Death Knight’s Easy to play? Why heals so much? Rogue can kill them? Today.. On Rogue Zone. ♪ Ain’t prejudiced, I don’t give a fuck ♪ ♪ This is what it sounds like ♪ ♪ when we ride on our enemies.. ♪ ♪ BEYOTCH! ♪ ♪ When we ride on our enemies ♪ ♪ HEYYYY! ♪ Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, regardless of the time you are visiting this channel, be very WELCOME! I’m Fouz .. I’m Goku .. I am the Batman. And today, we are going to learn together, tips on how to face one: Death Knight Oh yes baby I decided to start .. make a rotation guide vs DK video Because I see so much Rogue losing to DK It’s okay that Dk has: Immune to stun, Immune to SAP, Has skill in area to reveal players on stealth, Has a minion that uses stun, Has a gargoyle… But Rogue, has enough features to kill any DK Depends of rotation Depends of how you will perform the combo Right ? I’ll demonstrate a simple combo .. For you use against any DK It can even be Unholy/Frost, Unholy/Blood Blood, Frost, anyone ..

It’s just make this combo, that you will very well okay? Before, I want to talk about this equipment I use against DK’s He is the: Corroded Skeleton key * Fouz, why use that? * Because sometimes DK hits you, and affects you with a debuff And you end up being forced to use the “Cloak of Shadows” So with the Corroded Skeleton key, I can .. Use “Vanish” even if it is under debuff, and this will help if I want to restart my combo against DK Very useful.. Sometimes I use, sometimes I do not use .. I only use it if I really need it. In case I make a mistake With the Corroded Skeleton key I’ll get a chance to win the battle, even if I make a big mistake, Right? So let’s go to the combo because I’ll show all the rotation here Speaking the name of the skills, right ? After it, i’ll show you some of my duels, in which I’ll comment, my mistakes .. My hits.. And what is reaction that the Rogue must have .. If the DK does something that would disrupt our line of reasoning in the combo. Allright ? Let’s get closer to the DK to use “SAP” *Premeditation* – *Slice and Dice* *Sprint* to get closer..

Starts with * Cheap Shot * and * Evasion * at the same time, then use * Shadow Dance * and * Ambush * *Cheap*->*Evasion*->*Shadow Dance*->*Ambush*->*Garrote*->*Ambush*->*Kidney Shot*->*Ambush*->*Rupture*->*Vanish*. “You have to be able to execute this combo, before the stun time * Kidney Shot * ends.” After the combo, you will wait until the time of bleeding it reduces almost to 0. *Premeditation* – *Slice and Dice* When to return .. * Shadowstep * With * Cheap Shot * * Shadowstep * -> * Cheap Shot * -> * Backstab * -> Turn face to face with target, and use * Gouge * Turn to backs of target again, when * Gouge * is reaching 0, use * Kidney Shot * *Backstab*->*Hemorrhage*->*Blind* The line of reasoning that you must have against DK is this ..

When the blind is running out .. *Stealth* *SAP* again And restart with the normal combo.. *Cheap Shot*->*Backstab*.. Right ? This is the combo you should use .. So, let’s go to the dueling part .. Remembering that, the goal against Death Knight, Is make him uses the Racial / Medallion It will work on this way: Either he uses the Racial / Medallion, or , Right ?he will lose a lot of HP I used * Sap * safely, without being revealed. I prepared my character to start the combo.

I started my combo of * Shadow Dance * The problem was that I made a mistake, I let him move, and he not only moved, but also used the * Corroded Skeleton key * and even threw me a Debuff .. But for now, nothing very serious, I used the other stun and managed to hit him for a little longer And I ended up using * Vanish * + * Cloak of Shadows *, because I had no other option. I still have a * Blind *, a * Vanish * and my Racial, so I can still control the battle. I hit him again.. Face to face, and * Gouge * At this moment he uses the Racial, I managed to give the * Kidney Shot * Only he ended up jumping and stopped very far, I just lost a few seconds of * Kidney Shot*..

So I had to use my * Blind * Before the time of * Kidney Shot * ends . To the target does not affects me with any other skill. I used * Gouge * on PET. At this time the * Corroded Skeleton Key * came into action, as I was still on effect from a debuff. Stealth, * Sap * again .. Now I am calm, because I will control the rest of the duel, he has already used the Racial.. So, the duel is mine from now on.

Just depends on me, I started the normal combo .. *Kidney* I hit him a little more, * Rupture * and * Vanish * Unfortunately for my enemy, the duel comes to an end. Because the cooldown of * Shadow Dance * is over, the cooldown of * Cloak of Shadows * will also end .. So, there are no more solutions for the DK to win this battle, right? Next duel .. I used * Sap * I prepared my character to start the combo .. The moment I started the combo on the enemy .. He used racial And in sequence uses the immune to stun I mistake my * Kidney Shot * And I get into a complicated situation. But for now, it’s still not out of control, I used a net to keep it stopped I hit some more punches in it LOL *Rupture* He pulls the Gargoyle, and I use * Vanish * The situation is still in my control because..

