Hi! I’m Hazel, and today I’m going to walk you through exactly how to get your very own Sprite Darter Hatchling pet in WoW. I’m also going to talk a little bit about how to go about making gold off of the consumables and mats needed to get the pet. So the gist of it is the WoW Secret Finding Community found a cave in Northern Winterspring called the Cave of Consumption. While inside, you’re silenced so you can not use spells or toys. There are a bunch of obstacles, and you’ll need to use a variety of consumable items in order to get through the cave and loot your Sun Darter Hatchling pet.

Many of the consumables are tradeable, so you can pick a lot of them up at your Auction House or make a healthy amount of gold by farming and selling them. So here is the full list of exactly what you’ll need. I’ll paste it in the video description as well. Do not go to the cave without having everything on this list, and don’t use anything yet. You need one each of the six Major Protection Potions.

Fire, Frost, Holy, Arcane, Nature and Shadow. These are craftable by Alchemists and available on the Auction House. The recipes are rare drops from Burning Crusade dungeon bosses and world mobs and they require an Alchemy skill of at least 360 to make. They require Primal Elements such as Primal Fire, Mana, Shadow etcetera and they all take Mana Thistle. All of these factors mean that it takes some doing to go back and craft these protection potions, so expect to pay a fair bit to snag these on the Auction House. Do make sure you’re getting Major Protection potions, not Greater and not Mighty. Major. You’ll need one Ethereal Oil, which is another thing made by Alchemists. It requires Alchemy 375 to make and two Glassfin Minnows, which can be fished up in Crystalsong Forest. It’s tradeable and can be bought at the Auction House. You’ll need between 10 and 15 Pygmy Oil, which is a similar situation to the Ethereal Oil.

Alchemists can craft it out of Pygmy Suckerfish, which can be caught alongside other fish in Northrend. It requires an Alchemy skill of 375 to craft, and they can be bought on the Auction House. You’ll need one Scroll of Intellect. Not a Major, Minor, Fancy or Fantabulous scroll of intellect, just a straight up, item level 1 Scroll of Intellect. These can be crafted at Inscription Level 1 with a single Moonglow Ink, or bought on the Auction House. Because of the low barrier to entry of crafting these, this shouldn’t be too expensive to buy. You’ll need a stack of Noggenfogger. This one’s easy- just head to gadgetzan in Tanaris and buy it off of Sparkle here. You’ll need one Dire Brew, which you get in the Grim Guzzler of Black Rock Depths. Keep talking to the Dark Iron Brewer NPC near Spazzring until he passes out and drops his tankard. Loot that to collect your Dire Brew. You’ll need one Gordok Ogre Suit. This one is also buyable but the prices are quite high and it’s easy to get yourself. Go to the Northern entrance of the Dire Maul dungeon in Feralas, and run along until you get to the room with Slip’kik.

Loot the basket of Ogre Tannin on the balcony upstairs. Then, drop back down and trade it with the goblin NPC for a Gordok Ogre suit. If you can’t find the goblin enable Track Trivial Quests in your tracking menu. For the only Non consumable on the list, you will need a Perky Pug Battle Pet. The Perky Pug is rewarded from the Looking For Multitudes achievement. If you don’t have that achievement yet, you’ll need to queue for random dungeons until you’ve grouped with enough random players. To go with your Pug, you’ll need a Little Princess Costume. This can be bought from the pet vendor in Dalaran or the Draenor Garrison for one single pet charm.

Or, if you’ve never heard of a Pet Charm in your life, you can buy the costume on the Auction House. You’ll need Scotty’s Lucky Coin. Prepare yourself because this is the worst part of the whole thing. The coin drops off a rare imp named Scotty in the Townlong Steppes of Pandaria. His home is tucked away in a hidden alcove to the left side of a Mantid House that’s located at 21, 47. Scotty’s got a 7 minute respawn timer, and the coin goes to one person per kill.

At this time there’s no point in grouping up or trying to multi-tag- it’s always going to be one coin per Scotty. I dearly hope that they change that in a hotfix. I was delighted to find a very civilized, player-regulated line in front of the Scotty’s spawn point, with everyone waiting for their turn to kill him and get their coin. Should you show up and find such a wonderful display of player civility, I recommend respecting the line and waiting your turn. It’s both more polite and less frustrating than playing the tag war game. You’ll need one Winterfall Firewater. This is a pretty common drop off of the Winterfall Furbolg found in Winterspring.

Since the cave itself is in Winterspring, I picked this one up last on my way in. You only need one so you should be able to find it quickly. These are also tradeable and can be bought on the Auction House. Last, you’ll need a special consumable called a Water Stone. You’ll get this one in the cave while you’re completing the puzzles, so don’t buy it. You’re good to go. Once you’ve triple checked that you have EVERYTHING on the list, it’s time to head to the cave.

