Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a guide to the bosses of the Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon on Mythic Difficulty. This dungeon is brand new in 7.3, the entrance is Here and you cannot run it until you’ve caught up with the third wing of the Argus Campaign. You’ll know you’ve unlocked it because you’ll have a quest called Seat of the Triumvirate that has you go in and kill the final boss. Our first boss is Zuraal, and he’s seen better days. Many of his abilities will cause Void Sludge, which you can see as purple goo on the ground.

You’ll take stacking damage if you stand in that, and the boss will get a damage infusion if HE’S in it so just get everyone out of the goo. Null Palm is a Frontal Cone attack that he’ll use pretty often. If you’re not the tank, don’t be in front of the boss. Problem solved. Decimate is an infrequent, heavy magic attack that he’ll use on his tank, which spawns an expanding pool of sludge. The tank should use some magic mitigation if they’ve got any and then scootch out of the goo. Coalesced Void adds will spawn and then beeline for the boss. If they reach him they’ll explode, so DPS should swap to the adds and take them down. On Mythic Difficulty, they’ll leave a trail of goo behind them so it’s even more important to slow, stun and kill them quickly. Umbra Shift will knock a random player into the Void Realm.

That player needs to collect energy from Dark Aberration adds by killing them and standing within 10 yards of their little death explosion. When they’ve filled up their bar, they get a Void Tear extra action button which they should use. Void Tear will bring you back to your friends as well as stunning the boss for 20 seconds, causing him to take 200% extra damage. That’s a good time to pop any damage cooldowns and burst the boss down.

After Zuraal has Umbra Shifted a player into the void realm, the rest of the party up top will deal with the bosses Fixate. He’ll buff up with Maddened Frenzy, which makes him slower and causes his attacks to knockback. Then he’ll fixate random players and chase them around Scooby Doo style. Just kite the boss, preferably not into a bunch of void adds. Those will explode. After Zuraal and before Saprish, you’ll need to move to the Void Tears marked on your map and kill their Warden add. Trash will continue to spawn until you’ve finished all the Void Tears so keep moving. If you remember the Culling of Strathholme this is reminiscent of that. Saprish is the second boss of Seat and you’ll fight him along with his kitty, Darkfang. On Mythic you’ll also need to fight his Skyfin pal Shadewing. The lot of them share a health pool so DoT classes will actually do more damage on Mythic. Saprish will gain stacks of Hunter’s Rush throughout the fight from various abilities. That’ll drive up his tank damage as time goes on so conserve your mitigation cooldowns for when you really need them.

Void Trap will lay down little ground bombs. You can clearly see them so there’s no excuse for stepping on them. They will stun if you step on them so you and everybody else will know that you tripped. Now and then, the boss will cast Overload Trap which explodes them all. Get to a safe distance and you’ll have a nice clean floor to work with. For Umbral Flanking, Saprish dashes between marked players. He’ll gain extra Hunter’s Rush stacks for them and anyone in the way, on top of doing a bit of damage to everyone hit. If you’re not marked, get out of the way. On top of looking adorable, Darkfang does exactly one thing, which is Ravaging Darkness. He teleports then does a frontal cone cleave.

It’s a lot like Nal’Tiras Blink Strike from the Arcway. If the big kitty jumps onto or near you, just scootch so that you’re not right in front of it. On Mythic Difficulty, you’ll get Shadewing and he likes to Swoop. He’ll dive down onto a random player and do a little cleave, so stay spread a bit to reduce damage from that. Right after he swoops, Shadewing will cast Dread Screech. That’s interruptible and very much needs to be interrupted. If Dread Screech goes off, everyone including the tank will be disoriented for 4 seconds and the boss will just run amok punching people. It’s hilarious but it’s not what you want. Just kick the screech. Viceroy Nezhar is our third boss, and I want his outfit. Collapsing Void will form a shrinking border of the room. It won’t shrink forever but it will hedge you in a bit. Don’t stand in that. He’ll spawn Umbral Tentacles in packs of 3 on heroic and 4 on Mythic. Those do a little knockback when they spawn, then proceed to laser down random people. The laser does damage, stacks a healing reduction buff, it’s just bad news so the Tentacles need to die ASAP.

Tentacles before Boss is the most important priority of this fight. You can interrupt and stun them, so make use of that while you get them down. Now and then the boss will cast Howling Dark, which is an interruptible AOE fear. I hope you have at least one kick left over from the whole tentacle business because you’re going to need it. Entropic Force is basically Dresaraon’s Downdraft from Darkheart Thicket, except this dude’s trying to push you into the Collapsing Void rather than whelp eggs. You handle it the same way. Start out near the boss, then fight against the pushback and use speed boosts as needed. On Mythic difficulties, Viceroy Nezhar has an Insanity mechanic. He’ll build Insanity, and at 100 he’ll summon two adds, become immune and start casting Eternal Twilight. Kill those adds to remove his immunity, kick his cast, and carry on.

As you can guess Eternal Twilight is not something you want so this is not a good time to be wandering off for a snack. L’ura is the final boss of the instance, as you might guess by the fact that there’s nowhere else to go. This is a two phase fight which can be roughly divided into an add phase and a boss phase. Her damage will increase throughout the fight so early deaths can become a real problem. Throughout the encounter L’ura will ping players with Void Blast, dealing damage and leaving a five second DoT. Healers should keep an eye on Void Blast targets, particularly on higher key difficulties.

In the Add phase, the boss will open Void Portals and become immune. Your job is to deal with the Void Adds coming through the portal. Greater Rift Wardens look like big void lords and cast Fragment of Despair. This is a soak mechanic, and if nobody soaks it the explosion is HUGE. Fragment of Despair looks like this. One player goes and stands in it, they take a much smaller hit and everything is sunshine and daisies. Waning Void Adds leave Remnant of Anguish Puddles, which are the purple thing you want to not stand in. Kill the adds and watch your feet, which is tricky in such a small room. Once the adds are down, the boss will be stunned for 12 sec with Backlash. She takes 200% extra damage while stunned so pop your cooldowns and have at it. After the first Backlash the boss will spawn two portals and you’re back to Phase 1 with twice as many adds. Clear them one more time and you’re free to kill the boss before she kills you. On Mythic and above, L’ura gains the Grand Shift ability. This ports all of the Anguish goops over players and does lethal damage to anyone that is still there when they land.

Move forward out of the goop and consider using a personal to help mitigate the initial damage. So, that is the Seat of the Triumvirate! This is a fairly quick, painless dungeon with cool bosses and lots of spooky purple things to kill. Time will tell if it’s remembered more kindly than Cathedral but I’ve got a good feeling. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, please consider leaving a like if you found this helpful and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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