Because he already used his racial .. I still have * Blind * to use I still have * Corroded Skeleton Key * to use And I also have * Vanish * So.. I can control the rest of the duel calmly It doesn’t matter if the gargoyle is active or not. I hit him, in sequence face to face and * Gouge * *Controlling* His pet stunned me, but I’m not going to use my racial because the stun of pet will come out before my *Gouge* A few more hits..

*Blind* *Gouge* on PET.. I had to use * Vanish * because the gargoyle is still active .. At this moment the DK puts me in a difficult situation .. Because he used * Lichborne * (Skill of DK that makes him immune to SAP, FEAR) With * Lichborne * active, I could not use * SAP * so I had to use the * Cheap Shot * to stand face to face and use * Gouge * to keep the DK standing still. *Kidney Shot* Now I’m going to disarm it and stay melee, because my cooldowns are still resetting He ends up getting a little distance, because I could not hold him When he’s a thousand miles, I start chasing him *Shadow Dance* *Cheap Shot* *Ambush* * Kidney Shot * misses again I use * Shadowstep * but unsuccessfully To the joy of our enemy .. ¬¬ ‘ But I still managed to finish because I had the * Corroded Skeleton Key * This DK almost wins me: O Next duel.. Remembering: Each player has a different reaction, so what you have to know do is ..

Is to use the skill at the right time, according to the players reaction.. Okay ? So come on, I’ll use the * Sap * *Sapped* He uses racial, and reveals me with the skill * Blood Boil * (Skill of the DK’s that reveals player to 10 yards of distance) I reacted quickly, I used * Shadowstep * + * Shadow Dance * and * Cheap Shot * I kept him under the control of my stuns *Vanish* The DK is now in a very complicated situation It uses Icebound Fortitude (DK’s Skill that makes it immune to stun, and still reduces any damage taken by 20%).

Since, there is no way back with * Shadowstep * and * Cheap Shot *, I will use the * Sap I’ll wait until the bleeding is over. And, used * Sap * Now I can perform my combo calmly, as I still have * Blind *, * Vanish *, * Cloak of Shadows * and also * Corroded Skeleton Key * So.. He has cooldown in Racial It will be difficult for him to find a way out and win this duel. *Blind* *Gouge* on PET I approach him * Sap * again .. And.. GG End of the line for this DK, LOL! There is not much secret when it comes to holding a DK in the duel There is no secret .. No matter what he does .. If he uses the racial / medallion at the beginning, if he uses it at the end .. Because if he used it in the beginning ..

It will take a * Blind * and I will control the rest of the battle .. If he waits to use it at the end of the battle He will probably use it with little life, and may not be able to handle the final attacks Next duel.. And if you want to play ROGUE SUB, you’ll get used to it .. Because too much player will do it against you. “Turns the backs to some place you can not strike on backs” *Why Fouz ?* Because Rogue SUB only attacks from behind, so he stands there, thinks he can get safe .. But as for everything in life has a solution, we’ll use * Distract * + * Sap * Problem solved. 🙂 I prepared the character to start the combo. I started the combo .. It was kind of hard to attack him, but I still managed to hit a few stabs, LOL When to use *Vanish* Try to take a considerable distance ..

Especially if it is a small area, in which your locality is predictable .. And be very careful not to be revealed .. I back on attack it A few stabs, * Gouge * I waited for the time of the * Gouge * ends .. *Kidney Shot* He used the racial, and took a * Blind * .. I’m on debuff effect, I’ll have to use * Cloak of Shadows * to enter Stealth mode. And start the combo again. BIKER, SON OF A BITCH ! Okay. *Sap* again.. I back attack him *Kidney Shot* *Backstab* I stabbed some more and used *Vanish* again.

GG Already finish’s the cooldown of my * Shadow Dance * So I’m going back with full force to kill him. I’ll get close to him and Sapped ! GG End of the line for this enemy .. In the end what advantage did you have in turned backs on to tree DK idiot? ROFL Next and last duel . This was a duel which, I performed the combo perfectly. get closer.. *Sap* with safety nice I prepared the character to start the combo I started the combo I used the * Kidney Shot * right after he had used the racial ..

Wonderful! And *Vanish* GG This DK will not be able to do anything else. Sucess ! I came back to attack him.. *Backstab* Face to Face and *Gouge* it’s OVER ! hellyeah Well folks, this video is coming to end I hope you have understood .. What I tried to pass in the video, which is the mechanics of ROGUE When you begin to understand mechanics, dude .. It’s amazing, it’s unbelievable what you can do with this class. It’s just practice! Do not forget to give Like! And we met in the next video .. See ya !.

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