Greetings citizens of Azeroth, when Legion came out I’ve made a video about my UI and the most essential addons needed for the expansion, now let’s do the same for Battle for Azeroth! The main addon that I use is LUI, but modified from the classic UI do the default LUI to this, that you can also change a bit if you want and change the color based on the class you play, and apart from LUI I’m going to talk about 10 great addons that I think everyone should use, a few extra minor ones after that and a set-up guide at the end. I’ll also upload my interface and you can download it, just place it into your Addons and WTF folders and update it from time to time with the Twitch app.

So, for LUI, it does an overhaul of most of your UI, from the bag to unit frames and bars and gives you a lot of utility and customization, I’ve used tons of interfaces made by me or pre-made or customized further but I like LUI the most out of all of them. After I talk about the rest of the addons I’m going to show you how to customize it manually, but if you use my archive you can import mine directly. 10. Alright, the first of the needed addons that everyone should use is DBM, you need it in dungeons and raids, especially at the start of an expansion and when new raids come out since it tells you what to do and what not to do during boss fights, as well as giving you the pull timer to see when to begin the fight at the proper second, as well as telling you how many times you defeated or wiped at any boss. 9. Next, something for damage meters, Recount and Skada are the most used ones, giving you damage rankings for your group as well as healing, CCs used, deaths, damage taken and so on, so you know who to blame when you wipe 10 times in a row at a boss.

8. World Quest Tracker will save you a lot of time, you won’t have to manually check every new world quest to see what it is and what reward it gives, you see an overview of everything from your map, you can hide them as well if you want and also have buttons that directly send you to Kul Tiras and Zandalar, plus when you click on an emissary, you get sent to the zone where those quests are and they will be marked on the map with an !. Also, since World Quest Tracker addons were made harder to use by Blizzard in BFA and you no longer can instantly find a party with it and you have to search for the number of the quest to see other people using the addon, there’s this new one called World Quest Party that let’s you instantly create a party and post a looking for group message or join other people using this addon, the more people have it the better, so get it.

7. I also recommend something for your bags, bagnon is a good standalone addon but LUI has them incorporated and it looks great, you can organise your bag a lot easier if it’s just one combined not 100, you see rarities of items around their edges and you can also search items in your bag as well as stack and sort them here or in the bank, making them cleaner and easier to search for your drugs. And there’s also this nice little addon that will save you a lot of time called SellTrash or you can activate the option directly from LUI, that sells all the trash items from your bag instantly when talking to a vendor.

6. Unit Frames and Nameplates. There are a lot of great unit frame addons, but I really like those offered by LUI, even if I modified them a lot, yet you can customize them in a ton of way to make them look like you want them too and add or remove many functions. KUI is a great addon for nameplates, makes them look nicer and cleaner, you can customize them quite a lot and track dots and see the cast bars of your targets, you can also active and customize it for allies, seeing their names based on their class for example.

5. Next something for your bars will be really handy, Bartender is a good addon that’s easy to use, but again LUI has incorporated bars, it lets you move them as you please, have as many as you want and place them where you want, also giving you options to make them shorter or longer, make them appear only if you mouse over them or make them bigger. Also you can customize the hotkeys super easy, just type /kb and mouse over them and set up the buttons for those abilities. 4. Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text is my favorite addon for scrolling damage and healing numbers, you can more easily see how much damage or healing you do with every ability, on how many targets all the time, it looks great, you can also modify it a lot, the size and font for example, and you can also activate popups that tell you when an ability is off cooldown and ready to use. 3. Auctionator will save you a ton of time and gold when buying or selling at the auction house, making it a lot easier to buy items at the lowest price and to sell items at the right price, just search for an items and it will scan for it and show you a list of prices, and when you sell one it will give you the recommended price for it to sell first.

2. Garrison Mission Manager works for your Battle for Azeroth mission table as well, making it easier and faster to directly send the right followers in the missions you want, showing you the % change of it to be successful. 1. And a good DOT tracker. LUI has one, or you can use addons like ForteXorcist or RoguePowerBars to set up the DOTs, buffs and HOTs as you wish, or you can just watch over them on the nameplates or have them as an icon under or above the unitframes, but it’s great to see them easily so you know when you have to refresh them.

Now a few more good but more minor addons. For arenas you should get Gladius, giving you more information about your opponents at the start and during fights, like what ability they used or when they used their medallion. Azeroth Auto Pilot is great if you want to power level as fast as possible, though I wouldn’t recommend it on your first character on each faction, it lets you auto accept and complete quests and gives you the location of where you should go for the fastest quests. Broker MoneyFu shows you the total gold you have across all characters from a server. Errorfilter hides LUA errors that you may get. NPC Scan is useful for hunting rare mobs around the world for loot or achievements or even world quests to see if any are round. Handy Notes make you see lots of items on the map, treasures or rare mobs that you can kill. Instance portals give you the entrance location of every dungeon and raid in the world.

Mapster helps you customize the map a bit, you can make it bigger or smaller, make it fade if you move with it open and clear the fog in every zone even if you never went there with the character you are playing as and gives you coordinates on where you are and where your cursor is. DejaCharacterStats lets you see more details about your character and add or remove any of them. Encounter Journal Saved Instances gives you an overlay of what bosses you’ve cleared in the current week for raids and dungeons, easier to see compared to the Raid function given by default.

And Overachiever is an addon that helps you complete achievements and suggests those that you can do where you are located. Alright now for that setup, if you use my archive and correctly paste it into your WoW folder you should see some profiles of mine that you can copy and have everything set up, but in case that does not work, don’t worry, here’s a manual guide on how to do it. The hardest part to set up are the unit frames, luckily you can import them with a code, just go to /LUI, unitframes and layout and import mine, I’ll leave it in a comment below. After that, the rest is simpler, just remove the functions you don’t want or hide them by sending them up or down, modify the bars as you see fit and the locations of everything, you can also remove the top orb if you don’t want it, set up your hotkeys and customize the remaining parts of it as you see fit and there you are! And that’s it, thanks for watching, if you are new here subscribe and if you liked my interface or this video helped you, leave a like and check out my Biggest Changes and Review of BFA video as well, and I’ll see you soon, bye bye!

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