Welcome to the World of Warcraft Survival Guide for patch 7.3: Shadows of Argus. In this video, we’ll explore the hostile world of Argus including the Seat of the Triumvirate 5-player dungeon, new story chapters that take you through Argus and its history and a new way to upgrade your Artifact Relics. It’s time to take the fight to the Burning Legion and end their crusade once and for all. Your journey begins in your capital city, where you’ll travel to the Exodar, meet with Velen, and board a vessel destined for the treacherous world of Argus.

Once you arrive, you can begin to explore the area, but be warned. Demons patrol every last crag and it will seem as though the planet itself is out to get you. You’ll explore the deadly surface, ascend to the ancient ruins of an eredar city in the sky and battle into the planet’s core to face the heart of corruption. There are three areas to explore, with new World Quests, rare elites, loot drops and treasures to discover. As destruction surrounds you, you’ll join forces with the Army of Light, a band of lost warriors dedicated to combating the Legion and two champions from Azeroth’s past. Alleria Windrunner, eldest sister of Sylvanas and High Exarch Turalyon, legendary hero of the Alliance. Together with Illidan and Velen, you’ll rally the forces of virtue to strike against the Legion. You’ll command a draenei vessel, the Vindicaar. The Vindicaar will be your base of operations on Argus and, once on board, you can access portals that take you to key points around Argus.

You can also unlock powerful bonus abilities, and when you have completed the story chapters, access the Netherlight Crucible to attune and upgrade Artifact relics. Attuning a relic will allow you to choose new abilities and bonus traits, increasing its power and giving you greater customization over your Artifact. That’s not all, as you’ll soon discover Argus is host to a mysterious network of Invasion Points that must be sealed. Invasion Points are rifts between Argus and other Legion-occupied worlds. Designed for small groups of players, and once you’ve completed one as part of a short introductory quest, you’ll have access to Greater Invasion Points where you’ll find the Argus World Bosses. The loot they drop is unique, and cannot be found anywhere else on Argus. The new 5-player dungeon, Seat of the Triumvirate, will open shortly after the patch, so you and your friends can explore the ancient center of draenei culture, where Velen, Kil’Jaeden, and Archimonde once ruled.

You’ll be fighting in the ruins of Mac’Aree, where twisted creatures led by a fallen Naaru, are harnessing the power of the Void to unleash upon their enemies. One of the quests you’ll come across takes you back to Tempest Keep, to stop the Legion unleashing a deadly adversary onto the world. Your mission is to foil their plot and defeat this unknown enemy. And as stories unfold both on and off Argus, there are a few other things to keep an eye out for, such as new Missions, an update to artifact knowledge that will simplify artifact progression, and later, once it’s made available, the upcoming raid: Antorus, the Burning Throne. For more information on upcoming content, class-specific changes, and all the latest updates, read the patch notes on our website at worldofwarcraft.com.

Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you on Argus..

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