Fly to the very very northern tip of Winterspring, up here. Follow these instructions very carefully and do NOT click off any buffs until I tell you to. If you get teleported out, you’ll keep the buffs and you’ll need them to get back to where you were. First, walk in until you arrive at a fire wall. Use your Fire Protection Potion and walk through it. Next, you need to use the other five Protection Potions.

There’s a one minute cooldown, so you’ll be sitting here for a little bit. They’ve got a 17 minute duration, so it’s no issue getting them all up. Once you have ALL SIX BUFFS, you can safely walk through the green Fel Wall. Next you should see a Diligent Watcher Gargoyle. Use your Noggenfogger until you turn into a skeleton, and walk past him. Now, the path forks. Go to the Wall of Vines on the right.

Use your Scotty’s Coin to turn into an imp, and pass through. In the pool, you’ll see little blue Water Stones. Loot one and then go back to the fork. Use that Water Stone you just picked up and pass through the Blue Wall. Next, you should see a Stone Watcher. Use your Dire Brew and become a Dark Iron Dwarf to get past him safely. Now you come to a ramp leading up and a slope leading down. Be careful in this area- if you jump off and fall, you’ll be teleported out and need to run back. That’s no issue as long as you still have all of your buffs, but you can avoid it by keeping yer feet on the ground! Head up the ramp and go to the Purple barrier on the right.

Use your Ethereal oil to get through it. Then, use the Gordok Ogre Suit and Winterfall Firewater. Click the stone, place your arm in the hole and you will get a Sign of the Second debuff. Now, back up and go to the gate on the left. Spam drink the Pygmy Oil until you turn into a Pygmy, and then you can get through. You should see a Wisdom Cube up ahead. Summon your Perky Pug, target it and use the Princess costume. Then, talk to the cube and Place Arm Beneath Cube. You should get the Sign of the First debuff. With both Sign debuffs on you, you can now carefully walk down the ramp and down the slope below. In this room, there’s a Tarnished Plaque on the wall. You MUST CLICK THE PLAQUE. Do not skip clicking the Plaque.

After you read the plaque, right click off your Winterfall Firewater buff and use the Scroll of Intellect. Be careful not to jump into the water- just walk down into the pool and go loot the Oddly Colored Egg. Congratulations on your awesome new pet! ! The Sun Darter Hatchling has average health, low speed and pretty good attack. It’s first slot can be set to Blink Strike or Sleeping Gas. The second slot can be Ethereal or Ancient Blessing, while the third slot can be Consume Magic or Sunlight. That moveset is jam-packed with good stuff, and to top it all off the Sun Darter Hatchling is bizarrely enough a Critter. That means you can use it on your Family Familiar teams for Mousing Around, and it’s immune to getting stunned with the critter racial. It’s also just a really beautiful pet that’s worth getting just for looks. So what if you have the pet and now you want to make back some of that gold you spent on potions and oils. Or, maybe you couldn’t care less about the pet but you’re all about getting some profit in on this whole shebang.

Lucky for you, there are a bunch of options and ways you can farm the relevant mats and consumables to sell on the Auction House. If you have an Herbalist, consider farming Mana Thistle. It’s a key ingredient in ALL of the Major Protection Pots, and it’s rare enough to find that the prices are sky high right now. The most frustration free place to farm Mana Thistle in peace is inside the Serpentshrine Caverns Raid. Use some Bear Tartare to move quickly through the raid, and kill the Underbog Collossus trash mobs. You can herb their corpses for a nice bundle of BC herbs, which often include Mana Thistle. If you don’t kill bosses, you can reset the instance up to 10 times an hour to farm these. I was getting 6-10 mana thistle from each lap, which on my server was worth between 9 and 15 THOUSAND gold for a five minute run. If you’re an Alchemist, you can craft the Protection Potions, the Ethereal Oil or the Pygmy Oil. The recipes for those protection potions are 1% droprates off of dungeon bosses and world mobs, so it’s a bit of an effort to get them together. The oils are easier to craft, and the mats for them are easier to farm as well.

If you like fishing, grinding the Pygmy suckerfish and Glassfin Minnows is going to be hot for a little while. Like, 500 gold a fish hot on my server. That’s going to die down at some point, but the continued availability of the pet means they’re always going to be worth more than they used to be. And if you hate professions and refuse to touch them, there are other things you can do. If you can run fast, you can run and reset Dire Maul to get Ogre Suits for those too lazy to get their own. Those were going for almost 10k each on my server.

Motes of Fire, Mana, Shadow, Life and Water are all needed to make the primals for the potions, and their values are really high right now too. You can kill Winterfall furbolgs to get Firewater to sell, but you might need to fight other farmers for the spawns. So, that’s the deal with the Sun Darter Hatchling and the Cave of Consumption! Full credit to the WoW secret finding community for figuring all this out. Those are some incredibly determined people and dang do they work fast. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, please consider leaving a like if this video helped you and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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