What’s up guy and girl players of WoW. This is Ryutarou aka Tarou and in this video I’m going to show you a basic overview of the Sindragosa encounter in ICC. For the FREE complete guide, and many others, go to tarouwowguides.com Before you can slay the Lich King, you’ll have to defeat Sindragosa. She’s one pissed off bitc, I mean dragon, and ready to take her anger out on you and your raid. This fight is fairly simple in parts but a bit complex in its entirety and a lot like Sapphiron.

Your raid will need 2 tanks, 2-3 healers, and 5-6 dps. I suggest 3 healers to make the fight less RNG with the Unchained Magic debuff. This fight consists of 3 phases. The first phase or ground phase is super simple. Have your tank position the boss at the back left of the room. Melee should treat her like any other dragon boss by watching for cleave and her tail. During every phase Sindragosa will select raid members and put a debuff on them. Melee has 20% chance at getting a stacking debuff that causes around 1k damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds which they should wipe around 5 or 6. DKs can clear the debuff when they dump their runic power. If ranged are inflicted with the Unchained Magic debuff, they gain a stack every time they use any ability and should wipe this around 5 or 6.

The debuff isn’t applied until the cast is finished so you can try and do what I do by casting just as the debuff hits 1 or 2 seconds, depending on the ability, to maximize your DPS. If you are a Shadow Priest, you can be a little crazy and go to 20 or so as long as you can use Dispersion. Healers can get this debuff too and that makes this fight a bit tricky which is why I suggest 3 healers to help alleviate the extra stress. During the ground phase Sindragosa will also use Icy Grip yanking everyone into her belly for some up close and personal attention. Just run out to a safe distance or mitigate the damage and keep dps’ing. DKs can Anti-Magic Shield and Rogues can cloak out of it. The second phase or air phase is the easiest and the raid should simply bolt to the stairs as she flies up.

Sindragosa will then select two raid members in 10m and five in 25m to ice block. Have the marked ice block targets spread out on the bottom of the stairs while the raid is up the stairs. In 25m we use a 2 – 3 pattern and the tank spams it in raid every time to make sure noone forgets where their mark goes. The raid should never be close to the marked targets and the marked targets should never be close to the raid or it could cause wipe by having the whole raid blocked like you see here.

Just go to your position and there shouldn’t be any problems. This phase is all about LoS and DPS control. In 25m break out the back three blocks quickly while LoS’ing the Frost Bolt Bombs and use the last two blocks to LoS while burning them down until she lands which is after four Frost Bombs. You want to have the last blocks broken by the time she lands. For 10m be careful not to over DPS the two Ice Blocks and take it slow or you’ll easily break them too early.

Just before she lands the tank should already be in position and the raid can return to where they were standing in phase 1. After Sindragosa hits 35% the third phase begins, she’ll be permanently grounded, continue to cast Unchained Magic, Chilled to the Bone, Icy Grip like phase 1, and start debuffing any raid member in LoS with Mystic Buffet. This ability can get kinda nasty when combined with the other debuff and you should wipe stacks after 6-8. Tanks can take more stacks but should taunt swap every other Ice Tomb. In this phase the raid group should stack up in the center until the first Ice Tomb is cast. Whoever it gets cast on needs to run to the left just past the tank slighty and at a nice diagonal LoS position from Sindragosa’s head.

This will allow the healers to heal the tank from behind the block and be close enough for tanks to taunt swap to clear debuff stacks. DPS needs to be controlled on the blocks so all raiders LoS’ing can wipe their stacks while still breaking them out as fast as possible. When the second Ice Tomb is cast, have the marked player run to just the right of her rear leg with a little bit of distance between the Ice Tomb and her. Some people will freak out when they get the tomb mark and not be in the right place. Just deal with it and adjust accordingly. While all this is going on, DPS still needs to damage the boss so make sure to select a few people stay out for every other tomb including healers. At around 10% you can ignore the Ice Blocks and just zerg Sindragosa till she’s dead and enjoy your loot.

Oh look, they didn’t leave me to die this week in the Ice Tomb. So here’s the recap. Phase One – Melee & Range wipe stacks after 5-6 Run out after Icy Grip Phase Two – Ice Block targets spread out 10yds Raid be away from marked targets Control DPS on blocks and LoS Frost Bombs Break all blocks just after 4th Frost Bomb Phase Three – Pop Heroism or Bloodlust Melee & Range wipe stacks after 6-8 Drop tombs left of Sindragosa’s head and right of her leg Tanks taunt swap every left tomb and wipe stacks At 10% ignore blocks and Zerg and most importantly, have fun! So there you have it. A simple walk-through of the Sindragosa encounter. Reminds me a lot of Sapphiron and is a pretty fun fight but, I wanna hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Please subscribe and visit tarouwowguides.com for more free WoW raiding, gold making, and leveling guides. Thanks for watching^^ ‘Now Go PvE or Somethin’.

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