Hi! I’m Hazel, and this a a guide to the MOTHER raid boss in Uldir on Normal and Heroic difficulty. As far as I can tell she’s not the mother of anything in particular, that’s just her name. This is a unique fight that’s going to be an absolute mess in unorganized pugs but easy enough once you’ve got a group with a plan. The room is split into three parts. When MOTHER is active in a chamber it builds energy on it’s little boss frame, and when that caps she lights up the chamber with Cleansing Purge.

That does basically lethal damage and you should not be there anymore. You’ve only got three chambers, so the key to this fight is getting the most out of each one without overstaying your welcome. More on that in a bit. The boss herself will cast Sanitizing Strike, which is the big tank mechanic. That’s a heavy frontal cone attack that stacks up a debuff, making Sanitizing Strikes hurt more. Only the tank should be in front of her and assuming they can’t avoid it, tanks will want to swap after a couple of stacks. I’d say to aim for a swap on two to three stacks and gauge your best number from there. Purifying Flame will spawn under most players, doing a three yard explosion and leaving behind some temporary fire.

You’ve got time to move so scootch out of that as soon as it spawns and you shouldn’t take any damage. Wind Tunnel is a strong pushback that will drag everyone in the chamber towards either the left or right wall. That wall gets lit up with fire, so you need to run against the pushback unless you wanted a bad tan. The direction of the wind tunnel alternates back and forth. After one ends, stand on the half of the room you were just getting pushed towards and you’ll be prepared for the next one. OK, back to the chambers. They’re separated by Defense Grids, and there’s Three things to know about these. One, they break line of sight for both healers and DPS. AOE spells were able to clip through on beta but that may or may not work on live. Two, when you walk through you trigger a burst of raid damage to everyone. That raid damage is pretty serious so you cannot just run everyone through at once. Obviously you need the whole raid through before the countdown finishes and nukes them, but it needs to be done a few players at a time.

And Three, every time someone goes through a Remnant of Corruption add spawns in the chamber they just entered. Those spam Clinging Corruption, which is interruptable and puts out a raid-wide DoT if it gets off. Due to those adds, you want to send through players with frequent interrupts first. Basically melee. Because the wall breaks line of sight, it’s a good idea to send at least one healer in pretty early to babysit those guys. So fairly early on, start sending people through in set groups of two or maybe three.

Try to time that for when healers aren’t busy fighting winds or dodging fire. Once you’re through, put all of your damage and interrupts into the adds. The tank and their he alers should be last through with the boss, and they have to be out before the energy bar caps and triggers Cleansing Purge. When everyone’s in the second chamber, you do it all again and start trickling people into the third. When MOTHER walks into the second room, she activates the Uldir Defensive Beams. Those are a set of light bars that slide through the room, doing awful damage if you get hit. There will be a missing one and you pass through at that point. Do not try to squeeze through the other bars, you will only fit in the open space of the missing beam. I don’t care what race you play, it’s not happening. In the final chamber, Depleted Energy causes her to take 100% more damage.

That’s a great place to pop lust with your cooldowns, and it’s a good reason to not linger in earlier chambers if you can safely move ahead. At this point just keep doing mechanics and finish her off before she lights up the last chamber. Like Taloc, MOTHER’s mechanics are the same going from Normal to Heroic. The worst part of this fight is just figuring out the pass through order and making sure everyone knows when they go. Should be a piece of cake in a guild raid, and a royal pain in the butt in PUGS. Have fun. So, that is MOTHER in Uldir. Thanks for watching! If this video helped you out please consider leaving it a like for me! Check out my channel for more raid guides and other WoW stuff and have a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye.


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