Hey guys and welcome to Vanilla Flavors in this series we’ll be taking a quick look at each Vanilla WoW class and seeing what they can bring to the table in this episode we’ll be going over the Druid. So personally, I think druids get a pretty bad rap in Vanilla WoW. Druids are one of the least played classes and with somewhat good reason. The class in general is labeled as the jack-of-all-trades and the master of none so why should you play a druid? Well let’s find out. Leveling as a druid is actually one of the easier classes the level. There’s little to no downtime when questing as a feral and you can still do dungeons if you’d like just try and keep a cloth set in your bags.

Having the mobility to a travel form is also great before you get your mount. One of the personal reasons why I love leveling as a druid is when the horde try and gank me I can just pop Nature’s Grasp and run away being a little bitch that I am. Stealth is also great for the same reason. Being able to sneak around and highly contested zones will save you a couple of corpse runs. Druid can cover all rolls of Vanilla WoW like they do now the only problem is that they’re not the best compared to other classes. Do you want to heal? Well you can get through dungeons with relative ease but you are lacking a res and a priest or a paladin or even a shaman will have a better time healing than you do. Do you want to tank? well Druids can be pretty decent for AOE pulls and dungeons because Swipe and they have quite a large health pool but good luck having the survivability to tank and raids.

So Warriors are still the ultimate tanks. How about Balance? Well they call them OOMkins for a reason. After a couple of casts you’ll be resorting to meleeing the boss so if you want to do decent DPS you’re going to have to go above and beyond the call of duty… in the end though mages will still do more damage. You want to play feral well they can be alright on the damage meters but you have one of the most convoluted rotations that relies on form swapping. Keep in mind rogues will still be doing more damage than you with half the effort. So you ask yourself “why, why would I want to play a druid?” and the reason to play them is something that you cannot see on the damage or healing meters. From hopping in the bear form to pull off some mobs off your tank the battle resing your healer to keeping mobs entangled.

Druid can bring a lot to the table with their utility and they can be pretty flexible in sticky situations. 90% of the time you’ll be seeing Resto Druids in serious raids but every now and then you might see a feral DPS in a group. If you aren’t really in the min maxing and doing everything in your power to be the best dps Druid… I would not suggest druid as a DPS class for PvE. So Druids are one of the harder classes to pvp as. You’ll be needing to do lots of form swapping the stun enemies as a bear, apply bleeds as a kitty, throw up dots out of form and so on. Druids can really be a beast in PvP because of their ability to mold to any situation just like in PvE. Feral druids can be quite nasty to deal with. They don’t do as much damage or stun potential as rogues but they can heal themselves and close gaps fast with travel or kitty form. Balance Druids are a whole other story in PvP. With the appropriate gear they can be critical casting monsters. Sadly Moonkin form is rarely used because of other talents that provide better benefits Resto Druids can be one of the more slippery healers to kill in PvP.

With things like Nature’s Grasp, Travel Form, Hibernate and Stealth and Kitty form killing them can be a real son of a bitch resto druids are considered the ultimate flag carriers and Warsong Gulch because of how difficult it is to really stop them in their tracks. Also please note that there’s a gazillion different ways to spec as a Druid. All these are just a few builds that go deep into their respective trees. So for professions I’ll keep this short. Leatherworking and Skinning if you want to craft some of your pre raid best in slot. If you’re rolling your resto druid I would prefer Herbalism or Alchemy because you don’t need to kill mobs for regents. You can go Leatherworking and Skinning, you’re just gonna be killing mobs pretty slowly.

So all classes in Vanilla WoW have weird quirks about them but I think druid probably has the weirdest. So as a Druid you probably get the best class quests in my opinion. Getting your bear form is an iconic moment and getting your aquatic form will make you want to pull your hair out in a good way I guess. Druids can hibernate other druids since they are classified as beasts. Druids are also the only class with battle res… in fact it’s your only res so if you’re a healer and don’t have a priest shaman or paladin in your group whoever dies will probably have to walk all the way back. You also can’t use entangling roots and doors I still don’t know why this is a game mechanic I mean look there’s roots right there but you can’t use entangling roots and doors I mean that makes no sense there’s roots right there why can’t I just use the spell that makes- Druids also get their own zone called Moonglade.

Which is cool I guess I mean not much really goes on here. While recording these shade guys ran through the town and killed all the guards apparently this is an AQ event and now the town is even more dead.. so that that’s great I guess. So when you’re in animal form you can’t talk to NPCs and you can’t cast spells that can’t be used in that form. So you’ll need to manually swap out of the form to cast spells or talk to NPCs. I strongly suggest getting the add-on called EzDismount so when you try and talk to an NPC or cast a spell you can’t use in kitty form it will automatically take you out of that form.

So that’s pretty much it for the Druid i’d recommend this class for anybody that’s looking to be the Swiss Army knife of utility for the group, have a complicated yet rewarding PvP class or just be somebody that wants to push Vanilla WoW to its limits when playing a DPS. Hey, so thanks for stopping by and seeing what the druid is all about I’m planning to make a lot more guides for each class so subscribe and let me know which class you want to be reviewed next.

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