Hi! I’m Hazel, and you’re about to be up to speed. This video is all about the Varimathras fight in Antorus on Normal and Heroic difficulty. He’s back, and he’s not pretty. This is an incredibly simple fight with a short mechanics list, but that does not mean it’s easy. If I had to pick just two words to cover the entire Varimathras strategy, I gotta go with Buddy System. Alone in the Darkness means that if you are ever caught without somebody friendly within 8 yards, you’re going to get smoked with shadow damage.

For extra fun, Misery means that anytime anyone takes Shadow damage during this entire fight, they cannot be healed for the next 7 seconds. Set up the raid in a melee stack and a ranged stack, and everyone’s going to need to hold hands. Shadow Strike is our tank ability. This is a frontal cone attack that does the dreaded Shadow Damage, so it needs to be faced away from both melee and the other tank.

That will make the Shadow Struck tank unhealable for a while so the other tank will need to taunt and take the boss. Be careful to still stay within 8 yards of another player even when facing the boss away or you’ll get Alone in the Darknessed. Torments of the Shivarra is unavoidable and neverending raid damage throughout the entire fight that will start as Fire damage, and change to different types throughout the fight.

On Normal it’s just Fire, then Shadow at the very end. On Heroic, you’ll also see Frost torment which slows movement, and Fel torment which increases over it’s duration. Shadow Torment will always be at the end and that’s when you reeeally want to finish the fight because nobody’s getting any more heals. Dark Fissure is these big purple shadow rifts that will spawn under random ranged players. You want to not stand in those, so when they spawn the whole ranged stack should move as one to the side. We started stacked on the left, and then just shifted right every time Fissures went out.

Marked Prey will target a random non-tank, and charge in their direction after 5 seconds. The first person he hits will be knocked backwards. To avoid getting punted out into the Darkness, aim this towards the ranged stack. The ranged can wiggle into a bit of a line to make sure the person hit doesn’t end up alone. On Normal, that’s it. On Heroic, we get one more mechanic, and this one’s gonna really shine a light on who’s not paying attention. Necrotic Embrace will corrupt a random player, doing shadow damage to them after 6 seconds. When it goes off, anyone within 10 yards of the marked player will get a brand new Necrotic Embrace. This would be a straightforward run out of the raid thing, except that if you’re caught alone you’re dead meat. New plan is pop a big personal defensive cooldown and run out of the raid. If you don’t have anything, then you’re going to need to bring a buddy who can immune off their own Necrotic Embrace, like a Rogue with Cloak of Shadows.

If even one person derps and stays in the stack with NEcrotic Embrace, everything’s just ruined so have a plan and don’t give everyone the plague. So, that is Varimathras in Antorus, the Burning Throne! If this video helped you out please consider giving it a thumbs up. Check out my channel and subscribe for more raid guides and other useful WoW videos. Thanks for watching, stick to your buddies like glue and have a wonderful, wonderful day! Bye!.

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