Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is your guide to the Minixis pet battle on Argus. I’m going to start with a quick team to just beat him and do your world quest. Then, I’ll show you strategies for every single pet family for progress on the Family Fighter achievement. Minixis lives here, on the south end of the big ship in the Antoran Wastes. Demons like to get really snuggly over here so keep to the back wall if you want to live. First up, the quick strategy for when you just wanna do your World Quest, which also doubles as the Flying Strat. In the first slot is a Skyfin pet with Wild Magic, and second is Ikky with Savage Talon, Black Claw, and Flock. Third bring any flying pet, you won’t need it. Start with the Skyfin and use Wild Magic, then die to the Antaen Cannon. Swing in Ikky and use Black Claw, then Flock, then Savage Talon. Look at that, you’re done. Next up is Aquatic. In my first slot is an Eel pet featuring Deep Bite, Dodge and Dive. The slithershock elver or Lagan would be fine. Second I’m using my Tundra Penguin with Slippery Ice and Ice lance.

Third is the Spawn of G’nathus with Jolt, Dive and Thunderbolt. Start the fight with your eel, use Dodge and then immediately swap to the Penguin. Use Slippery Ice, then Ice Lance three times. The penguin is done so bring in Spawn of G’nathus and use Thunderbolt, then Jolt, then Dive, then Jolt. He mechanicals himself back to life and we’re all out of buttons to press, so just pass the turn. On the Eel, use Dodge, then spam Deep Bite to win the battle. Next is Critters. I’m using my Pint Sized Pink Pachyderm with Trample, Survival and Stampede, then Crispin with Burn and Flamethrower.

Third is a Darkmoon or Lovebird Hatchling with Predatory Strike but you could use almost any critter as a third. Start with your Pachyderm and use Survival. Trample twice, then use Stampede. The Pachyderm dies so bring out Crispin and use Flamethrower, then Burn, then Flamethrower. The last pet just needs to polish things off so I’ll use Predatory Strike. If you’re using a different pet just follow your heart and it’ll be fine. Next we’ll do Elemental. I’m bringing out my Blazehound with Obsidian Bite, frenzy and Puppies of the Flame, and second I’ve got my nightshade Sproutling with Lash and Blinding Poison. Any third pet is fine. If you’re don’t have those first two you can try subbing in a Pandaren Water Spirit or a Molten Corgi. Starting with my Blazehound I’m using Puppies of the Flame. It always cracks me up when he lavas up and summons a bunch of Corgis. After that adorable show’s over, use Frenzy and spam Obsidian Bite. That brings us over halfway. I’ll bring in my Nightshade Sproutling and use Lash, then Blinding Poison, then go back to Lash.

Because I’m faster I’m getting two rounds of benefit out of Blinding Poison, so I use it one round Before his antaen cannon is up. Keep it up with the Lashing and that pretty much does the trick. Next is Humanoid. First slot is any Humanoid pet with Wild Magic, such as the Ashleaf Spriteling, corefire imp or Wretched Servant. Second is Squirky with Bubble and Stampede. Third, I’m using Wyrmy Tunkins with Burp but you can use any humanoid pet that has a big elemental attack. The anubisath Idol with Rupture, anybody with Deep Freeze, Conflagrate, etcetera. Start with your Wild Magic pet, use Wild Magic, and then die. Bring in Squirky and use Bubble, then spam Stampede. If you’re bored you can try to count all the squirkys that you’re unleashing against the Legion. It’s quite a few. Squirky gets really close but doesn’t quite finish it off, so bring in that last pet and smack him down. It’s suprisingly fun to Burp a starship to death. Next up is Mechanical. First slot is our faitful Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling with Breath, Thunderbolt and Decoy.

Second is my Pocket Cannon with Flame Shot and Explode, and third is any Decoy pet with spammable Damage. I like sky-bo for that third slot because he’s got Flamethrower. Start with our mech dragon and use Decoy, then Thunderbolt, then swap to the Pocket Cannon. Use Flame Shot four times for a total of two shots, then Explode on him. It’s so good. Swing in your decoy pet, lay down the decoy and the go at him spamming damage. With Skybo I’m just going to mash Flamethrower. We still have the entire Panda Dragonling just in case so no stress if you’re sky-bo-less. Next we’ve got Beasts. First you want any raptor pet, set up with Exposed Wounds.

In second, bring your Zandalari Anklerender or Kneebiter with Black Claw, Hunting Party and Leap and third bring either another Zandalari Raptor with Hunting Party or a high attack breed beast with big beast damage. Starting with the Vanilla raptor, lay down Exposed Wounds and then eat the Antaen Cannon. Bring out your Zandalari raptor and use Black Claw, then Hunting Party, then Leap. On your last pet, use Hunting Party or just whack him down with your favourite Beast moves.

That last slot is pretty flexible. Let’s do Dragonkin. First is the Proto Drake Whelp with Flamethrower and Proto Strike, second is any Dragonhawk Hatchling with Conflagrate and Flamethrower. Third slot can be another dragonhawk, or a Bronze Whelp with Tail Sweep, Early Advantage and Lift-off. Starting with our red Proto Drake Whelp, use Proto Strike and then spam Flamethrower. After he dies, bring in the dragonhawk and use Conflagrate, then back to spamming Flamethrower. You want this pet to live long enought to eat the Antaen Cannon, which it should. With that out of the way I’ll use Early Advantage then mash Tail sweep. On a second dragonhawk it’d just be another Conflagrate and more Flamethrower. That brings us to Magic. Lots of pets will work here so just try out what you’ve got handy. My first pet is Transmutant with Transmute- Enemy to On Fire, Drain Power and Life .

My second pet is Minfernal with Immolate, Immolation Aura and Meteor Strike while third is an Enchanted Lanter with Burn and Soul Ward. You could use three lanterns and do great. I’ll start with Transmutant and use Drain Power, then Life Exchange, then spam Transmute: enemy to On Fire. It’s quite effective. After the Transmutant dies I’ll bring in my minfernal and throw up Immolation Aura, then use Immolate, then Meteor Strike which avoids the Cannon. One more immolate almost does it so I’ll bring in my lamp and wrap it up with a Burn.

Last is Undead. I’ve got my Unborn Val’kyr witih Curse of Doom and Unholy Ascenscion, a Mr Bigglesworth with Pounce, Frost Nova and Howling Blast and third is my Fragment of Anger with Seethe. Start with the val’kyr, use curse of doom and then Unholy Ascenscion. On Bigglesworth use Frost Nova, then Howling Blast, then Pounce twice. We get one more Frost Nova before Biggles is done. On the Fragment of Anger, just mash Seethe. So, that’s Family Fighter Minixis! Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe for the rest of the Family Fighter guides and other super cool WoW videos. Let me know what you think, share your own strategies in the comments and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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