Hi! I’m Hazel, and in this video I’m going to show you how to get the Uuna pet if you don’t have her already, then walk you through her secret storyline to update her appearance and get some cute /hugs from her. Those are the only rewards you get for doing this, so don’t expect anything else. This one’s about taking in the story…and a lot of flying around. To start, here’s how you get Uuna. She’s a non-combat pet that can drop of the Many Faced Devourer, which is a special summoned rare mob in the Antoran Wastes on Argus. You’ll need to collect some things to summon him the first time, and after that you’ll be able to just click on his little thingy. First thing you’ll need is a Call of the Devourer, which can be looted from Antoran Defenders and Tormented Ritualists in the Scavenger’s –shouldn’t hold you up for too long. Next, you’ll need three very specific bones. The Ur’Zul bone can be looted here at 50,56. The imp bone can be looted in the imp cave by the second imp mother pool- it looks like a little arm on the ground.

The Fiend bone can be looted next to this big pillar at 52,35. You can grab those in any order and all of them are in the Antoran Wastes. Then, scootch over to 54, 39 and click on this thingy to summon the Devourer. You can loot him once per day per character, but unlocking his effigy is character specific so if you want to alt farm him you’ll need to collect the scroll and bones over again on each new toon. The Many Faced Devourer has recently been updated with a much improved droprate on Uuna, so if you don’t have her yet it’s a great time to farm. I got my drop on my second kill, post-hotfix. As a fun fact, without using any kind of a pet biscuit she stands a little bit taller than my gnome. At this point, we can start her storyline.

To begin, summon her and wait until she starts speaking. After she says her line, target and /whistle at her and she’ll say a new one. Then, /roar at her to terrify the poor thing for some reason. She despawns, so resummon her, target her again and /cry at her to make her cry too. Off to a good start. Next, it’s time for a roadtrip. Start by bringing her to Shattrath, which you can quickly reach from the underground portal in Legion’s Dalaran. Summon her and walk up to the Naaru to start her RP. This whole roadtrip section is a lot like Children’s week quests. Bring her to a place, wait for her to say something cute, bring her to the next place. After Shattrath, head to Ashenvale. As an Alliance I took the Stormwind Portal to Hyjal and flew south, Horde can fly pretty quickly from Orgrimmar. Bring her here, to the moonlight patch at Lake Falathim at 19,41. She wants her Nuu so we’re off to Mac’aree. Before you go, make sure you pick up at least two but preferably 3-5 Goblin Gliders, even if you have a slowfall. Head to this spot, you should see two islands ahead.

We’re going to this far one. You can use a glider to jump to this first one, or Levitate/Slowfall/Demon Hunter Glide your way over if you can. Wait for the cooldown, jump up from the highest point and then activate your glider and sail to the far isle. Make sure you’re not jumping out before you glide- I tried that and can confirm it’s a bad idea. Once you’ve made it to the island, go into the abandoned house and walk her over to her doll here. She’ll pick it up and resummon with Nuu in hand. Next, we’re heading to Blood Watch on BloodMyst Isle, which is an early Draenei leveling area. As an alliance I took the Dalaran port to the Exodar and flew- Horde will need to get themselves to the base of Teldrassil and take the boat, then go for a run. Bring her over to this table and she picks up a cute sparkly wand. Don’t make fun, though. She’s deadly with that thing. Next, we’re headed to Draenor’s Shadowmoon Valley. My Garrison Hearthstone was a little dusty but it worked. Head to this little camp at 56,41 and bring her over to this chair.

She picks up a flower crown goes from 0-snapchat real quick. The crown, wand and toy are all permanent upgrades to Uuna’s appearance that she’ll keep even after you’re done these quests. Now, you want to just hang out for a bit with her summoned, and after a minute or two she gets horribly void tendriled. They’re not mine, I promise. AT this point you can’t summon her again until you’ve finished the next bit, so let’s keep going. To rescue Uuna, first we need to talk to a Spirit healer. And for that, We gotta die. I took off my gear and fell from a pretty good height and that did the trick. Click the dialogue on the spirit healer, then you’re free to get back to your body and continue. Next, we head to the Emerald Dragonshrine in Northrend.

I took the Wyrmrest Temple portal under Dalaran. Go to this spot at 66,74 and click the Shadow Tear to start the scenario. Find Uuna, /cheer at her then place a cooking fire next to her. Hang out for a bit and some Soul Eaters will start to spawn. You cannot target or attack them, so you need to go run through them to knock them back a bit. It only holds them off so just keep that up as long as you can. This part was surprisingly disturbing and I feel like it’s a metaphor for something that I can’t quite put my finger on. When Uuna gives an emote line about wrapping her arms around herself and beginning to cry, target her and /hug. If they touch her the scenario is lost and you have to click the Shadow Tear again to start over.

I somehow managed to both lose and complete the scenario by hugging her right at the end so I missed a big chunk of RP text from her, but I can summon her again so all’s well that ended well I suppose. At this point if you just wanted the cosmetic upgrades to Uuna but don’t want hugs, you can be done. I KNOW you want hugs though so it’s time for Road Trip 2.0. All of this has got to be in order so no skipping ahead. First stop is the Gate of the Setting Sun in Pandaria, here. Apparently she doesn’t like bugs. She’d be pretty upset if she saw the size of them.

Next, the Nighthold in Suramar at 62,83. This part was bugged for a few days but was fixed with the recent maintenance and can now be completed. She wants to play princesses. Next one is easy- swing by Krasus’ Landing at Legion’s Dalaran where she marvels at the flying city and how cool you must be to live there. If indeed, you live anywhere. We tried settling down in Draenor, kid, we’re not built for that life. Fourth stop is Dragonblight again at the Wyrmrest Temple, on the snow level on the West Side at 57,54. She wants a lizard bird for a pet and I can’t say that I blame her. Next is Mount Hyjal at 59,24 on the west side of the lake.

I’ve forgotten how pretty this zone was and now I kinda want to hang out here more. After that we got Kun-lai summit back in Pandaria again, here at the very top of the mountain. I’m so happy I can fly here. She’s going on about the view and I’m just over here wondering if she still needs a coat when she’s a ghost. It looks cold. Next, to warm up we’re off to Blackrock Mountain. You want to actually go Inside the mountain then keep left on the path to get to 37,67. She’s very impressed by the glowing lake. For the very last stop we’re back to Draenor’s Shadowmoon Valley one last time, this time to go to Karabor at 70,46. She’s got lots to say here, and once she’s done she’ll give you a /hug in chat. From now one, whenever you target and /hug your uuna you’ll get one back in the chat log. For whatever reason I kinda thought that her model would actually run over to mine and hug me which is apparently not happening but that might’ve been asking for a bit much.

This was still a very moving storyline, and my new Uuna looks SUPER cute now. So that’s the Uuna story! Full credit to the WoW Secret Finding Discord Community for figuring all of this out. It’s just a big jar full of smart cookies in there. Thanks for watching, good luck saving your own Uuna and have a wonderful, wonderful day. Bye!.

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