Hi! I’m Hazel, and today I’m going to be going over how to use TradeSkillMaster to streamline crafting for profit in WoW. We’ll cover how to navigate and understand the TSM profession window, setting up and executing a crafting operation, and gathering the mats you need quickly. I’ll also show you how the Destroying window makes Milling, Prospecting and Disenchanting a snap. Let’s start by taking a look at the TSM Crafting window. Open any Crafting Profession, and press this button on the top left hand corner to see the TSM crafting UI for that profession. If you want to go back to the default UI, you can toggle it back in the same spot. You can drag the window by the edges to move it, and drag the triple slashes on the bottom right hand corner to resize.

Now that it’s a comfy size, select the profession you want to use from this drop-down menu. If you’d like to link your recipe list to someone, just open up your chat box and press this Link button here. Next, you can search your known recipes in the Search box here. If you want to browse recipes you don’t know yet, you’ll still need to go back to the default tab. Here, we can filter our recipe list by Category, or source. You can also filter your list to show only recipes that will give you a skill up, or recipes that you have mats for. Looking at your recipe list, you can click here to display either Profit, Crafting Cost or Item Value for each recipe. I tend to leave that on Profit since it’s the most immediately useful thing to know.

If you can sell the item for more than the price of the mats, then that profit is what you see next to each recipe here. You can start to see how this comes in handy. To change the Cost and Selling Price TSM uses to calculate Profit, go into the Options Menu of TSM, then Crafting. I set the default Material Cost to DBMinBuyout so that I only see profit on items that I could feasibly craft right now. Next, let’s say your guildie needs a Word of Haste enchant for his ring and you want to just make it and be done. Search for what you need at the top, and click Queue to add 1 to the queue.

If it’s Green in the Queue, then you have the mats and can press Craft Next to make it and be on your way. If it’s Orange, then you’re missing some materials and you’ll need to pick those up first. If he needs a couple of different enchants, you can add them all to the queue and it’ll show you a list of all the materials you need right here. Next, let’s make a Crafting Operation to automate the process of deciding what to craft when you just want to sell stuff for profit on the Auction House. Open up TSM, then go to Operations, the Crafting Tab and we’ll Make a New Operation. Let’s call this one Craft Enchants for Auction. Set the Minimum and Maximum Restock Quantity. For Enchants, I”m fine with crafting just one to sell so I’ll have the Min Restock Quantity at one. If this operation was for Food, I might set that to 20 so I’m not crafting partial stacks to sell.

Under Max Restock Quantity, I’m going to have three. That’s the most of any one enchant that I’m willing to have on hand at a given time. For crafted gear, you might want that at one. If you’re crafting food or potions, you might set that to 40, 60 or even 100. Next, we set the minimum profit. This is the least amount of gold you’re willing to get out of selling an individual item. For enchants, I’m going to set this as max(50g, 15% crafting) so that my minimum profit is either 50 gold or 15% of the crafting cost, whichever comes out higher. You can customize this differently in each crafting operation for items that you want lower or higher margin on. Crafted gear for example, is harder to sell, so a tailoring operation might want a higher minimum profit than an alchemy or cooking operation. Next, make sure that the right group is using your new Crafting operation by going to the Group, then Operations, and set the Crafting Op. I like to Override Module Operations here so I can have different crafting ops for different professions.

If you don’t have a group set up for your profession yet, you can auto create one in the profession window. Tab to TSM Groups in that profession, then Create Profession Groups to make a group with all of your crafts for that profession in it. With your new Crafting Op all ready to go, you should see your Group listed under TSM Groups in the Profession window.

Select it and hit Restock Selected Groups. This will add to the queue everything you can make which meets your minimum profit criteria. It’ll add enough of each to restock you up to your max quantity. Because my Max Quantity was three and I don’t have any of these on me, it’s added three of each to my queue. I don’t have any of the materials just yet so they’re all listed as Orange. Now, it’s time to Gather. With your full queue ready to go, press Gather. Make sure that you’ve got the right crafter and profession selected, disable DE and Crafting search for now, and Start Gathering.

This’ll pull up a little shopping list window with everything you need to go find, and tell you where to find it. For this crafting queue, quite a few of my mats are going to come off the Auction House. To Gather from the Auction House, talk to an Auctioneer and click Buy Items in your Gathering Window. It’ll auto-search the first thing on your list. Buy as many as you need, then it’ll pull up the next thing on your shopping list. Keep going until you have all your mats together. If some of the items in your Gather list are from a vendor, or in your bank, or in your mailbox, that’s easy too.

Talk to the vendor or banker or mailbox, then click Gather and it’ll pick up precisely what you need. This is amazing for buying a variety of inks off an ink vendor, or pulling little bits of mats out of your bank all at once. After you’ve gathered all of the mats, it’s time for the easiest part. Open up your queue and hit Craft Next. Keep pressing that button and it’ll craft everything from your queue. . . . If you’ve already set up an Auctioning Operation for these groups, just go the the Auction House and run your Post Scan.

Done! If you don’t have an Auctioning Op set up yet, check out my TSM Selling Guide to be walked through it. There’s a link in the description of this video as well as on the screen in the info card. Last, as a quick bonus, let’s look at TSM Destroying. This is a separate module which you’ll definitely want if you find yourself Disenchanting, Prospecting or Milling things often. If you have stuff that you can destroy, the window will auto-pop when you log in. Closing it will dismiss it for the rest of the session, but it’ll come back if you reload UI or relog. Spam the Destroy Next button, and it’ll chew through the Destroying Queue you see here. If there’s a certain item you want Destroying to permanently ignore and never destroy, just Shift-Left Click to remove it from the queue. This makes disenchanting delightfully quick and I’m not sure how I got by without it. And that’s how to craft for profit with TSM! Check out my TSM Guides playlist linked below for all of my TradeSkillMaster guides. Don’t forget to subscribe for other useful WoW videos and have a wonderful, wonderful day.


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