Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a quick guide showing you how to get your own Riddler’s Mind-Worm mount. Full credit where credit is due to the Secret Finding WoW Discord community for figuring this out- how they did it is absolutely beyond me. To get the mount, you need to click on eight pieces of paper across the world IN ORDER. That’s it, but they’re spread out pretty far so expect to take at least an hour to travel around. Make sure you do them all within one weekly reset or you’ll have to start over.

If you lose track of which step you’re on, there’s a script you can paste into your chat window to find out. I’ll put that script in the info of this video. Your first stop is right in Legion’s Dalaran, in the Legerdemain lounge. You’ll find the page here on the middle shelf of the single bookcase on the lower floor. Next, head to 49,33 in Duskwood. That’s on a little table by the moonwell in the Twilight Grove. Third stop is the Firelands Raid. At the very end you’ll find the page on the far left border of Ragnaros’s room. Fourth stop is in Uldum at 70,78. That’s on the eastern beach of the Lost City area, between two trees.

Fifth, you go to Siege of Orgrimmar. Make your way to the Sha of Pride room and look to the back left corner as you enter. It’s in the back left corner of the cubby in the back…on the left. You’ll find it. Next, you go to the Well of Eternity dungeon in the Caverns of Time. It’s in the final ground area, on the right-hand side of the lowest stair found here. Seventh, you go to Kun-lai Summit in Pandaria to 34,50. Look between the paws of a giant cat statue guarding Shado-Pan Monastery for the page. For the last page, you go back to Uldum once more to 76, 53. It’s by the toes of a big guardian statue. Finally, you go to get your mount! The last stop is Westfall, on the beach at 30,38. Loot the Gift of the Mind-Seekers out of the crate on the beach for your mount! Despite it’s eel-like apperance it does fly in a fantastically toothy manner.

Thanks for watching! Good luck getting your new mount and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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