Hey! What’s going on, guys? This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re taking we’re kicking off our Herbalism Farming Playlist by looking at Silverleaf, Peacebloom, and Earthroot. Generally, you want to buy this stuff from the auction house, but sometimes you can’t, so you gotta go farm it. The best place is going to be in Darnassus at Teldrassil, but I tested out each starting zone for an hour each and they were all 500-800 herbs per hour, so really, if travel time is important to you, it doesn’t really matter. Just go where ever your nearest closest faction major city is. Like, if you’re an alliance in Stormwind, go to Elwynn Forest.

If you’re a horde and you’re over by Undercity, go to Tirisfal Glades, you know? This video’s just going to be quick, the best route, but if you want a more in depth look at all of my testing, click here or I’ve got a link down in the description. Let’s go! Alright, on to the best one. Darnassus. You may have seen on WoWHead that other zones have more herb nodes in them, but for gathering professions, you don’t care about that, you want density. And this has the same number of nodes that tirisfal has, in half the space. So it’s crazy dense. It’s actually crazy, For the route itself, you want to hit as many nodes as you can, so follow this and you’ll always have nodes up on your minimap. By the way, as you can see, I’m doing something new with the maps for this herbalism series.

The radius of my brush is the distance in game at which you can identify a node. So this should help new farmers get a sense of how much map coverage you need, and it’ll give some of the more experienced farmers a sense of scale when we’re comparing some of the bigger and smaller zones. Alright, results! In our 1 hour test, we got 350 Silverleaf, 310 Peacebloom, and 190 Earthroot, along with some tier 2 herbs for a total of 840 herbs. This ties the night elf zone with the dwarf zone Dun Morogh, but you need a flying mount for that. Here you’re fine if you only have a ground mount and are like, level 20. You’ll be fine. Before I go though, I have some tips for you.

The map addon I’m using that turns my minimap into a big radar screen, that’s called FarmHud. To see the herb nodes I’ve gathered before on my minimap, I use Gathermate2. This is a memory hog. It’s a big addon. Faster Loot is a small addon that optimizes your actual loot window, and cuts a few seconds off that. For the farming itself, I have two tips. Number one, be a druid. As a druid, you can gather herbs in flight form which saves a ton of time. Number two keep a stack of darkmoon firewater on you at all times.

This cuts your cast animation in half. Both of these increase your yield about 10%. That’s all for me, thanks for watching! Like if you enjoyed the guide. Subscribe if you want to see more. And if you do want to see my routes for each starting zone, that’s in a seperate video in the description. But good luck, thanks for watching, and happy goldmaking!.

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