Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, regardless of the time you are visiting this channel, you are most welcome! My name is Fouz.. I’ll talk in this video about Rogue SUBTLETY WoW 3.And, I playing on this server for some time .. There is some people that asks a lot of questions about Rogue Subtlety So I decided to make a video explaining all I know about this class To help people understand Rogue better, how to adjust Rogue, how to equip .

Summarying.. I’m will talk practically About everything you need to know To have a good perform on PVP Right ? So.. Let’s go guys. ♪ * Stupid Music * ♪ Well, I’ll start by talking about the skills of Rogue Subtlety.. Because Rogue SUB has skills : Attack, Stun, Silence, Teleport and Bleed. I’ll just talk about the main ones here, just the ones I use right? The first, of attack: is Hemorrhage It costs 30 energy.. You can hit from any angle on the enemy. But she does not haves a good damage So, this skill will be used on end of rotation / combo The second skill: It’s Backstab It costs 40 of energy.. Having a considerable damage.. And you can only use it on the enemy’s back ..

Only on backs. Third skill : It’s the Ambush It costs 40 of energy It has an absurd damage.. A very good damage. But she has a problem.. It can only able to be used.. When you are in Stealth mode. But dont worry.. Because Rogue SUB haves a skill called Shadow Dance.. And when she is active You can use Ambush on the enemy without problems When the Shadow Dance is active.. All skills that require Stealth Mode, you can use them without being in Stealth Mode .. Right ? So let’s go to the stuns because Rogue SUB has five stuns And they are divided on two modalities.. The first modality I’m going to talk about It is about stun to immobilize target Not a skill for you to use, and then use another skill quickly on the enemy Only for immobilize target The first skil is: Sap It costs 32 of energy Requires Stealth Mode And you use it ten yards away It’s a skill you’ll use, for example: The enemy is walking on mount with your side (you invisible) What do you do ? Use SAP in it.

The SAP will leave the enemy without moving more or less for 9 seconds Right ? The second skill I’m going to talk about is Blind. It costs 15 of energy It works within 15 yards of distance. And this skill has almost the same effect as SAP And has a cooldown of 2 minutes And the third skill It’s Gouge It costs 45 of energy And it can only be used when you are face to face with the enemy. Some abilities be able to use in the back, others of any angle, others face to face The Gouge is used only face to face with the enemy .. And has 10 seconds of cooldown, right? To silence the enemy, Rogue have the skill called: KICK It costs 15 of energy Has 10 seconds of cooldown And you will be able to use this skill from any angle on the enemy.

Example: the target is casting a heal, you go and use kick on enemy, right? Will cut the skill of the enemy And will silence the enemy, ie he will not be able to use another skill for 3 seconds The teleportation skill is: Shadowstep There is no energy cost You can use it up to 25 yards, and it has 20 seconds of cooldown. *Fouz, how do use it?* I’ll use the wolf as an example .. Uaau it’s so amazing LOL Bleeding skills, there are two The first one I’m going to talk about is: Garrote It costs 30 of energy And the target will be bleeding for about 14 seconds It’s very good The second bleed skill is: Rupture It costs 25 energy But it requires combo point’s, more combo points you accumulate, longer it lasts, and the more damage it does.

Right ? Now I will talk about the various skills All the skills I have not talked about yet, I will try to explain as best I can about their usefulness. The first is: Expose Armor It costs 25 energy And reduces the enemy’s ARMOR status by 20% *Fouz, what is ARMOR STATUS?* Every piece of equipment you have, gives you an amount of armor status, and equipment for PVP gives you Resilience, right ? These two statuses are the defense of your character So by using this skill, you will reduce an enemy’s defense rate.

The second skill is: Deadly Throw It costs 35 of energy It requires combo points to be used More combo points you accumulate, the greater the damage on the enemy, and also reduces the enemy’s movement by 50% The next skill is: Dismantle It costs 25 energy She disarm an enemy for about 8 seconds Remove Weapon, Shield, she takes everything, the enemy is ready only for boxing LOL Slice and Dice It costs 25 energy And it increases its rate of attack speed by 40% * Fouz, what is( attack speed) ? * Attack speed is what leaves your character a little faster, as if it were an auto attack, but it starts hit fast, right? Next skill list..

Evasion is an important skill It has 3 minutes of cooldown And it reduces the chances that an enemy hits a physical damage to you by 50% for 15 seconds, be it bleeding, or normal skill. Fan of Knives It costs 50 of energy And she is a skill with area damage, so it will be useful to reveal the enemy .. Example: You are fighting with another ROGUE, he ends up escaping and stays in stealth mode but you have seen his location, you go close to where you think he is stand, and use the Fan of Knives to reveal him. Sprint is a skill that you will use to run faster. It increases your character’s speed by 70% for 15 seconds Feint It costs 20 energy And this skill is used to reduce damage from area attacks Example: Some Paladin skills, Warrior’s Beyblade skill, and more For 50%, on 5 seconds Next skill list.. This list has a lot of skill o.O Pick Pocket you will use to steal humanoid monsters, just get close to the monster and use the skill, and you can loot some items from it before killing it.

Cloak of Shadows There is no energy cost 1 minute cooldown And what does she do? It removes any kind of magic debuff you have on your character And when it’s active, it leaves you with a 90% chance to be immune to any kind of damage or magic debuff for 5 seconds. “Sómente Efeitos Mágicos” Physical debuff’s like of the Warrior or Druid’s, it not remove. While the Cloak of Shadows is active, you are immune to example: Cyclone, the 2 Stuns of Paladin, Lightning Storm of shaman . Premeditation You can use it 30 yards away Requires stealth mode It’s a very good skill. Because before you start hitting the enemy, you will use it and gain 1 combo point on the enemy. It’s useful It doesn’t look, but it is mmm Preparation This skill will reset the cooldown of: Evasion, Sprint, and Vanish (If you’re using [Glyph oh Preparation] it also resets the cooldown of: Kick and Dismantle.

And it has a cooldown of 5 minutes (it will depend on your build) Desarm Trap You will use against Hunter’s Why are you going to use it? Because these Hunter’s put the Trap’s in the foot, and they’re waiting for you to step on them, and if you step on it, you’ll have big problems. Distract You will use this skill a lot against classes that try to heal the distance, and also against Mage’s Example: You are battling against some class, she uses a Nitro Boot’s and takes distance and tries to cast healing, from afar you will play the distract next to the caster, to cancel the heal Tricks of the trade A very good skill A large majority of players use for PVE, but for PVP it is also very good.

It costs 05 of energy You can use it within 20 yards of your friend’s distance. Has 20 seconds of cooldown You will use this skill on your friend, whether at BG, Arena, Party, and will increase damage of your friend’s by 15% for 30 seconds. Vanish This skill, you will use to escape when in danger. Example: You are battling, but you are dying and you have no alternative to escape, so the only alternative is to use vanish and take away from enemy. Right ? Bros, I’m going to split the video into 2 parts because it’s getting really big .. Remembering that in the next video I will talk about: Equipment, Character Status, Gems, Enchantments, Macros, Glyphs, Addon’s and I’ll also talk about STUN Alright ? See ya ! :).

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