Lonely Winter, so no pet, and Thermal Void, frozen touch and unstable magic. So you always want to start with Ebonbolt, preferably before the pull timer, if its a raid boss. If you using Mirror’s Image you want to cast it before that. Now after you do that Ebonbolt you going to get a brain freeze, but before using it you want to cast Icy Veins, so you can get that juicy haste and start working on extending it with your Ice lances. The reason why you dont want to use it to cast your Ebonbolt its because, you want to combine your icy veins with abilities that are going to extend it. Doing it for ebonbolt is just 2 plus seconds wasted on it, but you want to pop it before Flurry, because after that you going to do an Ice Lance, makes sense? So now that you pop Icy Veins, you used that flurry with a Ice Lance right after, benefiting from Winter Chill and extending Icy Veins for 2 seconds, then you want to use your Frozen orb, you will get a insta blizzard cast but you don’t want to use it in single-target, unless if you have the lego waist, then you want to use with whenever at 5 stacks, more importantly though you start getting Finger of Frost procs to do your Ice Lance Shatters which is where the biggest part of your damage will come from and at the same time extend your Icy Veins further .

BUT but but you dont want to use your fingers of frost right away, unless if you are capped at three count, only then you dump them so you dont overwrite a proc. But if you not, you always want to weave in a Frostbolt, in the frost mage you always want to try and fit as much frostbolts as you can for a variety of reasons. 1) is going to give a chance for more procs so you can continue that flow of ice lances and flurries. You want to have the mindset that you want to create maximum amount of procs that you can in a given time, and not to use them immediately for the burst, depending on the situation of course but in a boss fight that’s not what you want.

2) Is going to give you 2 buffs when it crits, one for Icy Veins cooldown reduction and the other is Chain Reaction, increasing the Ice Lance damage by 10% stacking three times as said previously. So after that frozen orb, unless you have three stacks, you want to cast a Frostbolt, then a Ice lance, a frostbolt and a ice lance, always with that combo. Now, what about if you get a brain freeze, well your thinking will now shift, and this is what I mean for Fun RNG.

So if you get a brain freeze with fingers of frost procs. Is the only time you want to stop doing your frostbolts and just dump all of the fingers of frost and then cast your brain freeze flurry and then another ice lance to benefit from shatter. IF you cast a flurry first with fingers of frost procs, you are going to lose one potential Ice Lance as the proc and the debuff is going to be consumed by one single Ice Lance of what could I’ve been two, okay? So whenever you get a brain freeze, if you have fingers of frost procs, dump them all, then flurry and Ice Lance.

BUT if you get a brain freeze solo with no fingers of frost, you also dont want to stop your next frostbolt from casting, your temptation might be to do so but if you cast a frostbolt with a brain freeze proc and if you’re in fear that it might overwrite a next potential proc is actually false. Because if you use a flurry with brain freeze right after a frostbolt or ebonbolt which is certain to give you another proc, it will actually not overwrite it, if you use it immediately after that cast, you will simply get the another proc right after as you can see on the video okay.

Dont panic and cancel that cast to use flurry, do your next frostbolt normally then use the proc. There might be moments you will get a fingers of frost in the middle of sending that flurry but its…RNG so what can you do. Is still more beneficial to you, to fit in that frostbolt as oppose to not doing so, in fear that you might a fingers of frost procs okay. Fitting as much frostbolts as you possibly can without screwing up or overwriting yours procs is always your main priority.

One more reason to cast a frostbolt with your flurry is because if you do, that frostbolt will actually benefit from winter chill, meaning shatter. Because Flurry will most of the time travel faster, hitting the mob first before your frostbolt or ebonbolt. MEANING that frostbolt will always crit, in turn giving you a stack of chain reaction which will increase the damage of that next ice lance that you will do, or maintain the buff plus reducing the cooldown reduction of icy veins. Thats how important your flurry is. So with all of that said, that is what you should be doing to completely maximize the amount of Ice Lances in a fight, the more ice lances, the more damage you do and the more Icy Veins duration is increased. But what about when you getting no procs and your frozen orb and ebonbolt is on cooldown.

