Greetings friends, Battle for Azeroth is finally here and it’s awesome, but whether you are a new player, or a returning one or just want to see what are the biggest changes in this expansion and my honest review of it, you are in the right place. So let’s count down the 10 biggest features in no particular order and also give a review of the expansion so far. 10. Heart of Azeroth. The first new thing you get in the expansion is the Heart of Azeroth, after Sargaeras stabbed the world with his little sword, the planet is bleeding Azerite, and after defeating the burning legion together, the biggest threat we saw, the Alliance and the Horde start fighting each other again, for rocks. The Hearth of Azeroth is here to replace the legion artifacts as well as legendaries and armor sets bonuses, I know, hard job.

You gain Azerite Power from pretty much everything like you did Artifact Power and you rank it up, each level increases it’s item level by 2 and by 15 when you increase your reputation with Champions of Azeroth and your head, shoulders and chest are azerite armor as well, you’ll be able to pick traits and increase their item level based on your Heart of Azeroth level. 9. Darnassus & Undercity. What happens in the pre-patch, stays in the pre-patch. Or not really, in case you missed it our tree is burning, not that tree, Teldrassil was burned down by Sylvanas, destroying the capital of the Night Elves, you can’t go there now and on the map it shows as ruins of Darnassus, but you can speek with a timekeeper to visit old Azeroth. After this, the Alliance attacked Lordaeron with the help of Jaina, trying to take it back, but Sylvanas also destroyed it with plague, ruining 2 capital cities, good job. 8. Kul Tiras & Zandalar. The biggest change this expansion is of course the addition of the not 1, not 3 but 2 new continents. And the most interesting part here is that they are pretty much completely split, if you play on the Alliance you will level up and see the story of Kul Tiras, you’ll go with Jaina and meet her mother that will imprison here, then head to complete the 3 areas to unite the kingdoms of Kul Tiras and save Jaina, and if you play Horde you’ll go to Zandalar after breaking the princess and prophet out of Stormwind and experience a different story.

You’ll have a capital, on the Alliance you have Boralus and on the Horde you have Dazar’Alor, here you have portals to your main cities, trainers for every proffesion as well as a scrapper where you can destroy gear for crafting materials. I’ve finished the Alliance side and started the Horde one too, since you kinda miss half the expansion if you only play on one side, overall the zones and the story were very nicely done, what I liked the most was how cinematic everything was, so many cutscenes and so many talked quests and lots of interesting and fun ones. You only get 3 leveling areas but they are huge, and all of them have a lot of side quests, I got to 116 in the first one but I did pretty much everything, and dinged 120 at only 2/10 chapters in the 3rd one, yet I finished all of them and the Jaina main story afterwards.

Took me 20 to 30 hours to get to 120 and played 20 more hours afterwards, but I took my time to read the quests and enjoy the story and explore all the zones. So on the Alliance side you start on Tiragarde Sound, an area full or pirates and the place where the capital city and the Proudmoore residence are, then there’s Stormsong Valley, a beautiful place with a nation corrupted by the Old Gods and Azshara and creepy Drustvar, my favorite zone of the expansion, where you help the Waycrest daugher get rid of witches and reclaim her home. On the Horde side you have Zuldazar, a big green jungle where you’ll get the respect of the god king of Wakanda, I mean Zandalar, Nazmir, another quite creepy area filled with blood trolls and an old god, and Vol’Dun, a desert area filled with ruins and pyramids and snake people. You don’t have a garrison or a class hall now, instead an area of your capital will replace it’s needs, still having missions, war resources, followers and researches you can do.

There’s also a war campaign that sends you to make a base in each of the opposite faction’s zones and then assassinate and fight with leaders of that faction. After you complete your 3 zones stories and get friendly reputations with them you also unlock world quests, and you still have an emmisary each day like in Legion, giving you a bonus if you complete 3 or 4 quests for them, and you get quests on both continents as each faction. Apart from that there are currently 10 new dungeons, mythic + is not out yet but the dungeons are great and feel quite different from each other, Waycrest Manor is my favorite, though all of them seem a bit more challenging and there’s too many mobs in between boss fights, making them sometimes even harder than the actual boss when you have to fight 20 at onces.

