Hey there, guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’re going to be covering some herbalism basics and will be using Riverbud farming as a lens. This herb is great because it really highlights the differences between a good farming route and a bad one. When I look for a good herbalism route, I look for three things: Density, Repeatability, and what I’m going to call Ease of Access. For density it’s pretty simple.

You want a zone to have a lot of nodes. And I want you guys to be able to make your own routes so you don’t have to rely on some silly youtuber who just happens to be incredibly handsome. To find maps for nodes, go to wowhead, click on database, then select objects and herbs. Find riverbud and you can see at a glance which zone has the most potential spawns and you can see the density. Riverbud spawns along rivers so voldun is out and while drustvar, stormsong, and zandalar have good density along their rivers, they all have waterfalls which makes those rivers one way. Sure you can run back to the start, or connect rivers in a figure 8, but then you’re sacrificing density for a repeatable lap.

To look more into repeatability let’s go to nazmir. This place is a swamp. You’re up to your neck in bloood trolls and riverbud. But despite that, this place is surprisingly bad for long term farming and here’s why. To make a lap repeatable, you want something like Ungoro crater. All the ore in ungoro is in a nice pretty little circle. This not only means that you don’t have to backtrack to get to your start point, but more importantly all the nodes you force spawn are placed inside your lap. In nazmir, riverbud is all over, so a lap that would cover every spawn point would take an hour to run. I used the Routes addon to make a 15 minute lap that covered most of Nazmir, and tested for an hour a couple times. The first lap was always great with up to 120 riverbud in 15 minutes. That’s a lot of gold. By the third lap though, I was down to only 40 or 50 riverbud. This is because I was spawning them to the other parts of the map that I wasn’t touching.

So, if you want to farm Nazmir, alternate. Do two efficient and dense 15 minute laps, and then do one big 30 minute lap that covers as many nodes as possible. For ease of access, we’re gonna go to northwest Tiragarde Sound. There’s a river you run along so you have good density, and almost all of the riverbud in the zone is here, so you have repeatability. Wow-professions has a good enough route for this but I do have some minor adjustments. This little jaunt halfway is good, you can’t do it the other way cause there’s a waterfall. But go all the way to the end. In the north half of the lap, there’s another waterfall and you can take a path up top. You’ll have competition at this route, but no one goes up top so I always had at least three riverbud spawns there.

Finally, there’s no riverbud down here so you can skip this, but one of the sea stalk might have spawned as anchor weed so turn your camera and check. This spot struggles with Ease of Access. You’re constantly in combat with enemies and that slows you down. To counter this, be in tank spec so you don’t get dazed, or you can use Coarse Leather Barding. You also want to be a druid and have the Glove Enchant for herbalism, so you can gather without leaving travel form and the cast will finish in between enemy auto attacks. You also have to constantly cross the stream back and forth and go up and down bridges and waterfalls. How you deal with this will change, I used wild charge pretty much on cooldown.

It’s a great druid talent. So, what’s the best spot? Well, by the numbers, nazmir had a wildly varying 200-600 herbs per hour. It felt long and arduous. Tiragarde was a nice consistent 300-350. I’d say get good at nazmir, and then in patch 8 point whatever when we can fly and avoid cranes, tiragarde will win. That’s it for me though, thanks so much for watching. I appreciate all the support with likes and subscription recently. The channel has grown a ton in BFA.

HAve a great day guys, good luck and happy goldmaking. .

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