Well there’s nothing you can do besides pray to the RNG gods, your damage will now simply come from your extra icicles that you get and frostbolts and this moments is what is going to define a good Thermal Void Icy veins from a bad one but lets say you got a proc, just one proc of fingers of frost, do you use it right away? Actually no, you want to hold on to it, why? 2 reasons, 1) incanter’s flow if you using it and 2) Chain Reaction. If you get that single proc you always want to make sure that when you use it, you have a good chain reaction and a good incanter’s flow stacks, so you hold on to it until you do, then use it, if you get a another proc, continue to do the same thing, UNLESS you get three, if so you need to dump so you don’t overwrite OR you in desperate need to extend your icy veins, but if not, you want to hold on to them and wait until the perfect moment to use them for the extra damage with chain reaction and Incanter’s Flow. But again, if you get a brain freeze, you need to stop holding on to them, and just dump them to get that extra ice lance from the winter chill debuff, okay? So basically is all about playing around with what procs you get, with the buffs you have and your icy veins duration when you are in that said window.

You’re thinking shouldn’t change to much between beign in the Icy Veins phase or out of it, your decision making stays the same, unless the timing is running short and you need to use a proc , as said previously. So is all about making those decisions and be prepared to act accordingly . As for your cooldowns you want to use them as soon as they are available, Ebonbolt and Frozen Orb just make sure when Icy Veins is coming off cooldown you can time them well enough for the extra ice lances. Okay? Remember to always weave in as much frostbolts as you can with your procs and use them in the right moments as said previously. Now, you have the double ice lancing, and the double ice lancing is about putting 2 ice lances during the winter chill duration., but is something that is tricky to do and is going to depend on your MS and haste. The only time you are able to do this is during your Icy Veins and TimeWarp window, making so having the lego ring and gloves, extremely powerful. Now, when you are in this window your haste is reaching in the the 100% percent mark, meaning you might be able to put in 2 ice lances during Winter Chill Which is not only going to boost your damage but also increasing your Icy Veins duration for a very good amount.

But to do this you need to have the right conditions which is all about the MS that you have and the distance to the target, I naturally have 100MS all the time, not due to my internet but due to geographic reasons, actually making using double ice lance easier. Now another thing to keep in mind is that this might be changed in the future patch okay so, if you from the future take it with a grain of salt.

So basically what you want to do is during timewarp and icy veins phase and when you get your flurry proc, you want to click your ice lances 2 times, BUT to do it you need to reach closer to the target so you can shorten the travel distance. Meaning you want to cast flurry, them move towards the mob as you cast your first ice lance and then your second and then move back. Shortening the travel distance will make it so it reaches the target faster so you can put 2 of those ice lances in that short about of time, and you need all of that haste buff so you can have a very fast global cooldown Simple, you can even use shimmer if you want to.

IF you still having trouble just a leave a comment and I’ll try and help, okay? Now I want to talk about thermal void and icy veins but before that, what about if you using your pet, well again I want to leave that decision up to you to decide what’s best for you but what I can say is, if you using your pet, you want to use its abilities as much as you can, as in Waterjet and freeze but that only works for trash mobs, and to use it properly you want to use it whenever you are in middle of casting your frostbolt? Why? Because water jet is a channel ability, and whille is active, any frostbolt that hits that certain mob will generate a fingers of frost proc. Meaning you want to get the most out of it and to do that you want to cast it in middle of your frostbolt so you can cast 2 frostbolts during that duration and get to procs, if you do it before you solely going to get one and you dont want that to happen, okay? So as you casting your frostbolt, click the water jet, you get one proc then another frostbolt and another proc.

So that about covers everything in that rotation, just one thing missing, Thermal Void, so currently there’s a lot of frost mages managing to do extremely long Icy Veins, almost if not full boss fights durations. Making the frost mage really powerful at times. But there’s of course the so call nerf coming about in 7.and technically isnt really a nerf, what it does is instead of 2 second increase duration per ice lance shatter is 1 second BUT it also increases its base duration by 10 seconds.

