Hi guys! Okay, so today we are doing our Wailing Caverns Dungeon Guide. So to get here, you need to get down to Northern Barrens. That was a terrible explanation, and thank goodness for editing. Okay, let’s go! There’s a hole in the ground here. Make sure you stay kind of towards the left because you’ll fall through the hole. See this is good stuff for the guide, good stuff for the guide. Where’s the hole? There’s the hole. Oh this one right here? The hole is called the Polliwhirl magnet. How did I know she was going to do that? No, I accidentally did that, I swear to God. I don’t think I believe you. I can feel the quotation marks around it. I like holes.

What can I say? I feel ya, I feel ya. And here we are at the entrance! It’s a big hole. Let’s go! Alright so go immediately to the left. Oh my God, we’re doing this dungeon? What you don’t like this dungeon? This is the most confusing dungeon of all time. It’s so easy. Just, I can show you. This actually is one of my favorite ones. I’m getting like 90% misses right now. I’m out of mana. Look we got this! We mean it.

We’re so good. If you’re an herbalist, you can actually track the serpent bloom in the dungeon. Oh, right! So we can just jump down here. Oh, damnit, I think my pet’s going to pull things. Yep, here it comes. That’s so funny. Stupid pet. So if you’re a hunter, remember to dismiss your pet before you jump down. This guy’s also a bonus objective. I ain’t scared of you. He’s scum. I’m getting more scared as I see my thing go down. Wait, why is he running away? He’s a pussy! He’s a big pussy! He’s a pleb. Heck ya he is. See we don’t need no stinking healers. Windwalker healers, that’s what we need. Ash, you’re such a good healer you can even heal on a dps spec. That’s what it is. I should honestly go join Method. You honestly should. They’re not as good as us.

Right if you just run and don’t jump, you will fall down. So you need to make sure that you run and jump. What happens if I roll? Ooh, let’s see what happens if you roll. Hey! Or you can alternatively roll off. Behind this boss there’s a door that you can fall through. That you can fall through? Yep. Back here. This cave. You just fall straight down and it takes you back to near the entrance. Alright perfect, so just go behind the boss. So then we just stay down here. Oh wait, stay down here? Yep. And follow the water. I go this way because it kind of just makes a loop and it’s easier to follow it this way. Or a figure 8, I mean. Somebody should bring out their spring rabbit real quick. Look, they’re making little baby bunnies. That’s adorable. Oh my gosh! I don’t see any baby bunnies. It takes them a second. There it goes. Did you see them? Oh my God! And they’ll keep doing it, too.

Like it’ll keep going and keep going and keep going. Can we change our tank pets from turtles to spring rabbits? Of course! Where do I get a spring rabbit? And just during the whole raid, they’ll be pooping out eggs. I love it. Or rabbits. Where do I get spring rabbits? There’s like 50 of them in the guild bank. No! Are you serious? Oh yeah, there’s tons. Then let’s get spring rabbits and that’ll be our new tank pets.

I’m all about it. Now that we totally just wasted all that time watching bunnies mate. That was not a waste of time. I don’t know what your idea of a waste of time is. But that is not it. Yeah, I can only imagine the guide video. It’s like okay, bunny break. Bunny break, yep! I like that, I’m going to use that. Did you just say what I thought you just said? I don’t know what I said.

Did I say what you think I said? I think you did. What did you think I said? Then maybe I said it. Did you say bunny rape? No, no! That is not what I said! I said bunny break! Okay, come over here. Ignore the bunny rape. No more bunny rape. No, get your bunny away from my bunny! Alright, so come down here. This is not the end of the dungeon. Here’s the most important thing to know about this dungeon, people. You come here, you think this is the end. This is not the end. Phil says this is the most important thing to know. In fact, you actually need to do something else which Strange is going to explain. So, you just talk to this guy.

I’m not even going to attempt to pronounce his name. Muyoh! So you tell him you want the event to begin. And then you just follow him and heal him and dps the adds that will come after him. And then at the end it will go to a table where he’s trying to resurrect somebody. And then you just protect him while he’s healing up his buddy, or his girlfriend, whichever it should be.

And if you go through and kill them first, it’s a lot easier. Because he’ll stop and let these guys spawn and so you don’t have to kill both the spawns and the ones that are already there. So it’s a lot easier to kill them before. Oh yeah, this is an essential part of the dungeon. You must come up here and t-bag the, who is this on here anyway? Is it a dude or a chick? Narlex.

Narlex looks gnarley. T-bag and then proceed with the rest of the fight. Some people are going to come up out of the water. So keep your eyes on the water, ya’ll. I’m going to hide under the water. That’s a good strat, too. That’s an alternative strat, ya’ll. You can just hide under the water. Um, I don’t think your strat’s working out for you, Anna. Um, um. That strat is not working out for you at all. I was just going to let you die and then Strange went after you, and I thought, oh my God, I can’t just let Strange be the only one that goes after my daughter. Okay, yes, I’m a very mean tank. We could have let her die and then t-bag her. See, we could have, yeah. Murlock! Alright and that’s, that’s, that’s Wailing Caverns. It’s really, I mean these early dungeons are so easy.

There’s really not much strat to give you. The main thing, like Phil said, is just remember not to forget that last part where you’ve got to get the dude to do his thing. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that..

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