Hey everyone! My name is Gandalin and welcome to another World of Warcraft guide! Today I’m gonna tell you all about the new Pantheon trinkets from the Antorus raid. I mentioned these back in my Patch 7.guide, but I wanted to wait until the raid was out before I explained how they work, in case Blizzard made any changes since the last PTR. Okay, so what are these thingies? They’re a set of trinkets that interact with each other in a very interesting way.

To my knowledge, there’s never been a system like this in the game before, so Blizzard seems to be experimenting with something new here. So let’s get into the details. Here are the trinkets. There’s one for each member of the Titan Pantheon. We have Aggramar’s Conviction for tanks, Eonar’s Compassion for healers, Khaz’goroth’s Courage for strength DPS, Golganneth’s Vitality for agility DPS, Norgannon’s Prowess for caster DPS, and Aman’Thul’s Vision as a wild card that anyone can use.

As you can see, they are all epic trinkets except for Aman’Thul’s, which is a legendary, though it doesn’t count towards your cap of 2 Legion Legendaries. This means you can have Aman’Thul’s equipped in addition to your 2 class specific ones. There are only 2 restrictions to using these. First is that you can’t have 2 Pantheon trinkets equipped at the same time, so you couldn’t use Aman’Thul’s along with your roll specific trinket. Second is that equipping a trinket that doesn’t match your role results in a 50% reduction in the strength of its effects. So if you are a strength DPS, you wouldn’t want to use the tank trinket. All six of the trinkets drop from Argus the Unmaker, the final boss in Antorus, on Normal difficulty or higher. They drop via push personal loot, meaning that you have a chance to automatically get one when you kill the boss, regardless of what loot method your group is using.

This is similar to how you get Legion Legendaries from bosses. They’re awarded automatically to random players and aren’t up for rolls. This means that you should double check your loot spec before killing Argus to make sure you get a chance at the trinket you want. They can’t be awarded from bonus rolls, so don’t waste your Seals trying to get one that way. Aman’Thul’s Vision appears to have a separate drop chance from your roll specific trinket, so it’s possible you could get both at the same time. However, it appears that it’s drop chance is much lower than the others.

The epic trinkets always drop at ilvl 940, regardless of the difficulty. They can’t warforge or titanforge, but they can be upgraded using an item called Pantheon’s Blessing. This will drop from your first Argus kill each week, regardless of difficulty, and is dropped for everyone, even if you don’t already have a Pantheon trinket. This means that you won’t fall behind on the upgrades because you can just stockpile the Blessings as you go. It lets you upgrade your epic trinket by 5 item levels to a max of 1000, so you’ll need a total of 12, meaning 3 months of Argus kills. Aman’Thul’s Vision on the other hand, will always drop at ilvl 1000, just like the rest of the Legion Legendaries since the opening of Antorus. Now that we’ve covered what they are and how you get them, let’s look at what makes them so special. Each trinket has 2 effects: a primary buff, that can trigger anywhere, at any time during combat, and a secondary buff that only occurs when you are empowered by the Pantheon, which can only happen inside the Antorus raid and depends on other players in your group.

To get empowered, 4 unique primary buffs have to be active and overlapping in your group. This means that 4 people in your group have to have the primary buff from their Pantheon trinket active at the same time, without duplicates. So for example: if a tank, a healer, a strength DPS, and a caster DPS all have their primary buffs active at the same time, then those 4 players would become empowered and get their secondary buff. You can’t be empowered if you don’t have the a Pantheon trinket or if you didn’t contribute to the buff chain. You also can’t be empowered off of duplicate buffs. For example: if 2 caster DPS and 2 strength DPS have their primary buffs active at the same time, they wouldn’t be empowered because there are not 4 unique buffs active.

This means that the more people in your group who have trinkets, and the more even the distribution of trinket types, the greater the chance that you’ll become empowered. The only exception to this rule is Aman’Thul’s Vision. Its primary buff acts as a wild card that can contribute to a chain no matter what. So you could be empowered with 1 Aman’Thul buff and 3 other unique ones, 2 Aman’Thul and 2 unique, 3 Aman’Thul and 1 unique, or even from 4 Aman’Thul buffs. This helps out imbalanced raid compositions still be able to trigger the secondary buff. This sounds a bit complicated, but there isn’t really any coordination that needs to happen between your group members. You just have to get lucky with the 4 primary buffs lining up to get empowered.

As the number of trinkets in your group increases, this gets easier and easier. So those are the Pantheon trinkets. It’s a really interesting system, and I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts about it. What do you like, what are some of your concerns? Let me know down in the comments. And that’s it for this video! If you found this guide helpful, go ahead and hit the like button! Let me know if you have any questions or if there’s something you want me to cover! Make sure you follow me on Twitter! And if you haven’t already, subscribe to my channel so you can see all my future videos! Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you next time!.

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