The first raid will be Uldir, taking place in the creepy area of Zandalar and fighting a blood old god as the final boss here, G’huun. There’s no level 120 only zone yet, so I think we’re likely to get new areas as we dive deeper into the expansion. 7. Scaling. Next we’re going to let Tombman explain this next change, scaling. Hi, I’m Tombman! See my health? See this damage? It’s small! It used to be millions, but Blizzard stole it from me! They reduced all the numbers across the board, my health, mobs’ health and damage as well as the item level of every piece of gear, instead of going over 1000 in BFA, we’re back at 300.

Everything is smaller and easier to read since people couldn’t count to that much, makes it easier to the eye but I miss my millions. 6. Island Expeditions. Island Expeditions are a nice addition to the game, Sea of Thieves in WoW. You pick one out of 4 dificulties and join a crew to take Azerite from different islands before the opposite faction, where you’ll find treasure, mobs, elites and the opposite factions’ NPCs acting like players or fight actual players if you pick the PVP mode of the expeditions. 5. Spells & Talents. As always each class has minor or bigger changes, with the artifact weapons gone, some spells from there remain dirrectly into the spell book for some classes, or got added as talents, like new moon on balance, even if it’s the worst talent of it’s tier, I really like that spell, I hope it will get buffed.

Same for some of the traits given by legendaries, they got added as talents or as bonuses to older talents. Some spells are removed and some old spells are brought back, especially CC abilities like hibernate on the druid and many buffs are back as well, like Arcane Intellect on the mage or Fortitude on the priest and some classes received visual updates to spells, the warlock is a good example. 4. Allied Races. You’ve probably already seen or even played them, since they got added in Legion, but not only having the new races here is a great change, but the idea of allied races, since they are simpler to do and implement, meaning we’ll get many more allied races over time, not only with new expansions. Currently you got 2 for each faction with 1 more added to each of them soon, you still need achivements to unlock them but you’ll get a mount for each recruited race and if you level them to 110 without a boost you’ll also unlock their heritage armor.

3. War Mode & PVP. War mode is pretty much World PVP 2.0, you activate it in Stormwind or Orgrimmar and it lets you fight players in the World and also giving you 10% bonus XP and rewards from world quests and giving you acces to your selected PvP talents in the world, apart from in dungeons or raids. PvP talents are also changed, you get to pick 3 out of around 13 and your medallion. The honor level and prestige are now merged on the account, there are no more prestige levels but honor goes up to 500, giving rewards every few levels.

BGs are also now separate, big ones are epic battlegrounds, conquest points will return, the PvP season is not out yet, a new ranking system will also be added, similar to Overwatch, with leages like rival, duelist and so on, replacing the boring elo number and giving you a better idea of where you are skill wise. There’s also a dueller’s guild you can queue from your capital’s headquarters and fight 1v1 battles with other players. 2. War Fronts. Also not yet started, the warfronts are 20-man PvE large scale co-op campaigns taking place on different zones of the world, even visually upgraded old ones like Arathi Highlands, inspired by Warcraft 3, they allow you to lead a massive battle, you get to create outposts, take resources, set up supply lines and train units to push the assault and take the enemy stronghold.

1. Voice Chat, Communities & Professions. And finally some more UI changes. You can still see the old guild UI but there’s this new one as well as communities and voice chat as well. In the community & guild tab you can see the chat even if you weren’t there as well as create multiple rooms and join voice chat directly in the guild, and you can also join or create more in-game or on the blizzard communities, I’ll make one now to show you and you can join it if you want, I’ll leave the link. Apart from that, voice chat was added pretty much everywhere, you join a group or a dungeon or PvP and you get to join the voice chat, though not many people use it yet, might take a while for the massses to get used to, it will be a nice feature, especially in rated arenas and BGs and raids. The professions got some changes as well, they are now split per expansion and you start at 1 on each of the zones, meaning you don’t have to spent a lot of time and gold to catch up, you directly begin that proffesion in the new expansion now, also first aid is no longer a secondary proffesion, it got added to the tailoring.

Alright well that’s pretty much it for Battle for Azeroth, overall I think it’s a fantastic expansion so far, if you never played WoW or looking to get back now it’s good time as always when new expansions come out, looking forward to see what happens next with Azshara and probably old gods, and for the rest of the features and the raid to come out, thanks for watching, leave a like if you enjoyed the video and subscribe if you are new here, and I’ll see you soon with a new video of my UI, bye bye! .

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