Hi! I’m Hazel, and you are about to be SO up to speed. This video is all about the Portal Keeper Hasabel fight on Normal and Heroic difficulty. Hasabel’s basically the Legion Traffic Controller and we’re about to get all up in her crosswalk. You fight her on this main platform, and throughout the fight she’ll power up portals to various worlds, or more accurately, smaller platforms. You get a fire portal at 90%, a fel portal at 60 and a shadow portal at 30%. Each one will have a themed boss that needs to be dealt with ASAP, and somebody must be on the main platform at all times or else everyone dies. First thing you’ll be dealing with on the main platform is Reality Tear and Bursting Darkness, aka the tank mechanic. Reality Tear is a 30 second DoT which will stack, and then explode for raid damage when allowed to expire. The more stacks, the bigger the explosion. She does it every 12-14 seconds so you generally want to swap on about three stacks. Healers should be ready with raid heals if it stacks up much higher than that, which it might one we get into all the portal business.

Collapsing World goes under the boss,ooks like this, and it’s impossible to miss unless you’re actually watching netflix. If that gets ya it’ll do big damage and potentially knock you off the platform, which would be deeply embarrasing. It’s even got a cast time so you can see it coming and start moving away from the boss. Felstorm Barrage is the other super obvious ground mechanic. Over about ten seconds, these big green firelines will spawn and then explode. Those also do knockback and hurt like heck so keep moving to the safe corners until it’s over. She’ll also cast Transport Portal, which summons adds designed specifically to annoy you. There are spiders which will web you, making it harder to avoid the last two things we talked about.

There’s feldogs, which do a Fenryr style interrupt howl and then imps, which on Normal don’t do much of anything. On Heroic, the imps cast Fiery Detonation which can be interrupted and is just gnarly if you don’t. If a couple of those get off your raid is literal toast so keep an eye on it and kill the adds quickly. When Hasabel reaches 90% health, she’ll power up the Fire Portal Xoroth. Note that you can go up to any portal at any time, there just won’t be anything there if it’s not active. While the portal is active there’ll be a boss inside, and the main platform players will take raid damage until it’s dead. All of the portals have this Unstable Portal mechanic which means bad things happen if the boss stays up longer than 45 seconds.

You’ll want to send half or more of the raid including a tank and a couple healers through the active portal to deal with it. Inside Fire Portal Xoroth you’ll find Vulcanar. He casts Flames of Xoroth, which is kickable and has a 10 yard radius. Don’t be closer than 10 yards unless you need to be, and set up a kick rotation if it starts to be a problem. He’ll also toss out Supernovas, which you should move out of unless you feel like taking a bajillion damage. While all that’s happening you’ll see these Everburning Flames around the floor.

Touching one makes it stick to you for 10 seconds. When the DoT ends or is removed, the flame falls back onto the floor. A few players need to pick up a couple of those and actually run them into the purple Portal for later. Drop them along the portal-side of the shadow platform, then head back to rejoin the fight. At 60%, Hasabel powers up Fel Portal Rancora. Inside you’ll find Lady Dacidion, and her Poison Essence will immediately chunk everyone for 10%. She casts Felsilk Wrap, which webs players indefinitely until the web is destroyed. Those don’t have a ton of health so anyone can swap to help break out their friends. Instead of flames, you’ll find this Caustic Slime goo on the floor on this platform. Touching that does damage over 20 seconds, and removing it triggers a Caustic Detonation. That’s a painful 10 yard explosion that apparently can be used to remove a stack of Aegis of Flames.

I’m gonna be really honest with you, I have dug through this fight and nowhere do I see ANY mention of an Aegis of Flames. However, should one turn up you can take it off by dispelling a Goo debuff within ten yards of it. Whether you have the slime on purpose or by accident make sure you’re clear of other players when it gets dispelled so you don’t clip anyone with your Caustic Detonation.

At 30% health, she’ll open up the final portal to the Shadow Land Nathreza. Lord Eilgar is the boss here and things will be very, very dark. Moving within 35 yards of Eilgar will apply the Delusions debuff. That lasts ten minutes, prevents ALL outgoing healing and absorbs, and restores 2% mana per second. It’s dispellable, so if mana is tight at this point healers can deliberately rotate taking the debuff and dispelling it off each other. Otherwise, healers need to stay at absolute Max range or else you can’t heal. To complicate that, it’s very, very dark. Mind fog means visibility is awful in here which means at max range you can’t actually target your friends to heal them.

To counter that, healers and probably ranged should stand within 10 yards of the Everburning Flames we dropped earlier. Problem solved. Eilgar will be stacking Corrupt on players within 20 yards of him, doing damage and stacking a nasty debuff on them. To make that even more fun, players that step into the heart of the platform will get Cloying Shadows, taking 50% reduced healing for 30 seconds. If your raid failed to bring in flames like we did and your healers can’t heal, you are absolutely going to lose people here.

When Cloying Shadows ends or is dispelled, it triggers an 8 yard Hungering Gloom explosion. Hungering Gloom won’t actually affect the exploding player, but anyone within 8 yards takes big damage and can’t be healed for a while which will make them very cranky with you. Spread out with the Cloying Shadows, and healers should be really mindful to not dispel someone before they’ve moved into some clear space. All things considered the purple platform is super gross and it’s a valid time to pop cooldowns just to get done and out of there. Back home on the main platform, the entrances of each portal will be doing area damage starting from activation and lasting until the end of the fight. Be careful not to wander into that while avoiding Collapsing World and Felstorm Barrages. This is high movement-the fight, and it’s very much about watching your feet. So, that is Portal Keeper Hasabel in Antorus, the Burning Throne! If this video helped you out please consider giving it a thumbs up. Check out my channel and subscribe for more raid guides and other useful WoW videos. Thanks for watching, have a great time in raid and a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye!

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