Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a walkthrough of the Odyn fight in the new Trials of Valor mini Raid. We’ll be taking a look at the mechanics you’ll see on Normal and Heroic difficulties. For Phase 1, Odyn’s gonna be chillin up in his chair while you fight Hymdall and Hyrja. They need to be tanked at least 35 yards apart from each other or they won’t take any damage. They also need to be brought down evenly- both bosses need to reach 25% health within 10 seconds of one another or they’ll heal right back up. Hymdall’s abilities are less melee-friendly, so for the most part melee should be on Hyrja while ranged take care of Hymdall.

He’ll cast Dancing Blade, which leaves a spinning sword on the location of a random player. His other ability is Horn of Valor, which does multiple milllions of damage to anybody within 15 yards of him when he finishes his cast. Everyone, tanks included, need to jump out of range for Horn of Valor. On top of the 15 yard nuke, it’ll also cause all players to explode for damage within five yards, so the whole raid should maintain a five yard spread. Hyrja will cast Expel Light, which makes a random player explode after three seconds. The Expel Light target needs to get at least 8 yards away from the group so you don’t smoke anyone with that. Her other ability is Shield of Light. She’ll target this at a random player, and it causes holy damage in a big line. That damage is split, so raid members should stack up in the path of the shield to share damage. Once both Hymdall and Hyrja have reached 25% health, they’ll peace out and you get to fight Odyn in Phase Two.

In Phase 2, Odyn jumps down and needs to be tanked. Odyn’s Test stacks up his attack speed with each consecutive melee hit that he does. Tanks will need to swap to keep that from getting out of hand, typically at around 10-14 stacks. Five Valarjar Runebearers will jump in and fixate random targets. They need to be dragged to their matching rune and killed quickly, before Odyn completes his cast of Unerring Blast. They can’t be damaged outside of their rune so pull them right on top. If any Runebearers are alive when Unerring Blast finishes, it’s preeetty much gonna wipe your raid. Throughout phase 2, Spears of Light will spawn on player locations, and immedietly explode into golden bubbles. Move away from the initial spear and dodge the bubbles. If you eat a bubble you’ll get stunned and take a good chunk of damage, so stay on your toes. On Heroic difficutly, while all of the above is going on, Hymdall and Hyrja will periodically jump back in with all of their abilities from phase 1. Tank them at least 35 yards away from Odyn, and damage them down to 85% quickly to get them to go away. When Odyn reaches 55% health, Phase Three will begin.

Most of the room will light on fire with Cleansing Flame. The whole raid needs to move to the not-on-fire segment of the floor. Storm of Justice will be cast on random players, which does an 8 yard AOE and drops a whirlwind after five seconds. Run the Storm debuffs to the outer edges of the room and don’t stack up. He’ll throw Stormforged Spears at the tanks, who need to run away and most likely use a cooldown. The farther away the tank gets from Odyn, the less damage they’ll take from the spear. Finally, Arcing Storm will periodically damage random targets and ramp throughout the final phase. Use BloodLust/Heroism, second pots and damage cooldowns to finish the fight. When Odyn reaches 10% health, the encounter finishes and you did it!So that’s Odyn! Keep an eye on my channel for Guarm and Helya guides coming soon.

Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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