Welcome to the World of Warcraft Survival Guide for Patch 7.1. Return to Karazhan. In this video, we will cover some of the most exciting new content and features coming in 7.1. Return to Karazhan is a new Mythic dungeon set inside the magical tower of Karazhan. There is a huge area to explore inside the tower with some enemies you may find familiar and others who are more recent arrivals. Like other Mythic dungeons, it is designed for groups of 5 players. However, the size of the dungeon the challenges you will face and the loot you will earn for defeating them make it feel a lot more like a raid than a dungeon. If you love 5-player content Return to Karazhan should be right up your alley. For players who have already been progressing through the Emerald Nightmare Patch brings a new three-boss raid to take on. The Trial of Valor, which ties up some of the loose ends left behind in Stormheim.

You will start off by challenging Odyn for real, this time before descending into Helheim to take on Guarm and finally put an end to Helya once and for all. Patch also includes a new chapter of the Suramar storyline. Whatever dark ritual the Legion is planning to perform in Suramar City is nearing completion, and as tensions escalate you will need to work closely with Thalyssra and her Nightfallen rebels to rally the Nightborne people recruit new allies, and lay siege to the Nighthold. We have also added a new Quick Join feature to help you join up with your friends in-game.

Now, when any of your RealID or BattleTag friends queue for matchmade content such as dungeons or battlegrounds you will be able to join them in the queue. Simply open your friends list and click on the Quick Join tab to see a list of friends you can join up with. Requesting to join will prompt your friend with the option to invite you, and if they click accept you will be immediately placed alongside them in the queue. These are just a few of the key features coming in Patch but there’s a lot more, including new world quests an updated Nagrand Arena and some new quest content for the Illidan storyline.

Be sure to check out our full patch preview on worldofwarcraft.com for all of the details. Thanks for watching and we will see you on the Broken Isles!.

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