Hey there guys! This is Reckles with WTBGold and today we’ve got a super boring instructional guide for TradeSkillMaster. A couple weeks ago I put a full guide out on TSM…go watch it if you haven’t, you’ll be a little lost without it…but one of the things I said there was that since TSM automates the goldmaking mindset, since that’s its goal, it can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be, as simple or as complicated as you choose to make gold. TODAY! We’re going to talk about some of the really neat more complicated things you can do with the addon using the check function. Let’s do this guide! So, in a nutshell the check function is neat because it allows you to use logic in TSM, you can put if statements and nested if statements into your operations.

IF thing A is positive, then perform action B, if it’s not positive, then do action C. So, rather than breaking your groups down into a ton of subgroups with operations for each that you lose track of, you can just make one slightly more complicated operation that more closely mirrors your goldmaking mindset and that works with everything. And honestly, the best thing is that you can nest these if statements by having an additional check function in the third parameter. That’ll set up tiered systems. I’ve got a couple examples for you and some homework, so let’s get rolling. Here’s an example for shopping. This is based off a post by Ord on stormspire.net, link in the description. Let’s say you have a list of all the pets out there and you want to look for deals. A deal is technically anything cheaper than market price, so you set up a shopping operation for 100% DBMarket.

That works but you’re gonna be overrun with cheap stuff that’s underpriced, you won’t be able to just scroll your mousewheel to buy everything out and flip it because a 100 gold pet selling for 50 isn’t nearly as good of a deal as a 100,000 gold pet selling for 50,000. And if you use something more along the lines of 10% DBMarket to filter out some of that cheap stuff, you’re never gonna see that 50,000 gold pet that’s half off. So, here’s what Ord uses. If something normally sells for more than 500 gold, it shows you only things that are 8% of the market price. You’d only buy that 500g pet if it was posted for 40 gold or less. If something is greater than 1000g normally, it shows you everything 12% of the market price. Up to 120g for a 1000 gold pet. If something sells for more than 5k, you’re willing to pay more, so it shows you everything up to 20% market price, and for the super expensive and rare TCG stuff, you’d be willing to pay 75000 for a 100k pet.

If none of that is true, the “1” at the end says to just show things that are 1 copper which isn’t ever going to happen. So, with this function, not only does it show you everything you’d instabuy, but you don’t need to setup a million different subgroups for battle pets. Here’s another example but this time for crafting and it’s a problem I actually went through personally. It also shows you that you can use these in more than just operations. So, in general, to determine if something is profitable in real life, you just subtract your cost from what you get for it, your revenue, and the latter in TSM is called the default craft value method. The way that one works is it first looks for…or the way this one works by default is that it first looks for a minbuyout price, and then if none are up on the auction house, it looks for the market average.

So if the cheapest on the Auction House is more expensive than it costs to make it, TSM says to craft. I’m gonna pause, try to figure out how this could be a problem. Alright, if something is up on the Auction House, that’s the only thing TSM cares about, so if someone’s messing with the market and pricing things absurdly high to where they’ll never sell if you undercut them by a copper, TSM will tell you it’s profitable when it might be, but it might not. So, I did some thinking. If you decide to use check functions, you’ll have to do some thinking too. Analyze your mindset. For me, if I’m looking to craft something without TSM how do I value the product? Well, generally, I look at the minbuyout price and the region market price, and I kind of average them together, if a 1000 gold gem is selling for 2000, I kinda just value it at 1500 mentally, but I stop doing that if the minbuyout is too high, If that gem is up for 5000 I just ignore the current price and just go with the market average.

So, I did some soul searching to find out for me, what the actual breakpoint was, and I stop averaging the two mentally when the minbuyout is about 3 times more. I also stop averaging when minbuyout 50% or less. So, now, we gotta put those three portions, too expensive, just right, you know Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear, into number form. For the top section, for papa bear, the too expensive we’re gonna check if 1/3rd the minimum price the current market price minus the region average is positive, if it it, then just use DBRegionMarketAvg. Then, we’re gonna check baby bear.

If Regionmarketaverage minus 2 times the dbminbuyout is positive, then we just use the regionmarketaverage. And for everything else, for mama bear, everything in the middle, we take dbminbuyout plus dbregionmarketaverage, and then we divide by 2. So, it’s just a simple average. Now, this isn’t perfect, and it’s possible for me to get punished in supply heavy markets, down markets where I’m valuing things mentally for more than they’re actually selling for, so I might be losing money, but my goal is just to shotgun everything. Just craft it and get it up, and if I break even or even lose a little bit of money, honestly that’s ok with me because I just want to sell as much as possible. In general I’m gonna make money and this more closely mimicks how I think about things. So, my homework for you, do this in the comments is to pick one of your subgroups at random, and tell me why it’s a subgroup, why isn’t it part of the main group above? That’s it.

And then extra credit is to go to someone else’s comment and see if you can create a check function for the way they’re thinking. Hopefully this will get us learning from each other, kind of expanding our horizons. Learning and growing, that’s what the channel’s all about. So, that’s it. Thank you for watching. Subscribe if you haven’t. SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON! And uhhh, yah, ring the bell if you haven’t already, you’ll get notified whenever I stream. So, that’s it, thank you for watching. Good luck and happy goldmaking!.

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