That basically amounts to beign a nerf to the high end frost mages but not really to the average player. Because currently, you either have ridiculous up-times on it OR you have very bad ones. But what that change will do is even out those power differences. Because then, you might not be able to extend it as much as you currently can but you always going to get good to average icy veins instead of very good ones or very bad ones. Makes sense? Now my mage is geared according to the average player currently which is around 885 to 890 depending what gear im wearing and one BiS trinket Which is about what iam aiming for the guides. So typically I make it last on average 40 seconds to 1 minute or more if lucky with and without the pet, which is interesting or if im very unlucky about 30 seconds. And in the 7.PTR I extended by exactly the same time between 40 seconds to 1 minute but was done easier.

Meaning on average I was able to reach that amount practically all the time without to many issues, while currently can be arguably harder to do. In general, your average duration in 7.is going to be about 45 seconds but obviously thats vastly going to depend on your character and you. So is it really nerf? In a way yes, but in another way is simply…well balancing the scales. Okay? Now, back to the rotation, In your cleaving nothing changes, you just want to have incanter’s flow and splitting ice but your rotation doesn’t change, Ice lances in cleave are really powerful for the extra hit. So you want to use it whenever there’s any sort of cleaving involved. As for AoE will be a similar to cleave but most of the time when aoeing which will either be add’s or trash, you don’t really want to wait for Incanter’s flow or Chain Reaction buffs but just get rid of your fingers of frost as much as you can because, ice lance cleave is where most of your aoe damage will come from.

The other difference will be the focus on Blizzard, the usage of frozen orb will become priority number one but if you are in 3 plus mob situation you want to keep blizzard active as much as you can, using frozen orb first then your instant blizzard which will then reduce the cooldown of the orb, then the more mobs you get, the more the cooldown of frozen orb will be reduced as you are hitting more enemies, Meaning more frozen orbs equals more fingers of frost leading to a pretty good aoe and cleave. Sometimes if the theres quite large number of mobs is even possible to get 2 frozen orbs running at the same time,due to the cooldown reduction from blizzard leading to some really cool moments and excellent dps.

As for Brain Freeze procs, use them in the same as before and Ebonbolt just use when you have nothing else to click besides frostbolt. Because in aoe you don’t really want to loose time casting it but you will have windows of no procs that you can use it freely. Now, the glacial spike build, is actually really similar to the thermal void one, the difference is The management of icicles and obviously the weaker icy veins, now the idea is the same as previously,mirror’s image, ebonbolt, icy veins and etcera, but now you really want to keep track of your icles because once you reach your 4 icicle you want to be ready to click glacial spike as it becomes available, you really don’t want to overcap the icicles to maximize the uses of glacial spike okay? The choice in talents will remain the same but you can use Rune of Power, working best with this ability as said previously, but only when you know that you can take full advantage out of it in burst cleaving or aoe’ing situation, pure single target you definitely want mirror’s image.

Proc management stays exactly the same as what was said previously. With or without your pet. Same for cleave and aoe. You just might want to prioritize casting frostbolt so you can get more glacial spikes in there. That cover about everything you need to do in your rotation. Just one final note, remember to use your Iceblock! I’ve seen a lot of mages not using iceblock and they should, you can cheese alot of mechanics this way, you even have 2 uses with cold snap. Really helping your survivability okay? One of the reasons to use flurry in this way is because flurry travels faster than your other spells, meaning comboing your frostbolt or ebonbolt with it is going to benefit from shatter. And as said, frostbolt crits gives all those buffs plus the extra damage is always great. Now, as for your legos I cant say much but, the ring is the most powerful you can equip, then your gloves and the wrists.

Followed by the trinket, waist and shoulders. In general they shouldnt change you thinking or gameplay to much, except for the waist that you want to use blizzard whenever you have 5 stacks even in singlet target. And that covers everything in this guide, I hope it was helpful to you, and if you have any questions feel free to leave them down bellow, subscribe and like for more guides and wow videos Have fun and cya.

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