Hello everybody! My name is Raxef and the topic of today’s video is the Netherlight Crucible which is now available with the newest update of patch 7.3. Today’s video is going to be a bit shorter than my previous videos so let me know what you think about this shorter time frame video in the comment section down below. With that being said let’s jump into the video! For those who don’t know the Netherlight Crucible is a system which you will be able to access on the Vindicaar which will allow you to empower the relics in your artifact weapon.

These relic upgrades are split into three tiers. The first tier is a flat five item level upgrade so across your three relics you’ll be able to increase the item level of your artifact weapon by 15. The second tier of upgrades offers you two choices. One is a void choice and one is a light choice. These choices are random every time you slot in a new relic and these upgrades can range anywhere from flat stat increases to say your haste or your mastery others are periodic damage dealt to your enemies and some are even providing you damage shields to your own character. What’s important to note about these tier 2 upgrades is that they can be duplicated across multiple relics so let’s say you had a flat mastery increase in one of the void choices for your first relic you could have that same 500 mastery increase as a void choice for your third relic and you’d be able to stack those two together for a combined 1,000 mastery stat increase. The third tier offers you three options which are all of the normal artifact traits that you have in your artifact weapons so you’ll be able to level up one of those three traits much in the same way that the relics by themselves level up a normal artifact trait.

Now what’s important to remember here is that for the casual player there really isn’t a best choice for you to be hunting after the 15 item level increase that you get right off the bat is gonna be more than enough for you heading into Argus and going into more the LFR and normal raids and of course as you empower your artifact with artifact power even more you can slowly start unlocking these relic tiers and you don’t really need to worry about what choices are offered to you on tier 2 and tier 3 now for those of you who are more hardcore Raiders who take rating very seriously you’re into heroic and mythic you really want to be min/max in your character there will be obvious choices which are the best for your class and spec so I would highly encourage you to reference any class sources that you have available to you in order to determine what would be best for your character.

Quite simply the Netherlight Crucible is unlocked after completing the quest an offering of shadow which is part of the final quest storyline that we have available to us right now on Argus. Now if you’ve been keeping up to date with all of these storyline quests it shouldn’t take you long at all to finish up this last storyline in order to unlock the crucible if for some reason you’ve held off on starting the storyline quests or you haven’t even really jumped into Legion yet don’t worry about it the overall campaign throughout Argus doesn’t take you that long to get through maybe just a couple hours max if you wanted to really engage in the story fully overall but like I said it’s it’s not a huge time investment or huge effort to unlock this Netherlight Crucible remember this is content that’s meant for both the hardcore players that sink hours and hours into the game as well as the more casual players who say only have maybe a couple hours a week or even a couple hours a month to play the game like I mentioned earlier the first tier unlocks immediately as soon as you get the Netherlight Crucible so that 15 item level enhancement to your artifact weapon is going to be available to you right away as soon as you unlock the crucible the second tier of your first relic unlocks at 60 artifact power and then it continues on from left to right going from your second tier to your third tier every three artifact power so it’s going to go 60 63 66 and so on this was a little bit confusing when I first read about it so the lovely people at WoW head went ahead and developed this image that shows you exactly what I mean when you can see the progression for artifact power and upgrading your relics of course as you know relics are permanent in your artifact weapon until they are replaced by a new relic so in order to circumvent any sort of guessing that players might have to do about if they should replace it relic or if they should not there is a fourth slot on the Netherlight Crucible where you can put relics in there and see ahead of time what trees are available to you so you can decide if you want to use that relic or not keep in mind that if you do use this slot to see a head into a relics tree that relic will become soul bound to you if it is not yet already so all that wraps up the Netherlight Crucible I’m really excited to see this system in place and how the players react to it going into raiding particularly the more hardcore players I want to see exactly how much effort people who are who are very interested in men maxing their characters how much effort are they going to be putting in to really farming relics because people farm trinkets as hard as they can to get the best trinkets possible and now some people might even be farming relics to get the absolute best combination Blizzard has been working very hard to balance the Netherlight Crucible with the individual specs as much as they can they’ve even done tuning of the night before the patch has been released in order to get those numbers just right however like I said before there is obviously going to be a best combination for a class and I’m definitely going to be one of those people who starts hunting relics in order to get the best combination for my arms warrior in terms of upgrading the relics it is going to take a bit more time I put it quite a bit of time into the game and I’m only an artefact power level 60 for my arms warrior I’m sure other people put way more time than I do and they might already be capped at 75 which maxes them out on the Netherlight Crucible but for the most part it will provide the player base something good to look forward to they can feel like they’re able to continue on making choices as they continue to collect artifact power and as they continue to get more and more relics the new rate hasn’t even been unlocked yet and once we start entering the new raid we’re gonna have a whole slew of higher item level relics which we’re gonna be slotting in tower weapons most likely right away so I’m very very excited to see what this system brings to the game and and I think a system like this in future expansions is it would be very important to have I like the idea of customizing your character as much as possible I was a huge fan back in vanilla and Burning Crusade of the classic talent trees.

It’s something I’m a bit sad that has been done away with now they kind of brought it back with the artifact weapons even though the ultimate goal was to max everything out but now with it’s nothing like crucible they are giving you that that option of choice even if it is a very limited amount of choices it is still it is still offering you choices so I’m excited to see like I said what the system offers the player base and I’m very optimistic that Blizzard will continue to build upon this style of customization in the future and that’s gonna do it for today’s video if you liked it then of course give it a thumbs up if you have anything to say if you aren’t a fan of the Netherlight Crucible if you think Blizzard is going in the wrong direction by introducing a bit more RNG into the system a bit more randomness and of course leave me a comment in the section down below.

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