Hi! I’m Hazel, and this is a countdown of ten pets I find myself using over and over again in the Legion pet battle world quests. If you’re looking to flesh out your collection for Legion, this is a good place to start. A full list of every pet I used in my Broken Isles pet strategies can be found in the description of this video. #10: The Draenei Micro-Defender. This little guy has a shield on each arm, so you know he means business. He’s got an arsenal of useful moves such as Reflective Shield, Shield Block and the heavy-hitting Ion Cannon. You can get him as a rep reward for the Council of Exarchs if you’re Alliance. You’ll need to be Revered, which can be ground the old fashioned way or you can just pick up some Medallions of the Legion to skip ahead. He’ll set you back 1k Gold and two thousand apexis crystals. If you’re Horde or really not into rep grinding, your best bet is to check your Auction House for Caged ones. #9: A Rabbit. We’re not picky about which Rabbit, but you should have at least one.

You can find them everywhere as wild pets, or on a vendor in Dun Morough. Check your journal for keywords ‘Rabbit’ and ‘Hare’ to see what you’ve got around. Rabbits are great because they’re very fast, and they have moves such as flurry and dodge that benefit from going first. These come in a bunch of breeds and for the most part breed won’t matter- I like having one that’s high speed and another one that’s more balanced for different sitations. #8:Nexus Whelpling. This is the ultimate Anti-Flying cannon.

You can pick one up as a wild pet around Coldarra in the Borean Tundra. Try to look for one with a 100% attack breed if you can, it’ll have 341 attack at level 25. Arcane Storm/Mana Surge will do massive damage, and the type resistance to flying attacks is icing on the cupcake. #7: A Snail. Like the Rabbit, doesn’t matter which one, just grab one. Snails are quite tanky and make a good counter to Elemental pets- you’ll do big damage with Dive and you’re type resistant as well. Shell Shield and Absorb will keep you alive for days. I’m partial to the Health/Power breed of snail that gets you 305 attack and a good sized health pool.

Find snails as wild pets on most Azerothian Beaches, or adopt Scooter the Snail from Children’s Week. #6: Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon. Alright, so Celestial pets aren’t super accessible. Having said that, Yu’la is so good. Her whole moveset is just juicy, she’s fast and she hits hard. Her biggest weakness is her health pool, which is a little dinky at 1237. However, I use Yu’la all the time and she’s got to be tied with Chi-chi for my most used Celestial pet. When you do conquer the Celestial Tournament, Yu’la makes an excellent choice. #5: The Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling. This guy is eternally useful as the go-to Magic Counter. He’s type resistant to Magic damage, and mows through Magic pets with Breath. On top of that, you get Decoy, Thunderbolt and the handy dandy Mechanical Racial.

If you have an Engineer, you can craft this at skill 575 with Ghost Iron, Trillium and a few Spirits of Harmony. The rest of us will have to buy them off the Auction House. Bring a quality upgrade stone- he’s bizarrely enough learned as Uncommon but he’s well worth upgrading to Rare. #4: The Pygmy Cow. This little lady is just a sweetheart. She’s got Mother’s Milk to heal your team, Where’s the Beef to dodge any bad news bears and plenty of critter damage to chew through evil zombies.

She’s not Cageable so you’ll need a Level 3 Barn at the Garrison to get one. When you’ve upgraded the Barn, check it for a Glass of Warm Milk. If the milk’s not there, swap the barn’s position at your Architects table and check it again. I used my adorable cow buddy quite a few times in Legion so she’s definitely worth looking into. #3: The Race MiniZep. So yeah, it looks like a Darkmoon Zeppelin, squawks like a Darkmoon Zeppelin, but it’s just that little bit different that makes it good.

You’ve got 289 attack over the Darkmoon Zeppelin’s 273, and you still get Missile and Decoy. In your third slot though, you get access to both Overtune and Darkmoon Curse, which is in most situations ia just better than taking Bombing Run. You get the MiniZep from completing the Big Rocketeer: Gold achievement at the Darkmoon Faire, which is tricky but far from impossible. Next time the Faire rolls around, just set aside some time, watch a few videos on the achievement and put your full effort into it. I believe in you. You can do it.

#2: The Unborne Val’kyr. This one was always useful but I’m finding her better than ever in Legion. The good news is that patch increased the spawns of this pet, so there’s never been a better time to go look for your own Valk. They spawn as Wild pets at specific points in every Northrend zone. I like her in the Balanced breed, which gets you 292 attack. Just grab the first one of those you find, use a quality stone to upgrade it and you’ll be good to go. #1: The Fel Pup. This little dude combos up with my Val’kyr to make the ultimate Anti-Humanoid team. You get Curse of Doom and Unholy ascenscion rolling with a Howl and a Diseased bite, and they’re toast. To make it even better, he’s type resistant to Humanoid attacks. He’s got three types of damage, Crouch and he’s very fast at 325 speed. He’s an easy pick-up in Tanaan Jungle- just kill the Wolf rare at the Temple of Sha’naar and talk to the pup to adopt him from behind his mothers corpse. That’s the beginning of a beautiful story right there. And those are my top Ten most used battle pets in Legion.

There’s thirty-five pet battle World Quests coming our way, and you’ll want more than these ten to get through them all, but this is a very good start. Check the description below this video for a full list of every pet I’ve used in my Legion strategies, and for a playlist link to all the strat videos. Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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