Hello and welcome guys, So in this video I will guide you through the clues that will unlock the Unaa Scenario. If you don’t have Uuna you gotta get her by killing The Many-Faced Deviourer on Antoran Wastes, however to be able to kill this elite you gotta summon it or get someone else to do it. This probably wont be the best guide on youtube but I hope you guys will enjoy it. Once you summon her for the very first time she will have some dialogue you can read, you will than have to use 3 different emotes in the following order: the first one being the /whistle, hear her out before you use the 2nd emote which is the /roar following with a /cry. After you have read all of her dialogues head out to the middle of shattrath city were A’Dal is located. She will tell you that the light is too bright before she runs away but don’t worry you will still be able to summon her.

You now have to search for another light that’s not as bright which is located in Ashenvale. When you get there make sure to walk into the light where she will mention her doll Nuu. Nuu is located on Mac’Aree so now we gotta get back to argus to get her doll, BUT before you do that make sure to buy a glider because you will defiantly need one. Once you reach the floating isle in Mac’aree simply walk up to the doll where she will mention stars and shes apparently referring to her wand that’s located in Bloodmyst isle off we go. When you get to bloodmyst isle you will see a table that you simply have to walk up to in order to trigger the next clue, also notice that shes actually using the wand, which will be usefull later on.

Our next journey take us to shadowmoon valley in dreanor so you can either you user favorite heartstone to the lovly garrison or get there some other way. Once you reach the location you will see a crown on a table of some sort that Uuna wants, but don’t walk away immediately, wait a few mins to trigger the next clue where she will be taken by the darkness. To get the next clue, well there isent any easy way to say this but you gotta fly up and kill yourself because our next clue comes from a spirit healer.

The spirit will tell us that she has heard some cries and that our friend is located in a place where the barriere between the realms of life and death are thin So its time to head out to Dragonblight in Northerend, When you get to the location in Dragonblight make sure to click on the crystal to access the scenario. Once you get teleported walk up to uuna place a campfire and cheer at her to start the minigame. You have to keep the void like creatures away from her by walking in to them, however do yourself a favor and make a hug macro because you will need to use it once she says “uuna hugs you”. If you fail the scenario don’t worry, you can do it again. After you complete the scenario you will have to take uuna on a world tour, however I wont be showing you the locations but I will leave the cords down in the description below.

So, That’s it for this video guys, I hope you enjoyed it and if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up and consider subscriping to my channel if you want to keep up with my latest videos, see you next time..

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