HI! I’m Hazel, and this is a countdown of the top ten Rarest battle pets in World of Warcraft. Now, I’m only gonna count Obtainable in-game battle pets here, so limited time promotions like Asian tournament pets, BlizzCon pets and Collector’s edition pets are not in this list. So if you see something you like, that dream is within your reach. Probably. Before we start counting, Honorable Mention status goes to the Ridgeback Piglet, Thaumaturgical Piglet and the Transmutant. These are all Legion Alchemy pets from the lovely transmute meat to pet recipe. Transmuting Meat to Pet will give you a Pulsating Sac, which is more than a little bit gross. That sac can drop quite a few different pets including these three new ones. Surprisingly, not that many people have them but not every alchemist knows that they’re rare, so keep an eye on your auction house for cheap piggies and goo. #10: Stardust – This sparkly bunny is a reward from beating Algalon in his Celestial Invitation. To fight Algalon, first you gotta finish the Raiding with Leashes 4 achievement.

If you’re stuck on the Drudge Ghoul, try farming Normal mode ICC instead of Heroic. Beating Algalon’s pet battle itself is easier said than done, but I do have a handy video guide to help out should you get stuck. #9: The Thistleleaf Adventurer. This elusive little imp is a lime green version of the Timeless Isle’s Dandelion Frolicker. They rock the same moveset, but this new one only comes in the Health/Speed breed. This pet has a very low chance to be found in the Dreamweaver Provisions cache that you get for doing a Val’sharah emmissary. You can make the grind faster by doing the emmissary on as many alts as you have, but if you’re impatient you might be able to find him adventuring on the Auction House. Unlike the Frolicker, the Thistleleaf Adventurer rides a little mini fae dragon when you mount up. That was what sold me. #8: The Wondrous Wisdomball. UNFORTUNATELY this is a non-combat pet, so you can’t pit Khadger’s head against a bear in a fight to the death. You can still enlarge it and have it follow you around though. It’s a reward from the Enemies Everywhere quest, which is a kill-quest in Dalaran.

To start, you’ll need to pick up a Strange Humming Crystal from the Kirin Tor Emmissary cache. Like the Thistleleaf Adventurer, alts are your friend here. Oddly enough the Wisdomball can be caged and traded, but they tend to be really expensive on the Auction House. #7: The Hateful Eye. In order to snag one of these, you’re going to need to have a minimum level 105 Warlock or Demon Hunter. In the Order Hall, research the Tier 2 upgrade called Twisting Nether for Demon Hunters or Demonic Offering for warlocks. The Demon Bosses you summon with that perk have a chance to drop the Hateful Eye. It is NOT cageable, so you really do need a lock or a demon hunter at 105.

Thankfully, Demon Hunters start at 100 so it’s not like you have to start from scratch. #6: The Alliance Enthusiast and Horde Fanatic. These pets are faction exclusive and earned separately, so if you want both you’ll need to play on both sides. They carry around a weapon, a lute, a banner, a dangly skull and they wear faction pride belts. They also emote at you like a starstruck fans with lines like ‘Alliance Enthusiast Cheers at You’ and ‘Horde Fanatic Steals a Strand of Your Hair’. You get the pet when you hit Honor Level 50 and prestige for the first time.

That’s pretty easy to get- just do your Warden Tower dailies and you probably won’t even need to PvP. #5: Lagan. This Little Mermaid reference is a reward from the Poor Unfortunate Souls Achievement. The achievement requires you to beat Mythic Maw of Souls while every party member is alive and has a buff from a candle in Blackrook Hold. The buff has a 30min duration and drops on death, so nobody can die. You’ll need to click the candle, clear Blackrook Hold and then clear Mythic Maw. Killing bosses adds duration to the buff, so you have a good amount of time. This achievement isn’t really difficult in good gear but the hard part is convincing four other people to take it seriously enough to do it. #4: The Albino Buzzard. This is a new pet to 7.1, and not a ton of people are farming it yet. There’s a pet tamer named Crysa who offers a daily quest in the Northern Barrens, near Orgrimmar. It’s an easy fight that can be plowed through with a Nexus Whelpling, and rewards a torn sack of pet supplies.

That bag can drop the Albino Buzzard, but it seems to be quite a rare find. The easiest way to farm your bird is to park an alt out at Crysa and add her fight to your daily routine. #3: The Nightmare Treant. This spooky little tree is the reward from the infamous Family Familiar Achievement. It’s not HARD, per se, just a real pain in the butt. You have to defeat 12 master tamers in Legion using single-type teams of every type.

There’s a pool of fifteen tamers to choose from for each type, so you can veto three tamers per type if they’re too hard. Because there’s only three pet dailies up per day and not all of them count as Master Tamers, this achievement is all about the long haul. #2: The Celestial Calf. This is both very easy and somewhat unreasonable to get. You can purchase the Celestial Calf pet on the Mad Merchant vendor in Dalaran for half a million gold. No big deal. If you wanted to buy that gold through the WoW token with a token price of 60k, you’d need nine tokens for a total of 180 dollars. If you’ve scrounged up the gold and you’re ready to buy, keep an eye on the Wonderworks Toy Shop for the Mad Merchant vendor. He’s on a bit of a random spawn time and despawns an hour or so after someone buys something, so you might need to use the Group Finder to track him down. Last, the #1 rarest obtainable pet in WoW: Knockoff Blingtron. Yeah. The latest version of the Blingtron pet drops From the Blingtron 6000, which needs the Reaves Module-Bling Mode to summon.

You’ll need skill 800 to craft the module, which means dumping huge amounts of gold into Engineering. Once you’ve actually got him, it consumes mats to place every day and the droprate on the pet is really rare. All that adds up to make Knockoff Blingtron the least collected pet so far that’s actually in the game. So, those are the rarest pets in WoW! How many do you have so far? Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!

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