I’m a successful scribe; I’ve said this a number of times on this channel. In previous videos I scratched the surface on what I do but this time I’m going to give it to you straight, dry and informative. Hey it’s Soul, giving you the Word of Warcraft. Today I’ll show you how to make money with inscription. But let’s get everything out in the open here. This isn’t a method to get rich quick, and inscription isn’t the powerhouse moneymaker it used to be. But unless your particular realm has some really nasty competition, you’ll comfortably make enough gold to pay for your subscription. Finally, this isn’t an addon tutorial, but I’ll give some basic ideas and tips on how to set up your auctions.

Let’s go. Here are the tools you need. A character with Legion inscription, preferably one you play regularly enough that you can stand going out into the world to learn all the Legion inscription recipes. As an option, or even better if this is your main, make them an herbalist so you can get your own materials if the herb market isn’t looking appetizing and you’ve got time on your hands. An addon to manage your auctions and inventory. I use TradeSkillMaster. A spreadsheet. Believe me when I say it makes your life much easier when you can update just a few prices and be fed useful, profitable data. I’ll be using them in this video to do some calculations. Backup capital. If you play right, you’ll sell well enough that you can never hope to gather all the resources you need on your own. Invest into making purchases from the auction house or partnering with a few someones who can farm herbs for you. Glyphs are made with herbs from every expansion, but explaining the legacy glyphs and herbs will be pretty simple. Let’s focus on one specific Legion herb instead.

At the center of your inscription empire is Dreamleaf. It’s a scribe’s most valuable herb. A big chunk of your business’s profitability both lives and dies by this herb so you want to get as much of this in your hands as you can. The question is if and when you start buying it, how much should you buy it for? And is it better to buy materials directly? To figure that out I wanted to get a really good idea of what’s the actual value of Dreamleaf is, based on the average yield I’d get when milling a full stack of 200.

So I bought about 16000 of it at a price between 20 and 25g per herb, so rounding up, I spent 400000 gold. Then I milled all 80 stacks and for each stack, counted how much I got, between Roseate and Sallow Pigments, Seeds and Nightmare Pods. That’s the total. And that’s the average yield. Hold on though. As you might know, Nightmare Pods contain its own random amount of inscription mats, including more Nightmare Pods. Like I did with the Dreamleaf, I opened up 100 Pods and recorded the data, got this total, and this average yield per Nightmare Pod. So this is the average yield of a stack of Dreamleaf, including the materials that comes from the average number of Nightmare Pods. Take this with a grain of salt due to the limited samples, but this is what I use and I’ve been pretty profitable so far.

Now that we have these averages we can assign a value to them. Keep in mind that the prices I’m presenting won’t mean anything to you since every realm is different and time marches on. Just think of these as examples. I bought around 400000 worth of Dreamleaf. The prices of materials during this study are here. Based on these prices and based on the averages I have, one stack of Dreamleaf is worth 6000 gold.

So at least I did this study at a profit. It also tells me that there’s a market for selling only materials, so I’ll sell a small amount at a time if I feel like it. So for you folks at home, here’s what you do. Take the average price of materials on your realm here and fill in the blanks. Calculate the totals and see what’s more economical for you, buy materials directly, or buy Dreamleaf. For non-Legion glyphs, buying materials is pretty simple. Spend no more than one gold per herb. That’s it. The goal is to spend no more than 15 gold to produce a non-Legion glyph. Spending no more than 1 gold per herb keeps you well under that and doesn’t require all this crazy calculating. Now it’s all downhill from here when it comes to producing and selling glyphs.

I’m the kind of vendor who crafts and sells everything, because in this kind of economy, everything eventually sells at some point. The fact that glyphs are no longer permanently learned helps a great deal, too. Once again I’m using TradeSkillMaster for my selling. It’s plain easy once you work out how to navigate your way in. But this should be useful no matter what addon you use. For non-Legion glyphs, I suggest this simple configuration for selling. It ensures you’ll always sell at a profit and you won’t have auctions just rotting away after you’ve been undercut, and you will be undercut. If you feel inclined to camp the Auction House, feel free. Legion glyphs are a great deal more complicated to craft. The crafting cost of glyphs varies between the classes, so you’ll have to set up a separate configuration for each group, like this. With the exception of Demon Hunters and Warlocks, classes are paired with an identical cost.

So what should your minimum price be for these? We’ll look back at the average prices of materials being sold on the Auction House. This is assuming that the price of materials is greater than the price of Dreamleaf is. The idea is to sell for no lower than this price because otherwise you should just be selling materials instead, or you can stock up on Dreamleaf. So again we’ll whip up a quick formula to calculate the cost of materials but this time we’ll add another 5% to the total to offset the Auction House cut. Everything else can stay the same so we can keep product from stagnating. Vantus Runes and the Tranquil Mind tomes are the two types of time-sensitive items a scribe sells. If you have the time to, try to time these sales during your realm’s prime time for raiding and other PvE activities. As of this recording, don’t bother crafting Vantus Runes. The material cost is scheduled to go down in an upcoming patch. Once they do though, sell them according to your realm’s typical raid schedule.

Restocking and updating your calculations only needs to be done once a week or so, depending on your traffic. You’ll have holes. You won’t be king of the market. But you’ll be pretty well off. Share your thoughts and questions, and Stay Breezy..

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